CHRISTMAS MARKETS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

It’s official . . . the🎄CHRISTMAS SEASON🎄is truly kicking off this week . . .

Not too far from 🏔️ le Pays du Mont-Blanc, Villages de Noël & Marchés de Noël are beginning to appear in the centre of bigger towns and villages (Annecy, Lyon, Montreux, Lausanne, Château de CoppetAosta . . .), bringing warming winter magic: mulled wine and pretzels, beautiful illuminations, sometimes a chance to do some ice-skating and some Christmas shopping too . . . and we’ll soon have our own selection of ephemeral 🏔️ Marchés & Villages de Noël au Pays du Mont-Blanc (from early December), with lots of artisanal and gastronomic goods Made au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . .

For more information about ⛸SEASONAL OUTDOOR ICE-SKATING RINKS, see separate post here;

And for more information about:

  • 🎄the lighting of Christmas trees;
  • 🎄BIG Christmas events for families (Evian’s «Le Fabuleux Village ou la Légende des Flottins», Le Hameau du Père Noël at Mont-Sion, the Grotto du Père Noël in Rochers-en-Naye . . . );
  • 🎆 dazzling light shows;
  • 🎅 visits from Santa;
  • 🎄a CALENDAR of Christmas concerts, spectacles and storytelling for families;

. . . see post Christmastime au Pays du Mont-Blanc here . . .

Colour code for listings:

🏔️ Chamonix Valley (Chamonix, Argentière, Les Houches, Servoz & Vallorcine) 🏔️

🏔️ Passy & environs 🏔️

🏔️ Sallanches, Combloux, Cordon & Domancy 🏔️

🏔️ Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Le Fayet & environs 🏔️

🏔️ Megève, Praz-sur-Arly & environs 🏔️

🏔️ Les Contamines-Montjoie & environs 🏔️

🇫🇷 Further France 🇫🇷

🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇭

🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹


🇨🇭 Wednesday 21st November until 31st December –🎄Bô Noël🎄(Lausanne);
🇨🇭 Thursday 22nd November until 24th December –🎄Marché de Noël de Montreux🎄(Montreux-Noël, Lac Léman);
🇫🇷 Friday 23rd November until 6th January 2019 –🎄Le Marché de Noël & Le Village des Alpes🎄(Annecy);
🇫🇷 Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Marnaz);
🇫🇷 Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November –🎄« Telle Mère Telle Fille Le Salon »🎄(La Roche-sur-Foron);
🇫🇷 Saturday 24th November until 25th December –🎄Marché de de Noël🎄(Lyon);
🇮🇹 Saturday 24th November until 6th January 2019 –🎄Mercatino di Natale🎄(Marché Vert de Noël, Aosta);
🏔️ Sunday 25th November 🎄« La Boutique Éphémère édition Noël » (Le Blaireau qui Brasse in Sallanches);
🇨🇭 Friday 30th November, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December –🎄« Noël au Château de Coppet » (Coppet,Lac Léman);
🏔️ Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Passy);
🇫🇷 Saturday 1st until 25th December –🎄Le Marché de Noel et ses Animations🎄(Aix-les-Bains);
🏔️ Sunday 2nd December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Vallorcine);
🇨🇭 Wednesday 5th until 9th December AND 12th to 16th December –🎄Marché de Noël au Château de Morges🎄(Lac Léman)
🇨🇭 Thursday 6th until 31st December –🎄« Noël aux Bastions »🎄(Parc des Bastions, Geneva);
🇨🇭 Friday 7th, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December –🎄« Noël à Carouge »🎄(Carouge, near Geneva);
🇨🇭 Friday 7th, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December –🎄« Noël à Gruyères »🎄(Gruyères);
🏔️ Saturday 8th December –🎄Christmas Market at Le Vert Hotel & Restaurant🎄(Les Gaillands, Chamonix);
🏔️ Saturday 8th December until 6th January 2019 –🎄« Les Festivités de Noël à Sallanches »🎄(Sallanches);
🇫🇷 Saturday 8th until 24th December –🎄« Bonjour l’Hiver »🎄(Annemasse);
🇨🇭 Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December 🎄Marché de Noël du Bouveret🎄(Swiss Vapeur Parc, Bouveret);
🇫🇷 Sunday 9th December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Mont-Saxonnex)🇫🇷
🇨🇭 Thursday 13th until 23rd December 🎄Marché de Noël – Le Hameau🎄(Martigny);
🇨🇭 Friday 14th until 23rd December 🎄Marché de Noël de Nyon🎄(Nyon);
🇫🇷 Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th December (and 21st to 27th December) –🎄Village de Noël🎄(Samoëns);
🏔️ Sunday 16th December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Servoz);
🇨🇭 Sunday 16th December –🎄Marché de Yule (première édition)🎄(Château d’Aigle);
🏔️ Monday 17th December –🎄Mini Marché de Noël (cocooning)🎄(La Remise Restaurant, Argentière);
🏔️ Saturday 22nd December –🎄Le Repère des Z’Héros 1er Marché Ephémère de Noël🎄
🏔️ Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd December –🎄Marché Artisanal de Noël🎄(Saint-Gervais-les-Bains);
🏔️ Sunday 23rd until 28th December –🎄Village de Noël🎄(Megève);
🇫🇷 Sunday 23rd December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval);
🏔️ Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd December –🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Les Contamines-Montjoie);


