We are lucky to have some 🖼 wonderful museums 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc, many housed in architectural gems (old, new and renovated) . . . and as well as their permanent collections, many also offer 🖼 temporary exhibitions and 🎨 workshops for children and families over the school holidays!  

[ see MBFF article about 🖼 MUSEUMS & EXHIBITIONS au Pays du Mont-Blanc here and 🖼 OUTDOOR ART EXHIBITIONS & EPHEMERAL OUTDOOR ART here ]

And just out of the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc, we have some exceptional museums to visit in 🇫🇷 nearby France. This article concentrates on those within a 2 hour car drive.

For some suggestions of museums to visit in 🇨🇭 nearby Switzerland and in 🇮🇹 nearby Italy, see separate MBFF article here.

🗓 some dates for your diary, when there are special openings, FREE openings, and special guided visits, animations and workshops for the whole family in 🇫🇷 France:

  • 🗓 FIRST SUNDAY of the MONTH – in 🇫🇷 Cluses & Annecy, many museums and temporary exhibitions are FREE on the first Sunday of each month from October until May;
  • 🗓 La Nuit Européenne des Musées – in May;
  • 🗓 Journée Internationale des Musées – in May;
  • 🗓 Journées Européennes du Patrimoine – a weekend in mid-September, just after La Rentrée / see FB page for updates;
© La Nuit Européenne des Musées

note: this article will be updated every few months, as 🖼 temporary exhibitions come and go . . . so please do check opening hours with each individual establishment, as these are subject to change! ]

Colour Code for listings

🗻 Pays du Mont-Blanc

🇫🇷 Further France  


[ good to know: in Cluses and Annecy – 🗓 from October ⇒ May – many museums and exhibitions are FREE on the first Sunday of the month! ]

Musée de l’Horlogerie et du Décolletage (Cluses)

The 🕰 Musée de l’Horlogerie et du Décolletage, dedicated to telling the industrial and social history of the area, is located in the Espace Carpano & Pons, the old industrial site next to the river in Cluses. Here, you’ll learn the story of the watchmakers of the XVIIIth century through to the emergence of décolletage during the industrial revolution / there are regular guided visits, films and workshops; see here for more details / 🗺 jeu de piste for families: “ Drame au Musée ” / 🗓opening hours: from June until September, every day from 10h to 12h and from 14h to 18h; school holidays, every day from 14h to 18h, October until May, Wednesday to Saturdy, 14h to 18h / price: adults 5€, children/students (12 to 25 years) 3€, FREE for under 12s / good to know: the museum is FREE on each first Sunday of the month, 14h to 18h! (with a guided visit sometimes scheduled at 15h);

website & FB page 

address: Espace Carpano & Pons, 100 place du 11 Novembre, 74300, Cluses / tel: 04 50 96 43 00;
Médiathèque de Cluses

There are regular exhibitions at 📚 the Médiathèque de Cluses . . .

website & FB page

address: 1325 avenue Georges Clémenceau, 74300, Cluses;
© Médiathèque de Cluses
Festival ❄️ « Image & Neige » (Cluses) 

This 📷 photographic exhibition is an annual fixture in Cluses, at the Parvis des Esserts / 2020 was the 10th edition! / more information on FB page / I finally visited in 2020 – and really enjoyed chatting with the photographers present! Highly recommended!

© Festival Images et Neige
La Pyramide de Marnaz (Marnaz)

🖼 Temporary exhibitions here!

website & FB page

address: 112 rue des Berges, 74460, Marnaz / tel: 04 50 98 35 05;
© La Pyramide de Marnaz
Villa du Parc: centre d’art contemporain (Annemasse) 

There are regular temporary exhibitions in the 🖼 Villa du Parc in Annemasse / 🗓 opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 18h30 (shut on bank holidays) / price: FREE to visit, 6€ for guided visits (free for members) / good to know: great playgrounds on-site!

🖼 current exhibitions: see here;

website & FB page

address: Parc Montessuit, 12 rue de Genève, 74100, Annemasse / tel: 04 50 38 84 61;
© Villa du Parc Annemasse
Archipel Butor (Lucinges)  

🖼 L’Archipel Butor (bibliothèque patrimoniale) is set across 3 units in Lucinges, and dedicated to artists’ books.

