Megève town centre has a couple of playgrounds to keep your little ones entertained . . . In addition, a short walk during the summer months will take you take you to another play area located in the middle of 💦 nature . . . AND there is now an aire de jeux panoramique at the top of the 🚡 Télécabine du Jaillet!

Jeux panoramiques du Jaillet (Portes du Mont-Blanc) ©

Aire d’Activités du Petit Arly

This is a 🌈 NEW playground in Megève (the previous Aire de Jeux du Paddock playground was moved across the road, and was totally re-built with new amenities, as the new Novotel was built with a landscaped garden on the previous site).

The new playground is ample (1400 m2), caters for all ages (from 1 to 14 years) . . . / amenities: a dry river, a mineral garden, 4 Japanese bridges, swings, climbing structures, NEW – a skatepark / it is located in a great spot, with some shade, and everyone should find something to their liking! Being near the 💦 Palais des Sports, it is a great place to unwind or have a snack after a swimming or ice-skating session at the sports centre!

[ good to know – on Friday mornings, 🍏 Megève’s market is just across the road; a good place to buy a snack or a picnic lunch! ]

address: route du Palais des Sports, Le Paddock, 74120, Megève;

Aire de Jeux rue du Beausoleil 

Located in a 🏡 quiet residential spot, this little playground on rue du Beausoleil is a perfect spot for small children. There is free parking, a 🚾 and 🍏 picnic table, and little ones will be delighted to “drive” the 4×4!

address: rue du Beau Soleil, 74120, Megève;

Aire de Jeux Panormique du Téléphérique du Jaillet (Jaillet, Les Portes du Mont-Blanc)

A new initiative for summer 2019, is the aire de jeux set up at the top of the 🚡 Télécabine du Jaillet. A great way to encourage children to have a hike at altitude!

MBFF visited (courtesy of Les Portes du Mont-Blanc) in summer 2021, and the boys LOVED it ! Read all about our experience in separate MBFF article here.

© Les Portes du Mont-Blanc

Lac de Javen

A hike to 💦 Lac de Javen makes for a lovely family walk (see here for directions; minimum walking time 30mins, depending on departure point), and the children will be excited with what’s on offer once they arrive! There is a small playground on-site (some requisitioned McDonalds play equipment!), a tadpole and newt pond, and over the summer holidays you’ll find some extra equipment: acrobungy, trampolining . . . (see here).

There is also a restaurant here, Le Restaurant du Lac de Javen, and 🎣 fishing is possible. You must hire fishing equipment on-site and pay for your catch at the end of your session (popular with families) and on some days you can BBQ your catch!

good to know: you can drive all the way to the lake if you have mobilité réduite persons, but otherwise it is a short 15mins walk from the nearest car park;

address: Lac de Javen, chemin de la Rée, 74120, Megève;

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    1. Hi Susie!

      Thank you for visiting us at montblancfamilyfun and your kind comments! We look forward to visiting all these places with you on your next visit to our mountains, be that spring, summer, autumn or winter! Just make sure you and your family come to visit us soon, OK?


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