ALTA LUMINA en famille (Les Gets)

One Saturday evening last January, MBFF walked through a 🌲✨ sparkling enchanted forest, courtesy of Les Gets Tourisme!

I’d been wanting to experience ✨ this night-time son & lumières parcours since its opening, and finally we managed to get there!

The unique trail is located in 🌲 the forest behind the Lac des Écoles in Les Gets . . . and it is just ✨ M A G I C A L, from start to finish!

[ disclaimer: MBFF’s tickets to ✨ Alta Lumina were offered to us by Les Gets Tourisme. Our opinions, however, remain very much our own! ]

© Alta Lumina

Alta Lumina – the story

Conceived by Moment Factory, and brought to you by Les Gets Tourisme and Auvergne Rhône Alpes Tourisme, ✨ Alta Lumina is a unique immersive night time stroll.

✨ Alta Lumina tells the story of a music-making colporteur (a peddler), who with his mongolfière (hot air balloon), wants to share 🎶 his melodies beyond the Alps and to faraway lands.

As a spectator, you follow the colporteur on his travels, and you’ll be fully immersed – through storms and more tranquil settings – on ✨ an enchanted son et lumière night-time journey through 🌲 the forest.

Alta Lumina – the story of a musical colporteur ©
Alta Lumina – the story of a musical colporteur ©

MBFF’s experience and tips for a family visit

I don’t want to give away too much of the experience, as part of the joy of this ✨ night-time parcours is in the discovery: watching the story unfold and experiencing the changing sights, lights and sounds . . .

A winter visit to ✨ Alta Lumina, with ❄️ sparkling snow underfoot and glistening in the trees, rendered this parcours even more enchanting for us!

From 🅿️ the car park, it is a short walk to the start of the parcours, so there is time for the excitement to build . . .

Approaching Alta Lumina ©

You’ll be met by friendly staff, who will briefly explain the ✨ Alta Lumina experience, and will scan your tickets.

Alta Lumina – the start ©

After this, you are on your own, to look at 🗺 the map and wander through 🌲 the enchanted forest.

Alta Lumina – looking at the map ©

The path is easy to follow: you’ll be guided by lanterns along the path . . .

Alta Lumina – lanterns to guide you ©

Keep your eyes and ears wide open, to experience the changing settings . . . there are places to sit, so that you can absorb the music and different light shows.

I had so many favourite moments, but ✨ the dancing forest light made me feel I’d entered a land of 🧚‍♂️ fairies and 🧝‍♂️ elves . . . I found it hard to move on from there! My photos really don’t do this section justice; you truly have to experience it!

Alta Lumina – an enchanted forest ©
Alta Lumina – an enchanted forest ©
Alta Lumina – an enchanted forest ©

The parcours is immersive, and also at times interactive . . .

Towards the end of your journey, you have the opportunity to have your 📷 family photo taken in the mongolfière!

© Alta Lumina

Here are some tips for you, harvested from our family visit, and also from the Alta Lumina website :

  1. 🧣🧤 DRESS WARMLY – the entire parcours is OUTSIDE, so you’ll want to be as cosy as possible! In ❄️ wintertime, be sure to wear warm jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, and warm boots (for little ones, a ski suit would be ideal!);
  2. 🥾 SUITABLE FOOTWEAR – there is a slight dénivelé along the 800m path through the forest . . . in ❄️ wintertime, there may be patches of snow or slippery areas (there were lots for our visit!). Make sure that you’re wearing warm boots (or baskets in the warmer months). If you are unsteady on your feet, or concerned by slipping on the ice or snow, then perhaps take some batons with you (raquettes /snow-shoes are NOT permitted!);
  3. TIMINGS – the walk will take you about an hour;
  4. 👨‍👩‍👦 BABIES – push chairs are NOT recommended, due to the up and down terrain (and some stairs); you are advised, instead, to take a baby carrier;
  5. ♿️ WHEELCHAIR access – due to the stairs and up and down terrain, Alta Lumina is sadly not adapted to personnes à mobilités réduites or wheelchair users;
  6.  🚾 WC – there are toilets at the start and at the finish of of the parcours (not within), so think to go to the toilet beforehand!;
  7. 🐶 DOGS – are NOT allowed; 
  8. 🛷 SLEDGES – are NOT allowed!

Practical Information

🗓 opening hours: Alta Lumina is open all year round (though especially magical, in our opinion, in ❄️ snowy wintertime! / it is SHUT on Mondays / this is a night-time circuit, and the timings will depend on nightfall (and the time or year!);

🎫 price: adults (16+ years): 19,50€ / children (5 to 15 years): 10,50€ / children under 4 years: FREE! / family ticket (x2 adults & x2 children): 55€;

🎫 book a ticket: you must book your tickets online here / note: it is not necessary to print your tickets; you can present the QR-code of your tickets on your 📱 smartphone / you must arrive within 20 minutes of your booked séance;

🚗 getting there: ✨ Alta Lumina is located in 🌲 the forest at the Lac des Ecoles. You can get there by car (limited parking), or if coming from the centre of Les Gets, there are free 🚌 navettes (every 15 minutes, with a journey time of 10mins) from 🅿️ Parking du Marais (town centre) and 🅿️ Parking des Perrières (côté Taninges);

🅿️ parking: limited parking on-site;

🥗 restaurantsAlta Lumina is a night-time activity, so you may want to visit one of Les Gets’ restaurants before or after the visit? See here for some suggestions. On-site, you’ll find the Restaurant du Lac (tel: +33(0)4 50 79 84 74);

website / FB page / Instagram

address: Alta Lumina, 736 route du Lac, 74260, Les Gets
tel: 04 50 75 87 58

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