🖼 current exhitibion: Editart: 50 ans d’édition Rencontres & dialogues – until February 2022 / see here;

© L’Archipel Butor
La Maison des Contes de Fées (Notre Dame de Bellecombe)

A local museum dedicated to 🧚‍♀️ fairytales . . . ” Un univers insolite et magique de Contes de Fées… qui s’illuminent et s’animent au gré de l’histoire racontée… – automates – pour petits et grands. ”;

website & FB page

address: Hameau Le Cheloup - 48 impasse du Bois Dormant, 73590, Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe / tel: 04 79 31 07 79;
© La Maison des Contes de Fées

The 3 Annecy museums – 🏰 the Château d’Annecy, the 🏰 Palais de l’Île and the 🎥 Musée du Film d’Animation (and their 🖼 temporary exhibitions) are FREE to visit on the FIRST Sunday of each month between October and May!

Château d’Annecy (Annecy)

Once the residence of the counts of Geneva in the 13th and 14th centuries, 🏰 the castle has been classified as a historical monument since 1959. Today, the castle houses 🖼 temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection of art of cultural importance, and objects associated with Lac d’Annecy. There are also special family visits organised for temporary exhibitions at 🏰 the Château d’Annecy / 🎨 good to know: carnets découverte for children available / 🗓 opening hours: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17h, every day except Tuesday (open Tuesdays during the summer holidays, and every day from 10h30 to 18h) / price: 5,50;

website & FB page Les Musées d'Annecy

address: place du Château, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 87 30;
Château d’Annecy ©
© Château d’Annecy
Palais de l’Île in Annecy 

The 🏰 Palais de l’Île is a building dating from the Middle Ages and it has been classified as a historical monument since 1900. This palais has been a prison, a palais de justice and an administrative centre over the centuries. There is a special pack & itinerary available for children / 🗓 opening hours: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17h, every day except Tuesday (open Tuesdays during the summer holidays, and every day from 10h30 to 18h) / price: 3,80€ and children 2€;

website & FB page Les Musées d'Annecy

address:3 passage de l'Ile, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 56 49 40 37;
Palais de l’Ile © Ville d’Annecy
Musée du Film d’Animation in Annecy 

The 🎥 Musée du Film d’Animation is located two minutes away from 🏰 the Musée-Château. This museum provides visitors with an introduction to animated cinema and it is FREE to visit! / 🗓 opening hours: (SHUT on Tuesdays) 10h-12h and 14h-17h;

🖼 current exhibition: Animaux Animés;

website & FB page Les Musées d'Annecy

ancienne chapelle du Conservatoire d'Art et d'Histoire, 18 avenue du Trésum, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 87 30;
© Ville d’Annecy

. . . and a date for your diary :

© Annecy Festival International du Film d’Animation
Le Haras d’Annecy

The 🐴 old 19th century horse stables of Annecy (once on the outskirts of town), which at their apogee housed 120 horses, were purchased by Annecy in 2012. Today the 🐴 Haras d’Annecy hosts 🖼 temporary art installations & events and the 🐝 Rucher du Haras (beehives) / 🗓 opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday (except winter months) from 14h to 19h;

Une saison au Haras: From May until October, the Haras becomes a hub of cultural and artistic activity !

NEWS – it has been decided that the Haras will become a 🎥 Cité de Film l’Animation! / see here for more information ]

address: 19 rue Guillaume Fichet 74000 Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 88 88;
Le Haras d’Annecy © Ville d’Annecy
« Annecy Paysages » ephemeral art exhibition (summertime)

« Annecy Paysages » , organised by Bonlieu Scène National Annecy, is a visual and sensory stroll through lovely Annecy, with fabulous ephemeral art, from July until September (and the Parcours Pérenne 21•22 is visible now) / see this video for a taster visit!

