Sallanches has 🌈 four fantastic playgrounds, and we visit them regularly! In addition, there is also a softplay centre in the industrial zone of Sallanches, called 🌈 Le Parc en Folie.

There are 🌈 TWO playgrounds in the centre of town:

Aire de Jeux des Quais

This playground has recently been renovated (sadly, the popular fire engine has now gone!) . . . it is located next to 💦 the river (near the Mairie), and there is pleasant river seating right next to it now. Do keep an eye on little ones, as one of the entrance gates leads out near the main road, and the other onto a road with many parked cars.

[ good to know – ☕️ L’M restaurant and café is just opposite, as is Vietnamese restaurant Khue Dhan and Passion Pizza ]

address: quai de Warens, 74700, Sallanches;

🅿 parking: paid parking along the riverside;

Aire de Jeux de l’Eglise 

Located in between the ⛪ church and the 📚 Médiathèque Ange Abrate, this playground has the added advantage of plenty of afternoon shade during the summer months. There is a long slide, a 🕸 big spiderweb climbing frame, a roundabout, swings (for older children), a large see-saw and climbing frame for littlies (with smaller slides) and bouncers.

[ good to know: its close proximity to the 🦌 Château des Rubins-Observatoire des Alpes (recently renovated, a fabulous museum), making it an ideal stop after a museum visit! ]

Aire de Jeux de l’Eglise ©
address: Place du Commissaire Chesney, 74700, Sallanches;

🅿 parking: there are some free parking spots just opposite in a small car park (also public WC), or around the corner in the Parking Levant;

Out of the centre are two more playgrounds:

Aire de Jeux de Saint-Martin

This playground is a firm favourite of ours and it has an excellent location right by 💦 the Arve river, and next to the historic Pont St Martin. The main attraction here is the tall climbing frame with the “tunnel slide”, and there are also swings and other climbing options for older children and a train for little ones. An added bonus is the plentiful FREE parking on-site, and plenty of space by the river to ride a bike or draisienne!

Aire de Jeux de St Martin ©
Aire de Jeux de St Martin ©
Aire de Jeux de St Martin ©
address: Esplanade de St Martin, 74700, Sallanches;

🅿 parking: free, right next to playground;

Aire de Jeux de Vouilloux 

There is a playground in Vouilloux, next to the Espace Animation.  It has 🕸 a huge spider web climbing frame and an area for little ones!  This is a great summer playground as there is plenty of shade. Being close to Sallanches’ industrial zone, it is a good stop-off playground for shopping sessions.

Aire de Jeux de Vouilloux ©
Aire de Jeux de Vouilloux ©
🗺 address: rue Cancellieri, 74700, Sallanches;

🚙 parking: FREE, right next to playground!

Le Parc en Folie (indoor softplay)

This softplay centre opened a few years ago now! It is located in Sallanches’ industrial zone (right next to Aldi supermarket!). 🎂 Birthday parties can be organised here and there are lots of events listed for the holidays . . .

see the FB page for more details;

[ good to knowLe Parc en Folie sets up outdoor bouncy castles at the Lacs des Ilettes at the weekend from spring until early autumn ]

address: 1431 avenue André Lasquin, 74700, Sallanches;

tel: +33 (0)6 37 16 47 32;

🅿 parking: FREE, next to softplay;

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