CHRISTMASTIME chez vous au Pays du Mont-Blanc

This is a whole article dedicated to 🎄 Christmastime chez vous au Pays du Mont-Blanc, and you’ll find information about :

  • 🎄 where to buy your own Christmas tree locally;
  • where to buy your Christmas decorations locally;
  • ✉️🎅 where to post your letters to Santa;
  • 📦 Les Boites de Noël – Secours Populaire;
  • 🎨 some ideas for Christmas craft chez vous;

for more information about 🎄 Christmas markets & villages de Noël see separate MBFF article here;

for more information about SEASONAL ICE-SKATING RINKS, see separate MBFF article here;

for more information about 🎄 Christmastime & Holiday Season au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . . head over to separate MBFF article here :

  • 🎄 the lighting of town and village CHRISTMAS TREES (illuminations du sapin) in December;
  • dazzling light shows & illuminations;
  • 🎅 local Christmas events – Santa’s arrival, spectacles, storytelling etc . . .
  • 🎄 big Christmas events further afield;
  • 🎶 Christmas concerts and church services . . .

for more information about SEASONAL ICE-SKATING RINKS, see separate MBFF article here;

Colour code for listings:

Pays du Mont-Blanc

Chamonix Valley (Chamonix, Argentière, Les Houches, Servoz & environs) and Vallorcine 

Passy & environs 

Sallanches, Combloux, Cordon & Domancy 

Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc, Le Fayet, Saint-Nicolas de Véroce & environs 

Megève, Praz-sur-Arly & environs 

Les Contamines-Montjoie & environs 

🇫🇷 Further France 

🇨🇭 Switzerland 

🇮🇹 Italy 

Choosing 🎄 your own Christmas tree to take home and decorate is a lovely family tradition . . .

Be sure to look for the ticket letting you know that your tree has been grown locally and ecologically : Savoie Mont-Blanc Collction;

locally grown sapins © Savoie Mont-Blanc

Here are some suggestions for where to buy your tree  🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and nearby):

Garden centres & other Christmas tree points of sale

🎄 Les Jardins de Talèfre (Les Praz de Chamonix) lots of seasonal cheer at this garden centre, and Provençal santons on sale this year ! / FB page;

🎄 La Jardinerie de Taconnaz (Taconnaz) – this lovely garden centre last year created its own little Marché de Noël, with 🌰 roasted chestnuts and ✉️ a postbox for Letters to Santa;

FB page 

address: 23 route de Taconnaz, 74310, Les Houches
© La Jardinerie de Taconnaz

🎄 Gamm Vert (Sallanches) you’ll perhaps have passed this jardinerie on the main road to Sallanches? We’ve bought many a Christmas tree from here, as it is our most local garden centre! / address: 1501 route du Fayet, 74700, Sallanches;

🎄 Botanic (Sallanches) website / online magazineaddress: Centre Commerciale Carrefour, 1683 avenue de Genève, 74700, Sallanches;

© Botanic Sallanches

🎄 Agri Sud Est (Sallanches) on the main road heading towards Carrefour / address: 260 avenue de Genève, 74700, Sallanches;

🎄 La Fruitière des Producteurs du Mont-Blanc (Domancy) FB page / address: 63 impasse de la Fruitière, 74700, Domancy;

🎄 APE Alpes Marie Paradis (Saint-Gervais) with money raised going to the school APE;

© APE Alpes Marie Paradis

🎄 Au Jardin Mégevan (Demi-Quartier) address: 200 route de Sallanches, 74120, Demi-Quartier;

🎄 big supermakets the big supermarkets also have a point of sale on-site!

🌲 Delbard Jardinerie (Cluses & Morzine) and also Christmas decorations;

🌲 La Maison Pugin at this Christmas tree farm (pépinière) in Reignier (near Annemasse), you can 🌲 choose and cut down your own sapin ( « venez choisir et couper votre sapin » ) on 🗓 these THREE SUNDAYS in November and December: 27th November, 4th December and 11th December 2022 / 🌲 price of sapins: from 25€;

[ read more about MBFF’s visit to 🌲 La Maison Pugin, in separate MBFF article ]


address: Maison Pugin, Reignier
© La Maison Pugin

© La Maison Pugin
Eco Christmas Trees

Perhaps you are resisting buying 🌲 a real Christmas tree this year? . . . In which case, perhaps you are looking to invest in a reusable wooden tree? You could try 🌲 the garden centres au Pays du Mont-Blanc: Jardinerie de Taconnaz, and design shop Cocktail Scandinave (Chamonix), Botanic®, Gamm Vert & Agri Sud Est (Sallanches) . . .

© treeCycled Morzine

Or . . . make your own 🌲 Sapin Mural de Noël?

