EASTER CRAFT with children

I put together this article a couple of 🐰 Easters ago, when we were in our first 🏘 CONFINEMENT . . .

But it’s still relevant, for some fun 🐰 Easter and springtime craft with youngsters:

Easter Eggs – dye kits

A few years ago, we were given 🥚🎨 an Easter egg dye kit . . . we had a lot of fun with this . . . But you can also dye your eggs naturally, so have a look at what you have in your home: tea, onion, turmeric, purple cabbage, blueberries, beetroot . . . Check out these websites for some ideas:

When I was a child, my mum used to blow out the interior of the eggs, before we painted them . . . but this process does render the egg very fragile, so I think that using hard-boiled eggs is the easiest with small children!

for step-by-step instructions, see here;

You could also simply 🎨 paint your eggs or use pens to colour them in . . . we did this once at Barryland – Musée des Chiens du St Bernard’s (Martigny, Switzerland) superb annual Easter Egg Hunt and activities.

© montblancfamilyfun.com

Easter Egg craft

🎨 colouring in – you can print off some A4 sized Easter eggs for youngsters to colour in, paint, etc . . . / see here or here;

🎨 decorate egg made from card – alternatively, you can decorate an egg cut from card with: strips of paper, scraps of material, ribbon, lace, stickers, buttons, tissue paper . . .

🎨 nature Easter eggs – decorate cardboard with nature . . . more information here;

© sproutingwildones.com

🎨 suncatcher eggs – you’ll need tissue paper for this / see here for instructions;

© http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com

Hatching Chicks

Paper plates are fabulous when it comes to craft! And we all probably have some stored away that we try not to use (along with straws!) for environmental reasons?

🐣 hatching chicks – you’ll need two plates for this . . . and it is doubtful that you’ll have felt at home, so any yellow material or card will do to make the chick! If you don’t have any of the clips, just make a hole and tie with some wool, to allow movement of the hatching plate!

© FrugalFun4Boys.com

. . . and another format made from card from iheartcraftythings.com . . .

© iheartcraftythings.com

🐥 yellow chicks – you’ll need a whole plate for this, or simply a round and yellow piece of card (or card painted yellow) . . . and then you can cut out the feet, eyes and beak from card;

© savingtalents.com

🐥 egg carton chicks – a super use of an egg carton! / for instructions, see the typicallysimple.com blog;

© typicallysimple.com

🐥 chicken egg cup – make an egg cup from an egg carton!

© Little Pine Learners

Easter Bunnies

🐰 egg carton bunnies – children can then fill their egg carton bunnies with a few small eggs!


or double format . . .

🐰 bunny party hats – from the housethatlarsbuilt.com;

© thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

🐰 easter bunny plates – or just with a round card;

© thebestideasforkids.com

🐰 easter bunnies plate baskets – see here for more details;

© http://www.fabartdiy.com

🐰 easter bunny toilet roll tube – we all have some toilet roll tubes lying around, right? Especially the toilet paper hoarders! 😉

© Swiss Family and Discoveries

. . . and a recent suggestion from Sallanches Tourisme for napkin holders!

© Sallanches Tourisme / cindyderosier.com

Spring Blossom Craft

🌸 Spring blossom inspiration comes from nature . . . here are some of the blossoms I have come across on my daily springtime walks!

🌸 finger painting – the easiest option with little ones is finger painting . . . you could also use cotton buds to get the different pink tones on a cherry blossom (mix up different shades of pink and white). A couple of craft sites that I came across – artycraftykids.com and gluedtomycraftsblog.com – suggest using bubble wrap!

🌸 painted rocks – it is fun to paint rocks and then leave them out in nature for a passerby to find . . . I can assure you that finding a happy rock puts a smile on most faces! (or you can keep the rocks to decorte your home. MBFF launched MBFF Happy Rocks last year, and we’re hoping to really get going the movement of the happy rocks !

🌸 tissue paper branches – with older children, you could cut out pink blossoms from tissue paper or material and stick these (or sew the material) to a branch;

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