Chamonix Valley

Chamonix -🎄Village et Marché de Noël🎄

* NOTE – Chamonix Tourist Office has informed me that SADLY THERE WILL BE NO🎄Village et Marché de Noël🎄in Chamonix this year! *


Chamonix -🎄Christmas Market at Le Vert Hotel & Restaurant🎄(Les Gaillands)

An annual fixture now at Le Vert Hotel & Restaurant in Chamonix – you’ll find arts and crafts, jewellery, stocking fillers . . . / for the children, face-painting and crafts / food & drink: vin chaud and sweet & savoury food from Le Vert‘s kitchen and La Remise, local craft beer Sapaudia and Altitude Gin / Christmas trees from Mountain Garden Company (order: or +33 (0)6 88 09 57 98);

when? Saturday 8th December, 12h to 18h;

where? Le Vert Hotel & Restaurant, Les Gaillands, Chamonix;

© Le Vert Hotel


Servoz -🎄Marché de Noël🎄

Local artisans and associations, 🎄Christmas trees for sale, 🎅 Santa, Christmas stories . . .

when? Sunday 16th December;

where? Salle Jean Morel and outdoors;

© Mairie de Servoz


Vallorcine -🎄Marché de Noël🎄

Vallorcine has an annual Christmas market, with artisanal goods for sale / also wood-baked bread from sapeurs-pompiers of Trient, Finhaut and Vallorcine / and an appearance from 🎅 Santa at 16h!

when? Sunday 2nd December from 10h to 18h;

where? Salle de la Ruche and Pôle Culturel in Vallorcine;

© Vallorcine Tourisme


Argentière – 🎄Restaurant La Remise cocooning mini Marché de Noël🎄

Organised by Locally Grown Chamonix, this is a little Christmas market from local artisans (DÖKO baby clothes & accessories / Hattie Williams sports and holistic massage + craniosacral therapy at 14h30 / Christmas cookies / Restaurant La Remise – homemade foie gras and smoked salmon!

when? Monday 17th December from 13h to 18h;

where? Restaurant La Remise;

© La Remise / Locally Grown Chamonix


Passy -🎄Marché de Noël🎄

There is an annual🎄Marché de Noël🎄in Passy: Christmas decorations, artisanal goods, school stands, and associations / animations: Santa Claus, folkloric dances, tombola, food . . .

when? Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December, 10h to 19h;

where? Parvis des Fiz, 255 rue Arsène Poncet, 74190, Passy;

© Passy Mont-Blanc Tourisme


Plateau d’Assy (La Crèmerie) – 🎄Boutique Éphémère🎄 

when? Saturday 8th December, 14h to 18h;

where? La Crèmerie, Plateau d’Assy;