⇒ MBFF article here / MBFF visited in 2019, and I had a brief solo visit in 2021 – I loved both! ]

websiteFB page
© Annecy Paysages
La Turbine in Cran-Gévrier (Annecy)

La Turbine – Le Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle de Haute-Savoie – is an innovative pedagogic centre equipped for families to learn about science in an interactive way. There are regular 🖼 exhibitions, events and workshops for children of different ages, so do check the website for current ones! / 🗓 opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 14h to 18h / price: adults 5,50€, children 3€ (and +65 ans), FREE for children under 6 years and family price 14€ ;

website & FB page

 place Chorus, Cran-Gevrier, 74960, Annecy / tel: 04 50 08 17 00;

🖼 current exhibition: « Petit Carré deviendra CUBE » (3 to 6 years years) – until 3rd July 2022;

« Petit Carré deviendra Cube » © La Turbine

🖼 current exhibition: « Risque : Osez l’Expo » (10+ years) – until 6th November 2022 / ” Une nouvelle expo sur les risques que l’on prend ou quotidien… ou pas. Et pour vous, quelles sont vos limites ? ” / more information here;

« Risque : Osez l’Expo » © La Turbine
CAUE (Conseil d’Architecture, d’ Urbanisme et de l’ Environnement) Haute-Savoie

Le CAUE est créé pour promouvoir la qualité de l’architecture, de l’urbanisme et de l’environnement. Le CAUE assume des missions de service public dans un cadre et un esprit associatifs. ” / more information here;

🎨 les mercredis de l’archi – architecture workshops for children;


🖼 current temporary exhibition: S’emparer des lieux: nouvelles architectures en Haute-Savoie;

website & FB page

address: 7 esplanade Paul Grimault, Annecy / tel: 04 50 88 21 10;
« Le Festival des Cabanes » (Les Sources du Lac d’Annecy)

The « Festival des Cabanes » is an annual event at the Sources du Lac d’Annecy (Doussard nature reserve and other locations) 🗓 from July until mid-November . . . Architecture students and architects from all over the world built some unusual cabanes, rendering our nature even more magical! The festival spreads across 160 mm², across 7 communes: Chevaline, Val de chaise, Doussard, Giez, Lathuile, Saint-Ferréol et Faverges-Seythenex / 12 orignial cabanes in 12 magical locations / original idea from David Hamerman / website;

© Festival des Cabanes
La Forge & La Micro-Folie (Faverges-Seythenex)

Faverges-Seythenex engaged in an ambitious project: converting the old Usine Bourgeois into an artistic and experimental hub / FREE / open Wednesdays 14h until 17h and Saturdays 9h until 12h ;

La Micro-Folie comprises:

  • 🖼 un musée numérique – based on the principle: ” L’art et la culture pour tous ” / inspired by 🧪 the Folies du Parc de La Villette, and supported by the Château de Versaillesle Centre Pompidoule Louvrele Musée national Picassole musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chiracla Philharmonie de Parisla RMN-Grand PalaisUniversciencele Festival d’Avignonl’Institut du Monde Arabel’Opéra National de Paris et le Musée d’Orsay, châteaux d’Europe), the public can henceforth enjoy the treasures of the nation, through the digital projection of the works of these great establishments! / you can visit this on your own, en famille, in a group, with virtual reality options;
  • 🎨 FabuLabo – a creative lab / workshops from time to time;
  • Le Caf’Pop – a café of the people / talks and exchanges;
FB page

address: Tiers-lieu culturel La Forge, 130 rue Maurice Bourgeois, 74210, Faverges / tel: 04 50 63 11 73 / 06 19 45 85 93;
© La Forge

La Maison du Salève (Présilly)

A visit to La Maison du Salève makes for a wonderful family day out, preferably on a fair weather day as the gardens are lovely and there are walks to enjoy en famille . . . originally an 18th century farm from the Chartreuse de PomierLa Ferme de Mikerne has been renovated to host a cultural centre recounting the history of the ⛰ Salève mountain and its environs: 🖼 the permanent interactive exhibitions: ⛰ « Le Salève, une montagne et des hommes » (aimed at children over the age of four) and « Le Salève côté nature » (children from 3 to 12 years) / opening hours: all year, except January, 1st May, first Sunday in September and 25th December; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 14h to 18h; school holidays, Tuesday to Sunday, 14h to 18h; July and August, Tuesday to Sunday, 10h to 18h / price: adults 6€, children 6 to 18 years 3€ and free for children under 6 years;

good to know: pay once and come back a second time for FREE! Keep your ticket to the Maison du Salève; you can come back within the year for FREE, as long as you are accompanied by someone else who is paying for their own entrance! ]

website & FB page

address: 775 route de Mikerne,74160, Présilly / tel: + 33 (0)4 50 95 92 16;
Maison du Salève ©

