[ Geneva, Nyon, Cluses & Annecy ] – FREE museums on FIRST SUNDAY of the month!

Throughout the year in 🇨🇭 Geneva, and from 🗓 October until May in 🇫🇷 Cluses & Annecy, several 🖼 museums & temporary exhibitions are FREE on the 🗓 FIRST Sunday of the month! In addition, the museums often put on some 🎨 wonderful workshops and guided tours for children and families (also FREE) on this day.

🗓 The next FREE Sunday will be Sunday 1st December 2019! (and then Sunday 5th January and Sunday 2nd February);

Cluses FREE first Sunday of the month

🕰 Musée de l’Horlogerie et du Décolletage 🕰 

This museum, dedicated to telling the industrial and social history of the area, is located in the Espace Carpano & Pons, the old industrial site next to the river / the story of the 🕰 watchmakers of the XVIIIth century, through to the emergence of décolletage during the industrial revolution / there are regular guided visits, films and workshops / see here for more information / 🗺 jeu de piste for families: « Drame au Musée » / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 14h to 18h / address: Espace Carpano & Pons, 100 place du 11 Novembre, 74300, Cluses / tel: 04 50 96 43 00 / website;

 🇫🇷 Annecy’s FREE first Sunday of the month museums 🇫🇷 

From 🗓 October until May, on the first Sunday of the month, it is FREE to visit:

🏰 Château d’Annecy and its temporary exhibition – classified as a historical monument since 1959, the Château d’Annecy was once the residence of the counts of Geneva in the 13th and 14th centuries / today, the castle houses temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection of art of cultural importance, and objects associated with the lake / good to know: 👶 Mercredi en Famille (guided visits for families, children 6+ years, on Wednesdays at 14h30, 6€), guided visits on Sundays at 15h (when scheduled) / 🎨 also good to know: carnet découverte for children available / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17h / address: Place du Château, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 87 30 / website

© Château d’Annecy
Château d’Annecy © montblancfamilyfun.com

🖼 upcoming temporary exhibition:

© Château d’Annecy / Agence Texto


🎥 Musée du Film d’Animation (always free, AND open on Sundays) – located two minutes away from the 🏰 Musée-Château, this museum provides visitors with an introduction to animated cinema / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17h (shut in January) / address: ancienne chapelle du Conservatoire d’Art et d’Histoire, 18 avenue du Trésum, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 87 30 / for more information about opening hours during the week see website;

© Ville d’Annecy

🖼 current exhibition:

© Musée de Film d’Animation Annecy


🏰 Palais de l’Île – a building originally from the Middle Ages, classified as a historical monument since 1900, this palais has been a prison, a palais de justice and an administrative centre / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17haddress: 3 passage de l’Ile, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 56 49 40 37 / website;

Palais de l’Ile © Ville d’Annecy


🌎 La Turbine in Cran-Gévrier (Annecy) – Le Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle de Haute-Savoie is an innovative pedagogic centre and 🎥 cinema, equipped for families to learn about science in an interactive way / there are regular exhibitions, events and workshops for children of different ages, so do check the website for current ones! / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 14h to 18h / address: place Chorus, Cran-Gevrier, 74960, Annecy / tel: 04 50 08 17 00;

🧬 current exhibition:

  • 🧬 « T’es sûr-e ? » – until 30th August 2020 / learning to question science in a fun and interactive way / aimed at children 7+ years;
© La Turbine

🇨🇭 Geneva’s FREE first Sunday of the month 🇨🇭 

🖼 Some museums – including their temporary exhibitions – are 🗓 FREE on each first Sunday of the month in Geneva! / see here for more details about this fantastic initiative!

NB – this initiative does not apply to private collections! ]

Here – below – is a brief description of 🖼 some of the museums in Geneva participating in this initiative – and their current or upcoming temporary exhibitions – that the MBFF family has visited (and enjoyed!):

Muséum de Genève (Natural History Museum)

This wonderful museum has been a favourite of ours since our boys were small! / 🎨 good to know: there are also workshops on offer on Wednesdays and Saturdays, running alongside exhibitions / 🗓opening hours on Sunday: 10h to 17h / website / address: 1 route de Malagnou, 1208, Geneva, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0) 22 418 63 00 / see MBFF post for more details about the Natural History Museum;

🐯 current temporary exhibition: « Prédations » (until 19th January 2020) / more information here;

© Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève
Natural History Museum, Geneva © montblancfamilyfun.com


Musée d’Histoire des Sciences

This museum is located within the 🌳 Parc du Perle du Lac, next to Lac Léman, and opposite the 🌹Botanical Gardens; it occupies the beautiful Neo-Classical Villa Bartholoni (from the 1830s), and hosts 🧪 a collection of scientific apparatus belonging to scientists and researchers from the 17th to 19th centuries good to know: ask for the 🗺 orienteering parcours leaflet for the park at the reception, and go explore! / 🗓 opening hours Sunday: 10h to 17h / website / address: Parc de La Perle du Lac, 128 rue de Lausanne 1202, Geneva, Switzerland / tel: 41 22 418 50 60 / good to know: every two years, La Nuit de la Science takes place here;

🖼 current temporary exhbition: « Roulez les mécaniques. La loi du moindre effort », until 28th October 2019 – how to get a machine moving, without exhausting oneself? / information about carnets de jeux and workshops here;