© La Crèmerie


Sallanches -🎄Les Festivités de Noël à Sallanches🎄

As part of🎄Les Festivités de Noël à Sallanches🎄, a Village de Noël sets up next to the seasonal ice-skating rink at La Grenette – this is a lovely, atmospheric little Christmas market, with little wooden cabanes, selling vin chaud, pretzels 🥨 and ginger bread . . . and lots of animations for the whole family;

when? from Saturday 8th December until 6th January 2019;

where? La Grenette, Sallanches;



Sallanches –🎄« La Boutique Éphémère édition Noël »(Le Blaireau qui Brasse)

The 1st edition of « La Boutique Éphémère édition Noël » will be held at Le Blaireau qui Brasse in Sallanches . . . local creators and time for a beer!

when? Sunday 25th November;

where? Le Blaireau qui Brasse, Sallanches;

© Le Blaireau qui Brasse / Love Lou Designs & Po made in recyclé


Sallanches -🎄Le Repère des Z’Héros 1er Marché Ephémère de Noël🎄

A Christmas market ZERO DECHETS, from Le Repère des Z’Héros & PO Made in Recycé!

when? Saturday 22nd December, 10h to 18h;

where? Le Repère des Z’Héros (143 rue du mont-blanc, 74700 Sallanches);

© Le Répere des Z’Heros


Saint-Gervais-les-Bains -🎄Marché Gastronomique de Noël🎄

This December, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is organising its first🎄Marché Gastronomique de Noël🎄«Réveillon’s Nos Papilles» – all you need to organise a Christmas Eve party, culinary demonstrations and plenty of surprise animations!

when? Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd December, 10h to 20h or 19h;

where? avenue du Mont Paccard, 74170, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains;

© Saint-Gervais-les-Bains Tourisme


Megève -🎄Village de Noël🎄

The🎄Village de Noël in Megève🎄, offering workshops for children, sets up next to the outdoor ice-skating rink / you can sign up for the workshops on-site;

when? from Sunday 23rd until Friday 28th December, 15h to 19h;

where? Esplanade de la Patinoire, Megève;

© Megève Tourisme


Les Contamines-Montjoie -🎄Marché de Noël🎄

There is an annual🎄Marché de Noël in Les Contamines-Montjoie🎄/ 30 artisan stands, hot chocolate, mulled wine, oyster tasting, folkloric dancing, Santa Claus photos;

when? Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd December;

where? l’Espace Animation des Contamines-Montjoie (address: 74 chemin des Ecoles, Les Contamines-Montjoie);

© Les Contamines-Montjoie Tourisme


Marnaz –🎄Le Marché de Noël🎄

Marnaz’s🎄Marché de Noël🎄is back again this year, with 30 stalls selling artisanal goods and Christmas decorations . . . meanwhile, the local associations will be in charge of selling crêpes, chocolat and vin chaud, marrons . . . as well as selling Christmas gastronomic delights – oysters, etc . . .

when? 24th & 25th November, 11h to 20h Saturday and 10h to 18h Sunday;

where? le Parvis de la Pyramide;

© Marnaz


La Roche-sur-Foron – 🎄« Telle Mère Telle Fille – Le Salon »🎄

The 5th edition of🎄« Telle Mère Telle Fille Le Salon »🎄will take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November: a Marché de Noël, parent & children workshops, contes & légendes, gastronomic delights, lâcher de lanternes on Saturday evening / reservations for workshops: website and flyer;

when? weekend of 24th & 25th November, 10h to 18h;

where? Château de l’Echelle, 100 rue du Collège, 74800, La Roche-sur-Foron (à côté de la médiathèque)

© Telle Mère, Telle Fille (le salon)


Magland -🎄Le Marché de Noël🎄

when? Sunday 9th December;

where? Salle des Fêtes, Magland;



Annemasse -🎄«Bonjour l’Hiver»🎄

🎄Bonjour l’Hiver🎄(Festival des Arts de la Rue) is Annemasse’s Christmas event – as well as events for the whole family, there is a🎄Marché de Noël🎄(35 stands) & Village de Noël (on place de l’Hôtel de Ville) / see here for more details;

when? Marché de Noël from 7th to 24th December;