🖼 temporary exhibition: « La forêt: maison des animaux », until September 2022;

© Maison du Salève
Notre Histoire: Musée de Rumilly (Rumilly)

A museum highlighting the history of Rumilly, from medieval days to the industrial history of the 20th century / 🎨 lots of workshops for children and families;

website & FB page

address: Notre Histoire, Musée de Rumilly, 5 place de la Manufacture, 74150, Rumilly / tel: 04 50 64 64 18;
© Musée de Rumilly


© Musée de Rumilly
Maison du Patrimoine à Taninges

There are regular exhibitions at this Maison du Patrimoine, and you can visit the permanent exhibits for free / more information here;

Maison du Patrimoine Taninges © Le Dauphiné
La Chartreuse de Mélan (Taninges)

At the Chartreuse de Mélan, a 700 year old building used over the centuries as an abbey and an orphanage, you’ll find a Parc de Sculptures / as well as visits, there are regular exhibitions and events held here! / more information here;

Chartreuse de Mélan © Le Messager
Parcours d’Art Contemporain du Giffre – sentier « ART et NATURE » (Taninges ⇒ Morillon, Vallée de la Giffre)

The 🖼 Parcours d’Art Contemporain du Giffre – sentier « ART et NATURE » is set up between Taninges and Morillon, and passes through La Rivière-Enverse. It is a continuation of the notion of art in nature that starts at the Parc de Sculptures de la Chartreuse de Mélan (a progressive approach to contemporary art, in which each piece of art incorporates the artist’s view of the surrounding environment: the patrimoine and history of the site, the surrounding scenery of the Vallée du Giffre, the religious architecture of La Chartreuse de Mélan) and opens a dialogue between ancient history and modern sensibilities.

The sculptures are set along 💦 the Giffre river – an open air museum in a natural space, with information along the way . . . you can walk along the river, or cycle / see here for more information;

address: 74440, La Rivière-Enverse;
Parcours d’Art Contemporain, sentier «ART et NATURE » © Vallée du Giffre
Flaine‘s Patrimoine artistique et architectural du XXe siècle: 𝕄𝕦𝕤𝕖𝕖 𝕒 𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕝 𝕠𝕦𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕥 ! 

Flaine is well known for having an unusual ski resort aesthetic (for the area), and it hosts some fabulous sculptures and architecture by well known artists, like Picasso and Jean Dubuffet, Breuer and Vasarely. Read more about 🖼 Flaine’s quirky art scene here. And now you can enjoy the 🎨 art in Flaine by following a new jeu de piste called City Game (see here).

L’Abbaye de Sixt (Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval)

You’ll find 🖼 exhibitions about local patrimoine here / more information here;

Abbaye de Sixt © Wikipedia
Alta Lumina (Les Gets)

Un parcours nocturne enchanté par-delà les montagnes ” . . . Conceived by Moment Factory, and brought to you by Les Gets Tourisme and Auvergne Rhône Alpes Tourisme✨ Alta Lumina is a unique immersive night time stroll in the forest of Les Gets. The immersive trail tells the story of a music-making colporteur (a peddler), who with his mongolfière (hot air balloon), wants to share 🎶 his melodies beyond the Alps and to faraway lands. As a spectator, you follow the colporteur on his travels, and you’ll be fully immersed – through storms and more tranquil settings – on ✨ an enchanted son et lumière night-time journey through 🌲 the forest.

