La Petite Université (Chamonix Valley)

Did you know that there was a 📚 university in the Chamonix Valley? It’s called La Petite Université – Chamonix Mont-Blanc and it is now entering its 3rd year! Subjects on offer include: glaciology, permaculture, photography, life drawing, French & English lessons and much, much more! What is La Petite Université? 📚 La Petite Université is an association offering cultural courses and complementary talks, events, outings and 🎨 workshops to … Continue reading La Petite Université (Chamonix Valley)

FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD HUTS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

You may have spotted them this ❄️ wintertime, on the ⛄️ fronts de neige and on the ⛷ ski pistes, by 🚡 télécabines and télésièges departure and arrival points, along main roads in designated spots, or perhaps a slot at a 🍏 market . . . and come 🌷 springtime and ☀️ summertime, some of them will move to new locations: 💦 lakes or perhaps another 🏔 mountain location . . . FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD HUTS have multiplied 🏔 au Pays … Continue reading FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD HUTS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

LA MAISON PUGIN – «venez choisir & couper votre sapin!»

Choosing a🎄Christmas tree to take pride and place in one’s home is a special family tradition . . . it takes a while to find the perfect tree – small, tall, full . . . we all have different demands! Once chosen, we take home our new Christmas friend and get prepared to decorate it with our treasured decorations and lights . . . slowly it comes … Continue reading LA MAISON PUGIN – «venez choisir & couper votre sapin!»

Gypaètes Barbus © Antoine Rezer Photography

Bon Anniversaire, Gypaète Barbu! (© Antoine Rezer Photography)

The gypaète barbu celebrated two big birthdays in 2017: 30 years since its successful re-introduction into France (1987); and 20 years since the first gypaète was born in the Alps (1997); Some gypaète barbu facts: NAME – the gypaetus barbatus is what is known as an «Old World vulture»; ie it resides in Africa, Asia and Europe, as opposed to the Americas; SIZE – the gypaète barbu … Continue reading Bon Anniversaire, Gypaète Barbu! (© Antoine Rezer Photography)

Le Chalet des Créateurs (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

🎨 Le Chalet des Créateurs in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is a fabulous venture, bringing together: 🖼 a gallery showcasing local creative talent (45+ créateurs, with collections changing with each season); a boutique with unique hand-made, local goods and gifts to buy; 🎨 a centre providing workshops for children and adults throughout the year (and especially during the school holidays); a workshop for local artists; A little history Charlotte Paget is the protagonist in this artistic … Continue reading Le Chalet des Créateurs (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)