© Annemasse Animations


Samoëns -🎄Village de Noël🎄 

Samoëns has a🎄Village de Noël🎄, with fifteen chalets setting up in the main square around La Grenette and in the main streets of the village. This year, the theme is wool: “Tricote moi Noël” . . . plenty of animations and parades, Santa’s sledge, a nativity scene, vin and chocolat chaud . . . / see here for more details;

when? Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th December from 16h to 19h30 / Friday 21st until Thursday 27th December from 16h to 19h30;

where? Place du Gros Tilleul & La Grenette, 74340, Samoëns;

good to know: on 24th December, 🎅a visit from Santa and 🎆 fireworks from summit of Jardins Botaniques Jäysinia . . .

© Samoëns Tourisme


Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval -🎄Marché de Noël🎄 

The lovely Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval has a🎄Christmas market🎄, showcasing local artisans.

when? Sunday 23rd December from 15h;

where? Place du Tilleul, Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval;

© Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval Tourisme


Mont-Saxonnex🎄Le Marché de Noël🎄

Artisan goods, workshops for children, Santa, buvette on-site and fartage and affutage of skis!

when? Sunday 9th December, 10h until 18h;

© Mont-Saxonnex Tourisme


Annecy -🎄Le Marché de Noël & Le Village des Alpes🎄

A visit to Annecy is lovely at any time of year, but at Christmastime it really sparkles – the🎄Marché de Noël🎄and the🎄Village des Alpes🎄are part of the grander «Noël des Alpes»: with illuminations, animations, workshops, ice-skating rink, son et lumière on Hôtel de Ville (this year The Nutcracker) . . .  / more information & programme: here;

when? from 23rd November 2018 until 6th January 2019;

where? two different locations in Annecy: Marché de Noël opposite Hôtel de Ville, and Village des Alpes opposite centre commercial Courier;

© Ville Annecy / Lac Annecy Tourisme
© Ville Annecy / Lac Annecy Tourisme
© Ville Annecy / Lac Annecy Tourisme

There is also🎄Le Marché de Noël des Créateurs de l’Impérial Palace🎄from 14th to 16th December . . .

© Marché de Noël des Créateurs Annecy


Aix-les-Bains –🎄Le Marché de Noel et ses Animations🎄

Aix-les-Bains has a🎄Marché de Noël🎄in December, with about 20 small chalets selling artisanal goods and serving local food . . . / more information & programme: here;

when? market from 1st to 25th December 2018, 11h to 21h;
where? Square Alfred Boucher and rue de Genève for the market;

good to know: as part of the animations, there is a Village des Enfants on Place Carnot, on 15th & 16th and 22nd & 23rd December from 15h to 18h – with workshops (like make a stocking . . .), a carroussel, wooden games, face-painting and more . . .

© Aix-les-Bains Tourisme


Lyon -🎄Marché de de Noël🎄

❤ Coup de Coeur Lyon is particularly atmospheric at Christmastime, and the🎄Marché de Noël🎄(the largest in the area) is lively, taking over Place Carnot . . . there are more than a hundred stands selling artisan goods and food and an ice-skating rink (170 m² and open from 16h30) / website / a visit can be combined with Lyon’s famous and sparkling «Fêtes des Lumières», from 6th to 9th December (see website);

when? from 24th November until 24th December, 10h to 20h (with nocturnes Friday & Saturday until 22h);

where? Place Carnot, Lyon;

MBFF’s experience: we headed to Lyon for a weekend in late November a few years ago, and managed to fit in a visit to the Christmas Market, a walking tour of the Old Town, and also a visit to the beautiful village of Pérouges (lots of Christmas magic, but sooo COLD . . . do wrap up warmly, as the winter wind bites in Lyon and Pérouges!!);

© Marché de Lyon


Now let’s face it, our Swiss neighbours host Christmas markets with great class . . . and as the Pays du Mont-Blanc is nestled close to Swiss borders, we never have too far to go to enjoy one of their sparkling Marchés de Noël . . .

