Le Palais (MEGÈVE)

Newly renovated and opened in December 2017, Megève’s Le Palais is all at once a : 🏀 sports centre; 💦 spa & wellness centre; 🎭 conference & events centre; 📚 médiathèque and kids club; 🎨 cultural centre hosting temporary exhibitions and workshops & classes for children and adults alike; good to know: be sure to enquire about discounts available with the Formule Liberté and the Carte d’Hôtes; [ ⇒ for more information, Le Palais … Continue reading Le Palais (MEGÈVE)


Megève town centre has a couple of playgrounds to keep your little ones entertained . . . In addition, a short walk during the summer months will take you take you to another play area located in the middle of 💦 nature . . . AND there is now an aire de jeux panoramique at the top of the 🚡 Télécabine du Jaillet! Aire d’Activités … Continue reading Megève PLAYGROUNDS


📚 Megève’s médiathèque is found within the Le Palais, which makes it a fabulous ☔️ RAINY DAY destination, as you can hop from 📚 books, 🎲 games, 🎨 workshops and 📖 storytelling, to the 🧗‍♀️ sports centre (swimming, climbing, ice-skating and more). It comprises :  L’Espace Jeunesse (children’s section) Located up on the first floor, this is a great place for children (from babies to teenagers) to … Continue reading Megève MÉDIATHÈQUE