MUSEUMS & EXHIBITIONS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

We are lucky to have some 🖼 wonderful museums 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc and in the Chamonix Valley, many housed in architectural gems (old, new and renovated). . . and as well as their permanent collections, they also offer 🎨 temporary exhibitions and workshops for children and families over the school holidays! (the local tourist offices will have a list of those scheduled during your stay). ⇒ see … Continue reading MUSEUMS & EXHIBITIONS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

La Petite Université (CHAMONIX VALLEY)

Did you know that there was a 📚 university in the Chamonix Valley ? It’s called 📚 La Petite Université – Chamonix Mont-Blanc and it is now entering its 4th year! What is La Petite Université ? 📚 La Petite Université is an association offering cultural courses and complementary talks, events, outings and 🎨 workshops to people in their leisure time. The aim is to make learning accessible to … Continue reading La Petite Université (CHAMONIX VALLEY)