THEATRES & SPECTACLES au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

We are so lucky here 🗻 au Pays du Mont-Blanc to have such high quality 🎭 theatre on our doorstep ! 

I sometimes have to pinch myself as I’m watching acrobats flip across the stage, or listening to a well-known musician, when I realise I am a 5mins walk from home, and NOT in a big city like 🇫🇷 Lyon or 🇨🇭 Geneva !

And the added bonus ? These high-quality productions are generally a fraction of the price of what you would pay in a big city, making a theatre trip accessible for the whole family !

🗻 Au Pays du Mont-Blanc over the cultural season, you’ll be treated to :

  • 🎭 theatre and comedy;
  • 🎵 concerts;
  • 💃 dance;
  • 🤹‍♂️ circus and acrobatic shows;
  • 🐰 magic and mentalism;

Colour code for listings

Chamonix Valley (Chamonix, Les Houches, Servoz, Arentière and environs) and Vallorcine

Passy (Plateau d’Assy, Plaine-Joux, Marlioz, Chedde, Bay)

Sallanches, Combloux, Cordon & Domancy

Saint-Gervais, Le Fayet, Saint Nicolas de Véroce, Bionnassay and environs

Megeve & Praz-sur-Arly and environs

Les Contamines-Montjoie and environs

Pays du Mont-Blanc

🇫🇷 Further France & 🇨🇭 Switzerland

The 🎭 autumn culture catalogues for the Pays du Mont-Blanc and for the Chamonix Valley are available from the summer holidays or September . . .

Here is a list of where you can enjoy high-quality theatre, dance and music locally :


Saison Culturelle Chamonix Mont-Blanc (Espace Michel Croz – EMC2, CHAMONIX)

The newly renovated 🎭 Espace Michel Croz – EMC2 is where you’ll find a rich programme of cultural entertainment in Chamonix, and you can get an annual membership (the billeterie is at the Mairie).

The Magic Mont-Blanc festival takes place in March . . .

programme 2022 - 2023 / FB page

address: Espace Michel Croz - EMC2, MJC Chamonix, Place du Mont-Blanc, 74400, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc; 

tel: +33 (0)4 50 53 75 17 (service billetterie);
© Saison Culturelle Chamonix Mont-Blanc
© Saison Culturelle Chamonix Mont-Blanc
La Maison des Artistes (Chamonix)

La Maison des Artistes is a unique multicultural space in Chamonix, located in a historic (and unique) villa dating from 1926. La Villa des Améthystes, later known as la Tournette, was built by the Couttet brothers, and then bought by Maurice Herzog.

André Manoukian, a well-known musician and promoter of music who settled in the Chamonix Valley, and the Mairie de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc sought to convert this historic (and abandoned) building into a creative musical hub, inviting artists to record music in the two studios on-site and to perform, to really ” faire vivre la musique dans la vallée “.

website & FB page 


address: 84 chemin de la Tournette, Chamonix; 

tel: +33 4 50 91 40 08;
© La Maison des Artistes Chamonix
Town halls, libraries & salles d’animations in the Chamonix Valley 

Do also check the events a-happening in each commune within the Chamonix Valley – you’ll find a rich programme locally for families, in the salles d’animation and in the médiathèques / bibliothèques ! Over the school holidays, and especially over the Christmas holidays, you’ll be treated to lots of déambulations in the streets – light shows, music . . .

  • Réseau Médiathèques – the libraries in the Chamonix Valley host exhibitions, storytelling and more cultural events / see FB page & website for current information;
  • Les Houches  Salle Olca & Espace Animation;
  • Servoz Salle Jean Morel;
  • Argentière;
  • Vallorcine – library & OT – Pôle Culture;
Office de Tourisme Chamonix - events / Animations Vallée de Chamonix FB page
Espace Olca (Les Houches) © Mairie Les Houches


Saison Culturelle Passy Mont-Blanc (FJEP, PASSY)

Passy’s 🎭 Parvis des Fiz hosts a programme of cultural events : theatre, music, a Christmas market . . .

programme 2022 - 2023 / FB page FJEP

address: Parviz des Fiz, 255 rue Arsène Poncet, 74190, Passy; 

tel: +33 (0)4 50 55 34 10 (service billetterie);
© Ville de Passy
Parvis des Fiz Passy © FJEP Passy
Cultur(r)al (Salle Léon Curral, SALLANCHES)

The 🎭 Salle Léon Curral offers a wonderful programme each year of theatre, music, and dance events for the whole family. The venue also hosts big local events and school concerts.

