Centre Sportif Richard Bozon (CHAMONIX)

Chamonix’s sports centre, the 🧗‍♂️ Centre Sportif Richard Bozon, is located just off the main road heading out to Argentière and its facilities include:

  • 💦 swimming pools (a 25m indoor pool, a baby pool and outdoor swimming pool);
  • sauna and hammam;
  •  ice-skating rink;
  • 🧗‍♀️ climbing wall;
  • 🎾 tennis courts;
  • 🏃‍♀️ running track and basketball nets (becoming a winter ice-skating rink!);

[ good to know: with a carte d’hôte (available from your hotel, lodging or to buy from the Office de Tourisme, if lodging with family or friends), a discount is available ]

Centre Sportif Richard Bozon - swimming pool
Centre Sportif Richard Bozon © montblancfamilyfun.com

Here is a list of some of the activities:


The Centre Sportif Richard Bozon has both 💦 indoor and outdoor swimming pools with lanes, as well as a great selection of 🐬 children’s pools with slides and other features, and a relaxation area with sauna, hammam and solarium. There are plenty of options to keep the whole family entertained, whatever the weather!

💦 indoors there is an 25m indoor pool with lanes, 🐬 a children’s pool with rapids, water jets and a slide;

💦 outdoors the outdoor area is large and comprises the 50m Olympic pool (swimming in an outdoor pool with a view of Mont Blanc is a special experience!), 🐬 a children’s pool, slides and a children’s paddling pool. Outdoors, there is also a small lake (not for swimming) and a refreshment hut;

🍼 babies and small children as well as the indoor children’s pool and the outdoor paddling pool and slides, the Centre Sportif Richard Bozon offers special classes for babies and toddlers. On a Saturday morning at 10h, the 💦 Jardin d’Eau offers plenty of fun to babies and toddlers (from 6 months to 3 years) with one or two adults accompanying. At 11h is the 🐟 Petits Poissons class for children from 3-5 years. Lots of toys are put out and the pool is slightly warmed for these classes. See here for more details;

🐟 swimming classes group or individual lessons can be arranged during the school holidays;

🗓 for exact opening hours and entry prices to the swimming pools, please check here, as opening times vary according to the time of year ]

Jardin d’eau Chamonix © http://www.cc-valleedechamonixmontblanc.fr


You must wear climbing shoes for access to 🧗‍♂️ the climbing wall at the sports centre. Children from 6 to 10 years must be accompanied by a guide, and children from 10 to 14 years must be accompanied by an adult (that knows what he or she is doing!).

[ please see here for exact opening times and entry prices ]

Ice-skating, Ice-Hockey & Curling

Chamonix’s 60m x 30m ⛸ indoor ice-skating rink houses the 100 year old Ice Hockey Club and is open year round for ice-skating fun, as well as figure skating, ice-hockey lessons and matches and curling. During the winter holidays, there are nocturnes sessions.

[ see here for entry prices and opening hours, as these vary according to the time of year ]

good to know: in winter, the running trail (conditions permitting) turns into an outdoor ice-skating parcours; this is free to use and you either head there with your own skates or you can rent them from the indoor rink!

Chamonix’s indoor ice-rink © montblancfamilyfun.com


There are both 🎾 indoor and outdoor tennis courts and squash courts available at the sports centre. Classes are available on request (even for children as young as 2 years!).

see here for more details ]

Running Track 

Just outside the ice-skating rink, there is a 🏃‍♀️ 300m running track, track & field, 🏀 2 basketball courts and 2 handball courts. A good place to have running competitions with the whole family!

This is also a fun place to come and play when there is fresh snow!


Located just behind the sports centre, the skatepark is FREE!

© Chamonix Skatepark

Practical Information 

🚗 parking: there is limited free parking near the sports centre, otherwise there are paying car parks nearby (Médiathèque, etc . . .);


address:Centre Sportif Richard Bozon, 214 avenue de la Plage, 74400, Chamonix;

tel: +33 (0)4 50 53 23 70 (swimming pool and climbing wall); 04 50 53 28 40 (tennis); 04 50 53 12 36 (ice-skating rink);

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