I go a little gaga over 🎄 Christmas decorations, and tend to find myself with a new one each year! Here are some of my favourite spots for buying decorations au Pays du Mont-Blanc:

  • ❄️ Studio rūsc (Chamonix) – last year, some beautiful hand-crafted porcelain decorations were made here;
  • ❄️ La Jardinerie de Taconnaz (Taconnaz) – a magical little winter wonderland at this garden store!
  • ❄️ Cocktail Scandinave (Chamonix) I bought my very first Chamonix decorations for my little studio flat here! The Christmas section is just lovely! / FB page;
  • ❄️ botanic® (Sallanches) – over the years, I have come away with quite a few ” essential ” Christmas decorations from this garden centre’s lovely Christmas section!
  • ❄️ Gamm Vert (Sallanches) – Christmas trees and more – a large selection!
  • ❄️ Monoprix (Sallanches) – a lovely little section upstairs!
  • ❄️ Bricorama (Domancy) – they’ve created a Christmas market! / address: Zone Commerciale De La Pallud, 74700, Domancy;
  • ❄️ Delbard Jardinerie (Cluses & Morzine);
© Delbard Jardinerie Cluses
  • ❄️ Maisons du Monde (Annemasse);
© Maisons du Monde
  • ❄️ Schilliger Garden Centre (Gland & Plan-les-Ouates) worth a visit for the fairytale Christmas display ! / website;

And for party craft, stickers and baubles a-plenty, the Aladdin’s caves of GiFi and Centrakor (both in Sallanches) always have plentiful stock!

. . . and further afield, at the 🌲 Le Hameau du Père Noël & le Grand Parc de Noël à Andilly, you’ll find lots of Christmas decorations in the shops!

Where do you like best for Christmas decorations?

And the BEST? ❄️ Homemade decorations, of course !!! My boys have made some gorgeous decorations at school over the years! And we always make some gingerbread cookies to hang from the tree too!!! (see below for some Christmas craft ideas)

Over the last couple of years, I’ve designed ✉️ a couple of templates for my boys’ letters to 🎅 Santa, on the fabulous Canva app . . . if you’d like a copy of one of these in pdf, do send me a message via FB, and I’ll be happy to send it to you (English and French version!).

✉️ where to send your letters to Santa?

I know of THREE places for now au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . . please let me know of any others you’re famliar with!

  • ✉️ La Jardinerie de Taconnaz (TACONNAZ) – what a sparkling red box!
© Jardinerie du Taconnaz
  • ✉️ Place Charles Albert (SALLANCHES) – in amongst the farm animals and general bling, you’ll find this yellow post box!
Sallanches Santa post-box ©

And further afield you have:

  • ✉️ Le Hameau du Père Noël (Saint-Blaise, Mont Sion);
  • ✉️ Carouge – as part of the Christmas decorations and illuminations of Carouge Magique, children can post a letter to Santa (and even get a reply!);
Carouge Magique © Ville de Carouge

Advent Calendars, Christmas Chocolates & Bûches de Noël

Our 🍫 local chocolate artisans spoil us at 🎄 Christmastime: advent calendars, exquisite chocolate boxes to offer as gifts, Christmas-shaped chocolates . . .

[ for a list of some of our wonderful 🍫 artisans chocolatiers au Pays du Mont-Blanc and in the Chamonix Valley, see separate MBFF article here ]

You’ll also see lots of bags of 🍬 papillotes for sale in the supermarkets – this is very typical in France over the holiday season. Papillotes are golden or silver wrapped chocolates or pâte de fruits, with a message inside (a riddle, a joke or a quote). Legend has it that papillotes originated from Lyon (quartier des Terreaux) at the end of teh 18th century, ” quand le jeune commis d’un confiseur eut l’idée, pour charmer sa belle qui travaillait à l’étage au-dessus, d’envoyer ses petits mots d’amour enveloppés autour d’une confiserie there are two endings to this story: one happy, one sadder! (Wikipedia). One of the main brands in France of papillotes is Révillon.

Papillotes © Révillon

Another tradition in France at Christmastime is and Bûches de Noël (Christmas logs). Your local patisseries created exquisite ones!

Bûche de Noël  © Zanin

For some super ideas for 🎨 Christmas craft with kids, see these websites (and there are plenty more!):

  • 🎨 Little Pine Learners website;
  • 🎨 Country Living website;

For me, Christmastime is definitely the time to 🥨 get BAKING en famille – the scents of Christmas spices get everyone in the spirit!

[ see MBFF article here for some ideas for Christmas baking ]

Last Christmas, I implemented this idea from Little Pine Learners  for a Christmas Simmer Pot it kept my kitchen and dining area smelling Christmasy . . .

© Little Pine Learners

📦 Campagne Boîte de Noël – le Secours Populaire 

📦 La Campagne Boîte de Noël is a countrywide social project, organised locally by the Secours Populaire.

This year, in our local area, it is organised by the Secours Populaire de Chamonix, with the collection of boxes from the 17th November ⇒ 10th December 2022.

There are lots of points of collection; see here for current list (soon to by updated!)

La Campagne Boîte de Noël © Secours Populaire
© Secours Populaire Magland


Two years ago, when the larger Christmas markets were cancelled, it seemed the appropriate moment to write an article about buying locally! Supporting our local artisans is still and is always a great thing to do!

[ ⇒ see MBFF article MBFF’s suggestions for buying locally this Christmastime au Pays du Mont-Blanc for some ideas about buying locally ]

🎄 Bonnes Fêtes ! 🎄






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