MBFF has now spent about 11 years discovering and testing 🌈 playgrounds au Pays du Mont-Blanc. We are fairly confident that we have tested most of them! The following list highlights our personal favourites (this is clearly subjective!). At certain points on our journey of discovery, we had to avoid certain playgrounds, as with two energetic boys three years apart in age, some playgrounds were somewhat challenging with … Continue reading MBFF’s FAVOURITE PLAYGROUNDS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

Sallanches & Domancy PLAYGROUNDS

Sallanches has 🌈 four fantastic playgrounds, and we used to visit them regularly when the boys were small (less these days!). In addition, there is also a softplay centre in the industrial zone of Sallanches, called 🌈 Le Parc en Folie. Domancy has a 🌈 small playground next to the town hall. Sallanches playgrounds There are 🌈 TWO playgrounds in the centre of Sallanches: Aire de Jeux des … Continue reading Sallanches & Domancy PLAYGROUNDS