[ to read about MBFF’s 2022 visit in the snow, see separate MBFF article here ]

FB page & website

736 route du Lac, 74260, Les Gets;
© Alta Lumina
l’Abbaye d’Aulps

A ⛪️ monastic site that has been turned into a cultural hub, with a permanent exhibition and temporary ones too. « Conversation(s) » by Thomas Monin will remain until spring 2022!

website & FB page

address: 961 route de l'Abbaye, 74430, Saint-Jean-d'Aulps;

© Abbaye d’Aulps
Palais Lumière (Evian)

Once functioning thermal baths, the Palais Lumière opened its doors as an exhibition and conference centre to the public in 2006. It now hosts some excellent 🖼 temporary exhibitions (one or two per year) and 🎨 children’s workshops and guided tours / 🗓 opening hours: every day from 10h to 19h (Monday from 14h to 19h) / price: 8€ to 10€, under 16 years FREE;

🖼 current exhibition: Bérard au théâtre de la vie – from 5th February ⇒ 22nd May 2022 / more information here;

© Le Palais Lumière (Evian)
website & FB page

Palais Lumière, 74500, Evian;
Le Palais Lumière (Evian) ©
Maison Garibaldi (Evian)

Located just behind the Palais Lumière, the Maison Gribaldi is housed in a renovated buiding dating from the Renaissance, and is used for 🖼 temporary exhibitions and to record the city’s archives (see here for history of the building) / 🗓 open from April until October each year;


ruelle du Nant d'Enfer, 74500, Évian-les-Bains / tel: 04 50 83 10 00;
Maison Garibaldi © Ville d’Evian
Château de Ripaille (Thonon-les-Bains)

At the 🏰 Château de Ripaille, there are regular temporary exhibitions, and there are plans in place to develop a rich cultural programme. There are also lovely walks around the 🏰 Château de Ripaille, and the castle is very close to the old port, which has a lovely playground;

website & FB page

address: 83 avenue de Ripaille, 74200 Thonon;
Château de Ripaille ©
Arboretum de Ripaille © Visites en Chablais
Musée de Préhistoire et Géologie (Sciez)

This is a museum dedicated to prehistory (you’ll find a collection explaining local and French prehistory, the evolution of man, with lots of objects to touch, reconstitutions, videos . . . ) and geology (with exhibition: Aventure de la Terre, formation des Alpes et zoom sur le Chablais) – more information here. There are lots of 🎨 workshops for children over the school holidays / price: adults 4€ and children 3€ / parking: same car park as for Les Aigles du Léman;

website & FB page

address: Musée de Préhistoire et Géologie, 207 route du Moulin de la Glacière, 74140, Sciez;
Musée du Chablais (Thonon-les-Bains)

This museum was founded in 1863, with the help of the brothers James and Louis Revon, naturalist in Geneva and conservateur du musée d’Annecy. Located originally in the l’Hôtel de Ville, in 1953 the collection moved to the basement of the Château de Sonnaz . . .you’ll find varied exhibitis: ” minéraux, animaux naturalisés et objets archéologiques provenant des fouilles du port. ” / opening hours: 14h30 to 18h (SHUT Mondays and Tuesdays) / price: 2,55€ and free for under 11s (FREE first Sunday of the month);


Musée du Chablais, 2 rue Michaud, Thonon-les-Bains;
Musée du Chablais © Thonon-les-Bains


Aqualis – l’éxperience lac (Aix-les-Bains)

Opened in 2019, 💦 Aqualis allows you to discover the Lac du Bourget in a modern museum, with 🎨 workshops on offer, an escape game, guided visits, talks and more;

FB page & website

52 esplanade Jean Murguet, Aix-les-Bains;
© Aqualis
Musée Faure (Aix-les-Bains)

The 🖼 Musée Faure, housed in a majestic 1900 villa donated to Aix-les-Bains by Docteur Jean Faure (1862-1942), hosts a rich collection of paintings and sculptures dating from 1850 to 1920. It also houses the second biggest French collection or Rodin sculptures, and it has temporary exhibitions! 

website & FB page

10 boulevard des Côtes, 73100, Aix-les-Bains;
© Musée Faure


© Musée Faure
Galerie Eurêka (Chambéry)

Plenty of scope for a family visit at this interactive science museum! / there is a permanent exhibition – Espace Montagne – and temporary exhibitions too;

website & FB page

50 rue de la République, 73000, Chambéry / tel: 04 79 60 04 25;

🖼 current & upcoming exhibitions:

  • 🖼 Espace Montagne – this is the permanent exhibition / ” un lieu ludique de découvertes scientifiques. Grâce à de nombreuses expériences, manipulations, quiz, maquettes interactives et jeux, les visiteurs découvrent le monde des sciences et des technologies dans un laboratoire naturel, la montagne. “;
  • 🖼 Mission : Corps Humain – until 27th August 2022 / ” Connaissez-vous tous les secrets du corps humain ? L’exposition propose de mettre à nu les différents organes pour en découvrir les fonctions premières, mais aussi pour se rendre compte de toutes les autres missions qu’ils remplissent. Une exposition à vivre comme un jeu de piste… dont vous seriez le héros ! “;
  • 🖼 Bouges ton Corps (for 3 to 6 year olds) – until 27th August 2022 / ” L’enfant a-t-il conscience de son corps ? De ses potentialités ? De ses capacités ? Au détour des rues, des places et des maisons, l’enfant va faire connaissance et prendre conscience de son corps grâce aux différentes expériences ludiques et interactives qui lui seront proposées tout au long de son parcours. C’est l’occasion également de tester les limites de son corps et d’appréhender les dangers . . . “;
Musée des Beaux-Arts / Les Charmettes (Chambéry)

The building that houses today’s 🖼 Musée des Beaux-Arts de Chambéry started life as a XIXth century grain hall; a grenette. In 1889, la Ville de Chambéry decided to make the grenette into a musée-bibliothèque, with the work of architect François Pelaz. In 1992, the library moved out, and the museum took over the entire building. Between 2009 and 2011, a huge renovation programme was carried out, bringing much needed light to the building;

As well as 🖼 a permanent collection, the museum also houses 🖼 temporary exhibitions.

FB page & website

Place du Palais de Justice, 73000, Chambéry / tel: 04 79 33 75 03;
Musée de l’Ours des Cavernes (Entremont-le-Vieux)

🐻 “ Le Musée de l’Ours des Cavernes invite le visiteur à un voyage dans le temps, à la découverte d’un site, la Balme à Collomb et d’une espèce disparue, l’ours des cavernes. Plongez dans une aventure scientifique et humaine hors du commun. Il y a plus de 25.000 ans, dans les entrailles calcaires du Granier, une grotte, connue aujourd’hui à Entremont-le-Vieux sous le nom de “Balme à Collomb”, accueillait d’étranges occupants de la préhistoire… Ursus Spelaeus ou les Ours des Cavernes. Aujourd’hui, grâce à la curiosité de passionnés de spéléologie et la ténacité de spécialistes en paléontologie, la Chartreuse et la Savoie peuvent s’enorgueillir de posséder l’un des plus grands et plus riches gisements d’ours des cavernes jamais découvert ! ” / 🎨 holiday workshops and events for children, see here;

good to know: ask for the parcours enfants leaflet;

website & FB page

Musée de l’Ours des Cavernes, Epernay, 73670, Entremont-le-Vieux / tel: 04 79 26 29 87;
© Musée de l’Ours des Cavernes
Musée de Grenoble 

The Musée de Grenoble was created in 1798 (in the shadow of the French Revolution), and houses a rich collection of ancient and modern & contemporary art (read more about the history here). The new building was created in 1994 by a group of Genoble architects. As well as the permanent collection, there are regular temporary exhibitions:

🖼 current temporary exhibitions: see here;

website & FB page

 5 place Lavaletet, 38000, Grenoble / tel: 04 76 63 44 44;
© Musée de Grenoble


There are 🖼 so many fabulous museums and temporary exhibitions on in Lyon – see here for a full list.

Here is a selection, some tried and tested by MBFF!

Musée des Confluences (Lyon)

Located at the 🌊 confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers (and hence the name of the museum!), 🖼 Le Musée des Confluences is immediately striking for its audacious modern architecture and its location on a presqu’île! (river peninsula). The permanent parcours in the museum tells the story of earth and mankind and looks at the origin of man, different cultures and the future of mankind too (exhibits from the first telephones to Egyptian mummies), and looks at the sciences of: anthropology, paleontology, minerology, ethnography and more! And then, there are also 🖼 temporary exhibitions.