Recently renovated, and with a spectacular glimpse of the ⛰ Warens behind, it always feels like such a pleasure to be enjoying culture in such a beautiful setting . . . and so close to home!

With an abonnement, you’ll get reduced price tickets!

🅿 parking: there is plenty of free parking opposite the Salle Léon Curral, though for evening events this fills quickly, so head there early and have 🥃 drink at the bar!

website / FB page

address: Salle Léon Curral, 213 avenue Albert Gruffat, 74700, Sallanches;

tel: +33 (0)4 50 91 56 46 (service billetterie);
© Culturral
Salle Léon Curral Sallanches ©
© Culturral

The Médiathèque Ange Abrate in Sallanches also hosts cultural events : exhibitions, concerts, films, storytelling . . .

[ to read more about the Médiathèque Ange Abrate in Sallanches head to MBFF article here ]


address: Médiathèque Ange Abrate, 81 place du commissaire Chesney, 74700, Sallanches;

tel: +33 (0)4 50 93 95 49;
Médiathèque Ange Abrate ©
Théâtre Montjoie à Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

The 🎭 Théâtre Montjoie hosts the annual Festival Mont Blanc d’Humour, as well as a rich cinema programme from the MJC, and music, theatre, children’s spectacles, and conferences throughout the year.

website / FB page

address: Théâtre Montjoie, Passage Rochefort, 74170, Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc;

tel: +33 (0)6 73 68 80 92;
Le Palais Megève

Le Palais in Megève, as well as being a large sports centre with pools, an ice-skating rink and climbing wall, also hosts 🎭 theatre . . .

website / FB page 

address: Le Palais, 47 route du Palais des Sports, 74120, Megève;

tel: +33 (0)4 50 21 15 71;
Le Palais (Megève) ©
Les Petits Asticots au Pays du Mont-Blanc

🎭 Les Petits Asticots is a fabulous local initiative : an annual children’s festival 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc & in the Chamonix Valley, which takes place during the 🍁 Toussaint school holidays. It offers families a week of inspirational theatre, music, dance, circus and workshops !

[ for more information about this 🎭 Les Petits Asticots, see separate MBFF article here ]

website / FB page
© Les Petits Asticots


🇫🇷 Théâtre des Allobroges Cluses & L’Atelier Cluses

Cluses has a rich programme of theatre and other arts at two locations: 🎭 Théâtre des Allobroges Cluses and l’Atelier.

The 🎭 Théâtre des Allobroges is in the centre of town, and normally hosts a ballet in January.

Théâtre des Allobroges website  & FB page  

l'Atelier Cluses website & FB page
🇫🇷 Château Rouge (Annemasse)

🎭 Château Rouge in Annemasse has a rich cultural programme . . .

Château Rouge website & FB page  

address: Château Rouge, 1 route de Bonneville, 74112 Annemasse;
© Château Rouge Annemasse
🇫🇷 Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy)

Created in 1981, 🎭 Bonlieu Scène Nationale – a theatre company creating arts vivants – is located in the heart of Annecy, next to the lake. After a huge renovation, the company now has 3 salles.

website & FB page

address: 1 rue Jean Jaurès, 74000, Annecy;

🇫🇷 La Grange au Lac (Évian)

Located in a beautiful auditorium located in the woods above Lac Léman, there are some wonderful 🎼 music concerts on offer here.

[ read more about the origins of this beautiful music hall here ]

website & FB page

address: La Grange au Lac, 7 avenue des Mélèzes, 74500, Évian-les-Bains;
© La Grange au Lac
© La Grange au Lac
🇫🇷🇨🇭 Moka Mag magazine

There are plenty more 🎭 theatres in nearby 🇫🇷 Haute-Savoie and Savoie, and in 🇨🇭 Geneva and 🇨🇭Lausanne, with a progamme for families and children too.

The best place to find an up-to-date programme is 🎭 Moka Mag – you can pick up a copy of the magazine at libraries, cinemas and other cultural centres in the Pays du Mont-Blanc, or you can peruse online.

website & FB page
© Moka Mag

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