Base de Loisirs des Belles (Praz-sur-Arly)

We discovered this outdoor leisure space and playground in Praz-sur-Arly, on a ūüćĀ¬†sunny autumn day . . . our boys were delighted to be able to play¬†in the vast open space surrounding¬†the playgrounds, and we were able to lift our faces to the sun and relax (for a short period!). The leisure space is much more than just playgrounds, however, so head along well-equipped with balls (footballs, basketballs) and bikes and draisiennes:


There are two lovely, spacious playgrounds for all ages:

  • a fire-engine, slide and other features for little ones;
  • and a tyrolienne and a new ūüēł¬†spiderweb climbing frame¬†for older ones;
Base de Loisirs des Belles ©
Base de Loisirs des Belles ©
Base de Loisirs des Belles © Pierre Bessy

La Buvette des Belles

This ‚ėēÔłŹ¬†buvette¬†and restaurant was taken over by new owners, who added on a covered terrace and who have animated the Base de Loisirs des Belles with lots of new activities – markets, parties, ūüćó¬†BBQs . . .

Buvette des Belles © Haute Savoie Tourisme


‚õ≥ÔłŹ¬†Mini-golf d’art singulier is¬†just behind the Buvette des Belles¬†and the climbing wall, and it is made up of 18 holes and 20 works of art! Ideal for a hot summer’s day, much of the golf-course is in the shade and some of it is in the forest! / ūüóstopening hours: every day in summer from 9h until 19h;

Mini Golf Art du Singulier @ Praz-sur-Arly Tourisme

Terrain multi-sport 

At this¬†ūüŹÄ¬†multi-sport pitch you can play basketball, football, handball . . . so make sure you bring your own equipment!

Base de Loisirs des Belles - multi-sport pitch
Base de Loisirs des Belles Рmulti-sport pitch ©


The ūüõĻ¬†skate-park is just behind the playground . . .

Base de Loisirs des Belles - skatepark
Base de Loisirs des Belles Рskatepark ©


There are two tennis courts located near the playground / ūüóstopening hours:¬†spring to autumn, 9h until 19h (reservations at the Buvette des Belles);


Behind the tennis courts is an area to play pétanque!


There is ūüßó‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ¬†a climbing tower set up in the summer holidays,¬†an ideal spot to learn or to progress in climbing skills / 7m high, the wall has climbing up to difficulty rating of 6C;

VTT course (Ludik Park)

Along ūüí¶¬†the Arly river, in the shade, is a ūüöĶ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ¬†bike track that has been set out at the Base de Loisirs des Belles. Parents can help their little ones progress in their VTT skills.

Base de Loisirs des Belles - Ludopark
Base de Loisirs des Belles РLudik Park ©

address: Plaine des Belles, 74120, Praz-sur-Arly;

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