Médiathèque Ange Abrate (SALLANCHES)

The 📚 Médiathèque Ange Abrate in Sallanches opened its doors to the public on a ☔️ rainy morning in March 2018 . . . The new médiathèque is spacious, with a very open-plan, bright and modern style of architecture. Section Adulte The Section Adulte is located on the ground floor, where you will also find 💻 15 mulitimedia spots, for users to connect to the internet … Continue reading Médiathèque Ange Abrate (SALLANCHES)

The BEAUTIFUL QUAIS of the Sallanche river (SALLANCHES)

A walk along the 💦 quais in Sallanches makes for a perfect buggy walk or stroll with a toddler on a draisienne any time of year! It is especially lovely in later springtime, to see the chestnut trees blossoming and in summer, to sit at a restaurant or café terrace. But it is also lovely in winter, to enjoy the sparkling Christmas lights ! [ ⇒ … Continue reading The BEAUTIFUL QUAIS of the Sallanche river (SALLANCHES)