« Roulez les mécanique. La loi du moindre effort » © Musée d’Histoire des Sciences


MEG (Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève)

The permanent exhibition at the MEG (always free to visit) is 🌍 Les archives de la diversité humaine – here you will find more than a thousand objects from different world cultures / there are 🎨 FREE children’s and family workshops and guided tours on the first Sunday of the month: 🎶 Le Baby Bazar éveil musical for 0 to 2 year olds (14h to 15h15 and 15h30 to 16h30) and 🎶 Tohu Wa Bohu éveil musical for children 2+ years (from 15h to 15h45 and from 16h to 16h45) are regular features and there are several others planned to run alongside temporary exhibitions / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 11h to 18h / see website for more details / address: boulevard Carl-Vogt 65-67,1205, Geneva, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0)22 418 45 50 / see MBFF article to read about planning a family visit;

MEG à Genève © montblancfamilyfun.com

🖼 current temporary exhibition: « Il était une fois: La Fabrique des Contes », until 5th January 2020 / this exhibition recounts the rich tradition of storytelling, often ancient in origin, from 🇫🇮 Finland to 🇬🇷 Greece, from 🇪🇸 Spain to 🏔 the Alps – an immersive voyage through European storytelling;

La Fabrique des Contes © MEG


MAMCO (modern and contemporary art museum in Geneva)

The 🖼 modern and contemporary art museum in Geneva has guided visits for children in French and English on Sundays at 11h15 – the Petits Rendez-Vous (duration: 45mins / for 5 to 10 year olds, with an accompanying adult and highly recommended by the MBFF team!) / the exhibitions change regularly, so check the website agenda! / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 12h to 18h / website / address: 10 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, CH-1205, Genève / tel: +41 22 320 61 22;


Centre d’Art Contemporain

This museum is located in the same building as the 🖼 MAMCO.  It was founded in 1974 as the Kunsthalle de Genève, the first contemporary art centre in la Suisse Romande, a place of production, research and experimentation (a Kunsthalle, unlike a museum, has no permanent collection; it veers to the future, presenting emerging local and international artists) / 🎨 Akademinis (alternate Sundays and Wednesdays) –” balade en famille dans les expositions “: a family visit of the exhibition, followed by a creative activity; for children 4 to 7 years old, with accompanying adult; reservations(before 17h Friday for Sunday visit): +41 22 888 30 43 or publics@centre.ch / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 11h to 18h / website / address: Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205 Genève / tel: + 41 22 329 18 42;

Akademinis © Contemporary Art Museum


MAH (Le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire)

The 🖼 MAH’s permanent exhibition is always FREE. . . housed in a magnificent building, it has a great play area for children next to the ☕️ café and restaurant, the #MAH . . . / see MBFF article for more details / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 11h to 18h / website / address: rue Charles-Galland 2, 1206, Geneva;

🖼 current temporary exhibition: « Métamorphoses », until 16th February 2020 / more information here ;



Musée Rath

The Musée Rath hosts the MAH’s larger temporary exhibitions / opened to the public in 1826, and known as un temple des muses, it has been a bâtiment classé since 1921 / 🗓 opening hours: 11h to 18h / website / address: place Neuve, 1204, Geneve / tel: +41 (0)22 418 33 40; 

🖼 current temporary exhibition: no current exhibition;


🏺Musée Ariana (Musée Suisse de la Céramique et du Verre) 🏺

This museum also has 🌳 lovely grounds, with some 🌸Asian cherry blossom / there is a 🌈 Coin Enfants – a space for children to draw and discover books associated with the museum’s collection / good to know: there are 🎨 workshops for children (2 to 4 years old and 5 to 7 years), Les samedis des tout-petits, on Saturdays (paying) / website / 🗓 opening hours on Sunday: 10h to 18h / address: avenue de la Paix 10, 1202 Genève /tel:+41 22 418 54 54 / website;

🖼 current temporary exhibition: « MUR | Murs. Jacques Kaufmann, architectures céramiques. », until 10th November 2019 / in the park next to museum! / more information here ;

© Musée Ariana

🐟 Nyon’s Musée du Léman & Aquarium🐟

The 🐟 Musée du Léman & Aquarium is a museum dedicated to the history of Lac Léman and an aquarium too! / 🖼 new permanent exhibition: 🐠 « Petite Nature? » (36 questions to decode the secrets of the lake!) /  / 🗓 opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, April until October, 10h to 17h and November to March 14h to 17h / good to know: 1 x entrance = free access to the 🏺 Musée Romain and the 🏰 Château de Nyon (valid 12 months) / 🎨 l’atelier Créa’lac – every 3rd Sunday of month, a workshop for children at 15h30; CHF7 per child (museum entrance free); 18th Nov and 16th Dec 2018 / good to know – super playground right next door and picnic spot! / website / address: quai Louis-Bonnard 8, 1260, Nyon, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0) 22 316 42 50;

🖼 temporary exhibition: 💦 « Plouf: une histoire de la baignade dans le Léman » – the vocabulary associated with taking a “dip” or a swim, the 121 swimming spots on Lac Léman, the architecture on the lakefront, the quality of the lake water, sportsmen and women and tourists, fashion, beliefs and habits over the passing of time . . . and the artists, the famous faces who frequented the lake! (until January 2020);

© Musée de Nyon & Aquarium
© Musée de Nyon & Aquarium

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