Martigny -🎄Marché de Noël – Le Hameau🎄(Place Centrale)

This year is Martigny’s 8th edition of its Marché de Noël Le Hameau: artisan goods, food and animations . . . / see website for more details;

when? from 13th to 23rd December;

where? Place Centrale, Martigny;

© Martigny Le Hameau


Geneva -🎄Noël aux Bastions🎄(Parc des Bastions)

❤ Coup de Coeur ❤ Le Parc des Bastions in Geneva is lovely throughout the year, but it will be infused with extra magic this year, with🎄Noël aux Bastions🎄(a new Christmas Market to add to the list!): artisans selling their wares, warming vin chaud, street food, and the Chalet du Fondue . . . and for the little ones: the Chalet des Enfants (open Wednesdays and weekends), with workshops, storytelling and more, and a carrousel and ice-skating rink too! / website and programme;

when? from 6th to 31st December;

where? Le Parc des Bastions, Geneva;

Noël aux Bastions @ myriamkaelin and Noël aux Bastions
© Noël aux Bastions


Carouge -🎄Noël à Carouge🎄(near Geneva)

❤ Coup de Coeur ❤ If you have never visited Carouge, then Chritmastime is a lovely time to head there . . . Carouge is considered as the “Greenwich Village” of Geneva, with architecture showing its Sardinian roots (terraces, passageways) and boutique shops, lovely cafés and restaurants / as part of🎄Noël à Carouge🎄, there is an annual Christmas market (and a FREE ice-skating rink for children!).

when? Christmas market – 7th, 8th & 9th December / December Sundays – the shops are open for business on Sundays in Carouge in the run-up to Christmas!

where? Carouge (rue Saint-Joseph, la place du Marché, la place de l’Octroi, la rue du Marché, sur la place du Temple, la rue Ancienne and l’esplanade du Théâtre de Carouge;

© Incontournable Carouge


Château de Coppet -🎄Marché de Noël🎄(Coppet, Lac Léman)

❤ Coup de Coeur ❤ We went to the🎄Marché de Noël de Coppet🎄, at the Château de Coppet, a couple of years ago . . . it was lovely! Set within the castle grounds, there are all sorts of festive stands indoors and outdoors (food huts, mulled wine, Christmas decorations and gifts), a yurt with workshops for children, an ice-skating rink,🎄Christmas trees for sale . . . and you can wander through the pretty little village of Coppet down to the water’s edge of Lac Léman afterwards / website;

when? Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st December (10h to 22h) and Sunday 2nd December (10h to 20h);

*highly, highly recommended for families with small children, as it is less of a busy bustle than some other Christmas markets*

© Marché de Noël de Coppet
Lausanne -🎄Bô Noël🎄

Coup de Coeur ❤ Lausanne’s🎄Bô Noël🎄is the ensemble of the Marchés de Noël de Lausanne (covered market of St-François and more) / website;

when? from 21st November (inauguration) to 31st December;

where? Lausanne – several locations, see map below;

🎄MBFF’s experience🎄– we headed to Lausanne last year to experience🎄Bô Noêl🎄. . . we arrived to a magical flurry of snowflakes! There was a very festive spirit, the lights were stunning and the food markets were lovely . . . we even discovered some children’s workshps, glowing swings and Santa too!

© Bô Noël
© Bô Noël
Montreux -🎄Marché de Noël de Montreux🎄(Lac Léman)

❤ Coup de Coeur ❤ I had been wanting to go to the🎄Marché de Noël de Montreux🎄for a long time, and a couple of Decembers ago we finally managed a visit en famille . . . it was FABULOUS!

🎄Montreux-Noël🎄stretches from the lakeside of Lac Léman, up to Santa’s grotto in Rochers-de-Naye (at 2042m altitude, you can reach this be cobble train!), and across to the Château de Chillon (la Féerie médiévale) too . . . it is a festive destination for the whole family. There is a large🎄Christmas market🎄along the quai of (160 chalets, decorated and lit along the lakeside, artisan wares, food, vin chaud, ideas for presents), the fantastic Big Wheel, La Place des Lutins (workshops for children: candle-making, chocolate-making) . . . le Village des Bûcherons. Santa, with his sledge and reindeer, makes an appearance each evening above your heads at 17h, 18h and 19h and the façade of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace is lit in 3D from 17h every evening / website / for parking & transport information, see here;

