All that we really need to do to enjoy art 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc, is to open the window, as outside is 🖼 the most exquisite work of art of them all: 🌿 Mother Nature, Dame Nature! It is no wonder why so many 🎨 famous artists have been – and are still are – attracted to our 🏔 alpine scenery: 🍂🍃 the changing seasons, and … Continue reading OUTDOOR ART EXHIBITIONS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

CHAMONIX parks, woods & gardens

🏔 Chamonix, while boasting many terrific hiking routes and skiing opportunities, can also lay claim to some 🌲 beautiful parks, gardens and woodland. This could be of particular interest if you have small children or babies in buggies! Parc Couttet (centre of Chamonix) A relative newcomer to Chamonix, inaugurated in the summer of 2015, the 🌳 Parc Couttet is a little gem of a park, right in the centre … Continue reading CHAMONIX parks, woods & gardens