On a short family hike in Combloux a few summers ago, we found ourselves playground-hopping before we’d even begun walking (quite difficult, hence, to get our boys walking!).

First of all, we headed to the playground we already knew and loved, right next to our parking spot . . .

Adventure playground

The adventure  playground is by far one of our favourites in the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc. Perched just above the 💦 Plan d’Eau Biotope, and with commanding views of the Mont Blanc Massif, it is aimed at the 3+ age-group.

The playground is largely made out of wood and rope, and comprises: 🕸 a spider-web climbing frame and netted swing, balancing beams, leap-frog toadstalls, a tyrolienne.

Much of this is under a huge canopy of shade, which makes it an ideal spot to head on a hot summer’s day! A bit further up the hill are some netted tunnels to crawl through and some climbing for older children. Do be warned that there is not much in this adventure playgrounds for tiny children, apart from the netted swing . . . perfect if you have a sleeping baby in a buggy and an older child to entertain! But if you have a very active toddler who wants to do just like his “big brother” or “big sister”, you will spend your whole time running (so take an extra pair of helping hands if possible!).

There are also a couple of 🍏 picnic tables, so you can take a picnic lunch or snack . . .

We love bringing visitors here – there is something for everyone and superb views!

Down the hill, just next to the 💦 Plan d’Eau Biotope, is a lovely green space for running with some boulders to clamber over. There is also a volleyball court with sand.

🅿 parking: there is FREE parking just above this playground;

address: chemin du Perret, 74920, Combloux;
Boulder hopping with a view!
Boulder hopping with a view! ©

Church playground

Next, we stumbled across Combloux’s little hidden playground – located behind ⛪️ the church – and it proved just perfect for our younger son! It has a lovely 🚂 train feature, a slide and a small climbing frame.

🚘 parking: you can use the same free parking as for the adventure playground and Plan d’Eau Biotope;

address: à côte de l'eglise, 74920, Combloux;
Combloux’schurch playground ©

Louparc Playground

The newest kid in town, this playground opened in 2017. It is located next to the 🛴 pumptrack, skatepark and City Stade in Combloux, which makes it the perfect spot for the whole family – little ones can play while older siblings can have fun on skateboards or bikes or with balls right next door! There are picnic tables and a snack bar open during the summer months. Fun for the whole family! There are also 🚾 in the car park.

Located next to Combloux’s x2 primary schools, there is a lovely atmosphere here, where young and older children play nicely together.

Louparc in Combloux ©

And for older children, as of 2018 there is a parkour:

Parcours freestyle Combloux ©
Parcours freestyle Combloux ©

🅿 parking: there is the school car park next door;

address: 220 route de la Mairie, 74920, Combloux;

La Tanière de Tilou in Combloux

This is both a winter ski season and summer outdoor softplay area . . .  La Tanière de Tilou (the mascot of Combloux) is sometimes at La Cry (FREE!) during the ski season, next to the Piou Piou ski area, sometimes opposite the tourist office . . . and in the summertime, it sometimes sits next to the 💦 Plan d’Eau Biotope, as an accompaniment to many of the 🎶 summer concerts and events.

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