🎄MBFF’s experience🎄– we decided to not be too ambitious on our visit, and we kept to the Christmas market along the quai, and there was definitely enough to do there to keep us busy . . . the stalls, the lights, an appearance from Santa up above, the Big Wheel (the boys loved this! Wrap up warmly, brrr!) . . . there are plenty of huts serving food along the way! / *NB – the market does get very busy in the evenings, so do take due care with children and pushchairs! (personally, I would not have enjoyed an evening visit with a pushchair!)* / read about MBFF’s experience in a recent post;

when? from 22nd November to 24th December;

© Montreux Noël


Nyon –🎄Marché de Noël de Nyon🎄

when? from 14th until 23rd December;

where? Place Bel Air, Nyon;

© Michel Perret


Morges -🎄Marché de Noël au Château de Morges🎄(Lac Léman)

The🎄Marché de Noël au Château de Morges🎄spills out into the gardens, the courtyard and the basement of this 13th century castle . . .

when? from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th December, and Wednesday 12th to 16th December (Thursdays & Fridays 16h to 21h, Saturdays 11h-21h, and Sundays 11h-19h);

where? rue du Château, Morges;

© Morges Tourisme


Swiss Vapeur Parc -🎄Marché de Noël du Bouveret🎄(Bouveret)

This year will be the 3rd edition of the🎄🚂Marché de Noël du Bouveret🚂🎄at Swiss Vapeur Parc (Christmas market, pony rides and train rides if weather is favourable!) / FREE entry, pay for activities / see website for more details;

when? 8th & 9th December, 10h-17h;

© Swiss Vapeur Parc


« Marché de Yule » (Château d’Aigle)

On Sunday 16th December, from 10h to 17h, the Château d’Aigle will be hosting its first edition of le « Marché de Yule » / about 30 Swiss stands and creators & artisans / petite restauration, hot and cold, holiday gourmets goods and vin chaud / organised by the Miroir de Brume;

©Château d’Aigle


Gruyères -🎄«Noël à Gruyères»🎄

Gruyères is a chocolate-box quaint, cobble-stoned medieval village with a crowning castle . . . and so Christmas here is even more magical! There is a Christmas Market here and much more . . . an advent calendar in the windows of the medieval town, concerts and processions, a Quête de Chocolat, a Christmas exhibition in the castle, midnight mass . . . / see website or pdf programme for exact dates of activities;

when? the Marché de Noël is from the 7th until 9th December (and «Noël à Gruyères» from 24th November until 14th January 2019)

© Gruyères Tourisme


Aosta -🎄Mercatino di Natale🎄(Marché Vert de Noël)

The🎄Mercatino di Natale🎄is a Christmas market & village set within the Roman archaeological site of Aosta (what an impressive location!);

when? from 24th November 2018 until 6th January 2019;

where? archaeological area of the Teatro Romano, city centre of Aosta;

Mercatino Natale ©

good to know: if you head to Aosta for its Christmas market, there is a wonderful playground in the streets behind the Roman theatre:


Bard -🎄Noël au Bourg🎄(Mercatino di Natale)

It is no secret that the MBFF team are HUGE fans of the Forte di Bard, but we are yet to experience🎄Noël au Bourg🎄, in the medieval village of Bard, which is nestled just below the imposing fortress / see here for more details.

when? Sunday 9th December, 10h to 18h;

© Commune du Bard


If you decide to head off even further afield for a weekend of🎄Christmas market charm (but not too far away!), then here are some suggestions for some beautiful🎄Christmas markets in Alsace & Lorraine, in Further Switzerland, and in Germany:

🎄ALSACE & LORRAINE 🇫🇷 – the lovely village of Riquewihr, nestled among the vineyards / the village of Kaysersberg / Colmar / Obernai / Éguishelm / Mulhouse / Strasbourg / Metz;

🎄FURTHER SWITZERLAND 🇨🇭 – Bern / Basel / Rapperswil / St. Gallen;

🎄GERMANY 🇩🇪 – Konstanz / Freiburg;

© Strasbourg Alsace Tourisme

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