© Musée des Confluences

🖼 current temporary exhibitions:

  • « L’oiseau rare, de l’hirondelle au kakapo »;
  • « Jusqu’au bout du monde, regards missionnaires »;
  • « Sur la piste des Sioux »;

full list of 🖼 temporary exhibitions, see here ]

La Sucrière – exposition & cultural centre 

In the heart of the docks area of Les Confluences in Lyon, you will find the emblematic industrial 1930s building 🖼 La Sucrière (once a sugar dépôt – hence the name – it was renovated in 2011), with innovative and daring exhibitions. In 2019, MBFF saw Imagine Picasso and in 2021 Expo Antoine de Saint-Exupery: un Petit Prince parmi les Hommes – both exhibitions were very interractive and fabulous!

🖼 current exhibition: Hyperréalisme. Ceci n’est pas un corps;

« Hyperréalisme. Ceci n’est pas un corps » © La Sucrière
website & FB page

49-50 quai Rambaud, Lyon / tel: 04 27 82 69 40;
© La Sucrière
Lugdunum – musée et théâtres romains

On our last visit to Lyon, I took the boys on the funiculaire up to the fabulous Lugdunum – musée et théâtres romains! Located on the Lyon hillside of Fourvière, Lugdunum is an incredible Roman archaeological site, now Unesco-labelled. I wanted to visit the museum (I love the architecture of this site!), but the boys began to have a mini-meltdown due to “too much walking” and hunger, so I decided to save a visit for our next trip;

website & FB page

Lugdunum, 17 rue Cléberg, 69005, Lyon;
© Lugdunum – Musée et Théatres Romains
Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon (MBA)

🖼 Le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon is located on la place des Terreaux, in the heart of the Presqu’île, in an old XVIIth century Benedictine abbey. The old cloisters are now a jardin de sculptures, a peaceful spot in a busy city! ” 🖼 Les collections encyclopédiques du musée présentent en cinq départements et 70 salles un panorama de grandes civilisations et d’écoles artistiques de l’Antiquité à nos jours ; elles offrent un parcours exceptionnel à travers 5 000 ans d’art et d’histoire. ”;

🖼 current exhibition: « À la mort, à la vie ! Vanités d’hier et d’aujourd’hui » – until 7th May 2022 / more information here;

website & FB page

© Musée des Beaux Art de Lyon


© Musée des Beaux Art de Lyon
Peinture Fraiche street art festival (La Halle Debourg, 7è Lyon)

A 🎨 street art festival in the Halle Debourg (steeped in industrial history, this was an entrepôt de fret-triage) in Lyon, over the month of October / métro B : Debourg and Tram T1 : arrêt ENS Lyon;

website & FB page

La Halle Debourg, 45 avenue Debourg, 69007, Lyon;

Where else to see 🎨 street art in progressive Lyon?

  • la Croix-Rousse;
  • le Presqu’île;
  • Musée Urbain Tony Garnier;
  • la fresque de Joost Swarte (9e arrondissement);
© Peinture Fraiche street art festival


Mini World Lyon (Vaulx-en-Velin)

The plus grand parc de miniatures animées en France ! There are 4 permanent worlds to enjoy, spread across 3 000 m2 indoor space: (1) town, (2) mountains, (3) countryside AND (4) La Ville de Lyon et sa Fête des Lumières. Mini World Lyon is open all year round and there is the restaurant La Place on-site.

website & FB page

3 avenue de Bohlen, 69120, Vaulx-en-Velin, nr Lyon / tel: 04 28 29 09 19;
MBFF visited in 2019 and the whole family loved this unique place!
[ to read more about MBFF’s visit to Mini World Lyon, see separate article here ]
🖼 current temporary exhibitions:
  • Les Monsieur Madame envahissent Mini World Lyon until 6th March 2022;
  • NEW: L’Odyssée Playmobil® © Mini World Lyon – from 29th January ⇒ 6th September 2022;
© Mini World Lyon
Planétarium de Vaulx-en-Velin (Vaulx-en-Velin, near LYON)

Built in 1995, the Planétarium de Vaulx-en-Velin is dedicated to the study of astronomy and sciences of the universe. This planetarium is now the 9th most visited cultural establishment in the Lyon area! / price: 10€ and 8€ for children under 12 years/ good to know: FREE on the first Saturday of the month! / also good to know: near Mini-World Lyon and WeRide indoor bike circuit;

FB page & website

Place de la Nation, Vaulx-en-Velin (near Lyon);

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