Softplay & Bouncy Castles au Pays du Mont-Blanc

Au Pays du Mont-Blanc, we are now lucky enough to have two softplay options one in Chamonix and one in Sallanches  for those RAINY DAYS all year long . . . and in the summer months, plenty of bouncy castles spring up in lovely locations:

Indoor Softplay Centres
La Petite Folie Softplay (Chamonix)

This softplay café in Chamonix Sud opened its doors in the summer of 2016 and has since become a firm favourite for families living in Chamonix and the environs, and for families visiting Chamonix for ski and summer holidays.  It hosts lots of wonderful events throughout the year, as well as organising birthday parties and craft sessions! It has a newly renovated terrace, where you can sip your coffees calmly (and eat your home-made cake!), while the little ones play (next to the terrace, there are some cars for children to scoot around in).

Friday workshop for little ones © La Petite Folie

Address: 49 place Edmond Desailloud, 74400, Chamonix (Chamonix Sud);

Tel: +33 (0)6 78 22 59 35;


Opening hours: check FB page for current opening hours/last minute closing (Facebook La Petite Folie);

Le Parc en Folie (Sallanches)

Sabrina opened Le Parc en Folie in time for the Toussaint holidays of 2016.  It is located in Sallanches’ industrial zone (right next to Aldi supermarket and the fancy dress shop), and it is a firm favourite with locals for birthday parties!  There is a little café at the entrance, where parents can relax and watch their little ones play in the area designated for younger children.  Additionally, there are lots of events and activities listed during the holidays.  As of summer 2017, Le Parc en Folie has set up bouncy castles at Lacs des Ilettes for fine weather days (see below).

Address: 1431 avenue André Lasquin, 74700, Sallanches;

Tel: +33 (0)6 37 16 47 32;

Parking: FREE, next to softplay;

Opening Hours: Weds, Sat, Sun & school holidays: 10h-19h; Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 15h-19h;

Children: (3 to 12 years): 10,50 €;
Chilren under 3 years: 5,50 € (check Facebook page for special deals);

And a little further down the Arve Valley, near Annemasse, you will find . . .

C-L’Aventure (Ville la Grand, next to Annemasse)

One of Annemasse’s softplay centres, which is next to Leroy Merlin, is C-L’Aventure; it covers an expanse of 1000m² and caters for children from little ones up to 12 years.  There is a «mega labyrinth» for little explorers, two huge slides, an area with motorised motorbikes and cars, huge LEGO blocks for building and creativity, trampolines, a climbing tower . . . There is also a multi-sport zone (football, basketball) and an area for tiny ones (under 3s).

You can also organise birthday parties here.

And – added bonus – there is also an area for the accompanying adults, with FREE WIFI access, a snack bar, an area with magazines, newspapers, playing cards, Scrabble . . .

C-L’Aventure © C’L’Aventure

Opening hours:
All year-round: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10h to 19h; Friday: 16h to 19h;
School holidays and bank holidays: every day 10h to 19h;
July & August 2017: open every day 10h to 19h, except Mondays (unless it is raining, in which case the centre opens!);
SHUT on 25th December and 1st January;

Children under 1 year of age: FREE!
Children 1 to 3 years: 7€;
Children from 3 to 12 years: 10€;
Accompanying adults: FREE for two; any extra adult, 2€ supplement;

2-8 rue des Chasseurs, 74100, Ville la Grand

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 74 37 82


L’Île de Tortuga (Vetraz-Monthoux, next to Annemasse)

L’Île de Tortuga is a softplay centre in Vetraz-Monthoux (near Annemasse), with a pirate theme, for children up to 12 years.  It measures a colossal 2500 m2; it opened in May 2016 (thank you to Charlotte Edelston, Chamonix resident, for this one, which had escaped my eye!).  It comprises:

© L’Île de Tortuga
  • a baby softplay for children under 1 year of age;
  • an area specifically for children 1 to 4 years;
  • a giant labyrinth for children 4 to 12 years, with slides, monkey bridges, ball pools, a volcano and plenty more surprises;
  • a trampoline area (16 trampolines);
  • a helicopter with pedals, allowing you to “fly”!
  • an indoor accrobranche;
  • birthday party zones;
  • snack bar;
  • internet area;

Opening hours:
All year-round: Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday from 10h to 19h and Friday 16h to 19h;
School holidays & bank holidays in France and Switzerland: every day from 10h to 19h;

Children (over 85cm height): 13€;
Children (under 85cm height): 8€;
Under 12 months: FREE!
Adults: one free adult per child;
Special Friday Price: 10€, 6€;
Special abonnements deals: (see website);

Address: L’Île de Tortuga, 10 allée des Chênes, 74100, Vétraz Monthoux;

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 74 37 82;


L'Ile Tortuga Softplay ©
L’Île de Tortuga Softplay ©

And near to Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, in Neydens . . .

Vitam’Ludic (Neydens)

Many of us know well the Vitam Aquatique, but there is also an indoor game centre, with softplay and laser game, called Vitam’Ludic!

There is much to choose from here:

  • L’Espace Grands Jeux – a labyrinth with slides, ball waterfalls, tunnels, monkey bridges;
  • a Labyrinthe Laser (where you can be secret agents and try to get to a target without setting off the alarm!);
  • a Parcours Acrobatique  where you can try out some real acrobatics (for children 1m20 and above)!
  • an area designated to 1 to 3 year olds;
  • the new Espace Construction – a place to be creative and make castles, doll houses, whatever you imagine, with the giant building blocks;
  • a games arcade;
  • a snack bar – La Marina;

Opening hours:

July & August: Monday to Friday – 10h to 20h30; Saturday & Sunday – 10h to 20h;

See website for current price list for all of the different activities.

