We are lucky to have some 🖼 wonderful museums 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc, many housed in architectural gems (old, renovated and new), and as well as their permanent collections, many also offer 🖼 temporary exhibitions and 🎨 workshops for children and families over the school holidays! [ ⇒ see MBFF article about 🖼 MUSEUMS & EXHIBITIONS au Pays du Mont-Blanc here and 🖼 OUTDOOR ART EXHIBITIONS & EPHEMERAL OUTDOOR … Continue reading MUSEUMS & EXHIBITIONS in nearby FRANCE

Musée des Confluences (LYON)

A while back (in those pre-pandemic days!), MBFF had the absolute pleasure to be invited to explore the 🖼 Musée des Confluences! I had heard so many great things about this museum, and was eager to go and explore en famille – and it truly lived up to all of my high expectations! Before our visit, I’d had a really friendly exchange with the museum’s … Continue reading Musée des Confluences (LYON)

LYON – 72 hours of fun & visits en famille !

During the 🍂 Toussaint holidays of 2019, MBFF spent a long weekend in the beautiful city of 🏙 Lyon. As Daddy MBFF had some work meetings in the beautiful city, we decided to head there en famille, arriving at our hotel (located in the 7è arrondissement, just across the river from 🖼 the Musée des Confluences) at 8h in the morning (eek!), in time for me … Continue reading LYON – 72 hours of fun & visits en famille !