Chamonix Parks, Woods & Gardens

ūüŹĒ¬†Chamonix, while boasting many terrific hiking routes and skiing opportunities, can also lay claim to some ūüĆ≤¬†beautiful parks, gardens and woodland. This could be of particular interest if you have small children or babies in buggies!

Le Parc Couttet 

A relative newcomer to¬†Chamonix, inaugurated in the summer of 2015, the ūüĆ≥¬†Parc Couttet is a little gem of a park, right in the centre of Chamonix! It leads down from La Maison des Artistes, and sometimes there are open-air concerts here. It’s a¬†good place to organise ūü揬†picnics and children’s games! During the ūüéĶ¬†CosmoJazz festival during the summer months, there is a stage set up here.

Parc du Couttet
Parc du Couttet ©

Le Bois du Bouchet 

The ūüĆ≤¬†Bois du Bouchet hosts the parapente landing field, cross-country ski routes and a ūüõ∑¬†sledging area in ‚ĚĄÔłŹ¬†winter. Come spring, summer and autumn, it becomes a great place to walk, run or cycle with small children, with designated paths, cycle routes, picnic tables and plenty of shade. There is an easy hiking & strolling route through the woods, up to Les Praz and back via the river path, accessible in both winter and summer; this is an ideal baby-carrier, sledge or buggy walk (with decent wheels), depending on the weather. There is handicapped access on landscaped paths, with explanatory panels along the way detailing mountain terrain, flora and fauna.

A luge walk through les Bois du Bouchet
A luge walk through les Bois du Bouchet ©

Les Gaillands 

As well as being the ūüßó‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ¬†main outdoor climbing area in Chamonix, there is a (mostly) shaded path leading from the climbing rocks down towards Les Bossons, through ūüĆ≤¬†the woods and along the ūüí¶¬†Arve river. At Les Bossons, the path leads off towards a small playground, or heads more steeply up towards Les Houches. This path is possible with a good buggy or bike.

Climbing lesson at Les Gaillands
Climbing lesson at Les Gaillands ©

Paradis des Praz

What a little treasure this natural playground is in summer time! ūüĆ≤¬†Nestled in the woods near to¬†the ‚õ≥ÔłŹ¬†golf course in Les Praz, right next to ūüí¶¬†a gurgling stream, Le¬†Paradis des Praz is a wonderful place for children to splash around in the shallow water. You can walk with buggies through the woods to get there, or even cycle. There is a small playground next to the stream, pony rides in summer and a ‚ėēÔłŹ¬†small caf√© for snacks. It can get very busy in summer, but there is plenty of shade. For more information on¬†Le Paradis des Praz, see MBFF article here.

Le Paradis des Praz © montblancfamilyfun

Japanese Gardens 

Hidden up above the Espace Tairraz, this is a pretty landscaped park.

Parks, Woods & Gardens au Pays du Mont-Blanc

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