Address: 500 route des Envignes, 74160, Neydens

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 84 66 66;


And near to Annecy, in Sillingy . . .

La Forêt Enchantée (Sillingy)

This softplay centre in Sillingy, which covers 1200m², is the home to the elves Séraphin and Mélusine . . . It is for children up to 12 years of age.  You will find a huge labyrinth, a long slide, a monkey bridge, ball park, climbing wall, mini-karting, trampoline, a magic mountain and many more surprises!

There is a snackbar, La Taverne Enchantée, serving crêpes, cakes, drinks . . .

La Forêt Enchantée in Sillingy © La Forêt Enchantée

Opening hours:
All year-round: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10h to 19h; Friday: 16h to 19h;
School holidays and bank holidays: every day 10h to 19h during Zone A holidays and bank holidays;
July and August 2017: open every day 10h to 19h, except Mondays (unless it is raining, in which case the centre opens!);
SHUT on 25th December and 1st January;

Children up to 2 years: 5,50€ (after 17h on Friday: 3€);
Children 3+ years: 7,70€ (after 17h on Friday: 6€);
Accompanying adults: FREE for two adults; any extra adult, 2€ supplement;

Address: 516 route des Prés Rollier, 74330, Sillingy (next to BUT)

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 74 37 82


Centre Kapla Annecy (Poisy, near Annecy)
OK, this is not a softplay centre, but definitely worth a mention for a rainy day option!  This new Kapla centre in Poisy, near to Annecy is the new little brother to the Centre Kapla Lyon, and it opened at the end of January 2018 (thank you to Récréamomes for bringing it to our attention; tried and tested by them!).  As well as this new centre near to Annecy, there will be Kapla workshops throughout the year around Annecy, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes and the Suisse Romande.

Opening hours:
Saturdays: workshops from 10h to 11h30 AND 14h to 15h30;
School holidays: Monday to Saturday 10h to 11h30, 14h to 15h30 AND 16h to 17h30;

Children from 4 years: 5,50€ (after 17h on Friday: 3€);
Children 3+ years: 7,70€ (after 17h on Friday: 6€);
Accompanying adults: FREE for two adults; any extra adult, 2€ supplement;

Address: 391 rue de l’Artisanat, Poisy (near Annecy);

Reservations: +33 (0)4 50 24 80 10;


Centre Kapla Annecy ©
Centre Kapla Annecy ©

Seasonal Bouncy Castles
The Val’Horse Inn (Vallorcine)

During the summer months, the green space behind the playground and next to the river in Vallorcine becomes a small paradise for children (and their tired parents), as a bouncy castle appears, and a small playhouse, a ping-pong table and ponies too . . . and lots of tables, chairs and beanbags with parasols . . . With lunch served from an airstream, you can get an unlimited bouncing pass & lunch for you little ones for 10€ (while you relax by the river!). Pony rides are extra.  Birthday parties can be organised here.

Opening hours: July and August, every day from 10h to 19h (weather dependent!);

Address: place de la Gare, 74660, Vallorcine; 

Tel: +33 (0)6 82 11 53 21;

Website: le Val’Horse Inn (see here for more details and current prices);

Bouncy castle fun in the summer in Vallorcine
Bouncy castle fun in the summer in Vallorcine © montblancfamilyfun

Mont-Blanc Kids (Lac de Passy)
Mont-Blanc Kids bouncy castles and water slides at Lac de Passy © montblancfamilyfun

For a few years now, from late spring until early autumn, our kids have been enjoying the occasional bounce on the inflatable structures of Mont-Blanc Kids down at the beach end of Lac de Passy. There are different price packages on offer, and recently a water slide was added to the fun!  See their website for opening hours and prices.

Parking: beach end of Lac de Passy (paying during the summer months);

Aqua Park du Mont-Blanc (Lac de Passy)
Compagnie des Loisirs de Distributions (who supply equipment for Aqua Park du Mont-Blanc) ©

A great addition to the Base de Loisirs du Lac de Passy, the Aqua Parc du Mont-Blanc, has been making a splash these last couple of years, since its installation!  This summer it has expanded, and they also rent out Stand up Paddle Boards (SUPs).

Opening hours:
from 1st June to 15th September, from 10h to 21h;

Address: chemin de Mont-Blanc Plage, 74190, Passy;

Price: 8€ for 45 minutes (reserved for children 8+ years who CAN SWIM!);

Parking: Parking des Criques (paying during the summer months);

Le Parc en Folie at Lacs des Ilettes (Sallanches)
© Le Parc en Folie at Lacs des Ilettes

The bouncy castles at Lacs des Ilettes are up and running on fine weather days, from 10h to 19h (check FB page for cancellation/details);

La Tanière de Tilou in Combloux

This is both a winter ski season and summer outdoor soft-play area . . .  La Tanière de Tilou (the mascot of Combloux) is at La Cry (FREE!) during the ski season, next to the Piou Piou ski area . . . and in the summertime, it sits next to the Plan d’Eau Biotope, as an accompaniment to many of the summer concerts/events.

Les Contamines Bouncy Castles

In the summertime, in the Parc Patrice Dominguez in Les Contamines, there are the bouncy castles and trampolines run by Laurent! Check website for more details, opening hours and current prices.

Laurent's bouncy castles
Laurent’s bouncy castles in Les Contamines © montblancfamilyfun

And, of course, bouncy castles appear magically during lots of the events & festivals scheduled over the summer months au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . . «Les Enfants d’Abords»La Fête Foraine de Saint-Jacques in Sallanches, many of the local village fêtes . . . and many more!

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