The BEAUTIFUL QUAIS of the Sallanche river (Sallanches)

A walk along the 💦 quais in Sallanches makes for a perfect buggy walk or stroll with a toddler on a draisienne (see MBFF article 🌸 BUGGY WALKS – Sallanches springtime family stroll here for a suggested route). All is very compact in the 🏛 centre of Sallanches – so you can take in two playgrounds, 🦌 Le Centre de la Nature Montagnarde (currently shut for renovation; re-opening 2020), 📚 la Médiathèque Ange Abrate, a visit to the Tourist Office, 🏛 some history, 🌺 flowers and some riverside ☕️cafés and restaurants, all in one morning or afternoon visit (be sure to check the opening hours!).

Les châtaignes de Sallanches ©

Springtime flowers & chatâignes  

A walk along the quais in Sallanches when the 🌳🌰 châtaignes (chestnut trees) are in bloom is lovely, as the trees form a tapestry above one’s head, providing plenty of shade . . . the bridges across 💦 the Sallanche river are also adorned with 🌷flowers, making the walk even prettier! The 🌳🌰 chestnut trees normally flower in early May.

The châtaignes all ligned up on the quais in Sallanches ©
Les châtaignes de Sallanches ©
Les châtaignes de Sallanches ©
Les châtaignes flower leaves Sallanches ©
Les châtaignes in bloom in Sallanches ©
The Sallanche river in Sallanches and the châtaignes in bloom ©

Cafés & restaurants along the quais ☕️

You are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to ☕️ restaurants and cafés along the quais in Sallanches! Starting from La Place Saint-Jacques and heading down to the playground near the Mairie, you have:

  • ☕️ Chez Vez (officially called the Saint-Jacques, and affectionately referred to as Chez Vez, this is an institution in Sallanches, with comfortable chairs next to the river and summer concerts);
  • 🍰 Chocolat-Thé – fresh juices, cake and chocolate!
  • 🥗 A Table restaurant;
  • 🥗 L’Espace restaurant and bar;
  • 🍺 Le Blaireau qui Brasse bar and restaurant (known for its home-brewed beer and great burgers);
  • 🥟 Khue Dahn (Vietnamese cuisine, lovely);
  • 🍺 L’M l’Atelier (great, locally-sourced food and the site of the summer event Ce soir on ferme la Rue);
  • 🍕 Passion Pizza – a French-awarded pizzaiolo;

Most of these restaurants and cafés open summer terraces, which are perfect for lunch, apéros or an evening meal.

Down by the river . . .  

There are various access points down to the riverside in Sallanches, the perfect place to have an evening picnic after a hot summer’s day ( NB – do take due care down by the 💦 water with small children! ).

There is a new and friendly little🍦wooden ice-cream hut right by the river (open during the summer months, under new management) – 🍦 La Cabane à Glaces;

© La Cabane à Glaces
Enjoying a crêpe down by the river ©
Riverside walk (or run!) to picnic spot ©
Riverside splash in Sallanches ©

Sallanches Saturday Market 

A trip to 🍎 Sallanches’ Saturday morning market (which is bustling and lovely) is one way to experience the joys of the riverside; but then you do also have to share it with all the market stalls and market-goers (not so easy on a draisienne!).

A quieter visit would be on a weekday or Sunday . . .

Sallanches Saturday market ©

Events & festivals along the quais

All year-round, there are 🎶 festivals and events for families and children in the centre of Sallanches and often up and down the quais . . . during the summer months, we are spoiled for choice:

  • 🎵 « La Fête de la Musique » – this nationwide amateur music festival (21st July) is particularly lovely to experience along the quais in Sallanches (you can bar-hop!) / a couple of years ago, we found ourselves down by the river, with the children throwing pebbles and building a dam! (we had filthy children by the end of the evening, but they had so much fun!);
An alternative « Fête de la Musique » in Sallanches! ©
  • 🖼 « Exposition Montagn’Arts » – June until August – photography graces les quais de la Sallanche . . . 
  • 🎵 « Ce Soir on Ferme la Rue » – every first Thursday of the summer, with a different musical flavour each month, la rue Berthollet in Sallanches (next to L’M l’Atelier) shuts to traffic, to allow for dancing! / FB page;
  • 🌈 « Les F’estivales de Sallanches »: Festivités de la Saint-Jacques – from Friday 27th July to 1st August  La Saint-Jacques is the patron saint of Sallanches, and the town celebrates with: retraite et illuminations aux flambeaux, fête foraine and other animations! / a huge funfair is set up in Sallanches for five days, next to the quais on the Pré de Foire, lots of FUN! 
La Fête Foraine de la Saint-Jacques à Sallanches ©
  • 🌈 « Les Enfants d’Abord » children’s festival – this year from the 6th to 9th August 2019 / over 4 days, the quais and the centre of town in Sallanches are dedicated to children: workshops, games, spectacles! / this festival is really special and a fabulous initiative from Sallanches and all of the shop-owners and volunteers involved, and it has now been running for 24 years! / there are workshops galore, adventure games, nature games, dance, circus acts, magic, music, bouncy castles and a different spectacle each evening / themes this year: tac’inette is the owl mascot that guides children through the five different themed sections / the fun is from 15h30 to 18h30 each day / see here for programme;
© Les Enfants d’Abord

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