20+ SUMMER TERRACES for families in the Chamonix Valley!

Our 🥗 local restaurants and cafés are beginning to re-open to the public after a long second and third Covid-enduced closure, with socially distanced tables and other modifications. Restaurants with terraces are therefore a particularly attractive option for people to head to, who want to eat out again, but are less keen to be seated indoors.

Last summer, I put together this article, detailing some 🥗 Chamonix Valley restaurants & cafés with terraces, that are particularly suitable for families with little ones. By this I mean that they either have 🌈 a play area for children, a grassy area for games, have suitable children’s menus and are NOT located next to main roads (unless there is a secured area). A follow-up article (soon, I hope!) will concentrate on the 🥗 Pays du Mont-Blanc restaurants with terraces!

[ note: please note that I am not listing these spots based on the exceptional quality of their food; it is the ensemble of what they are offering families! Of course, there are plenty more restaurants with great food, terraces and beer gardens, but perhaps less suited for family relaxtion . . . if I have forgotten some gems from this list, then please do let me know! In addition, for now, I have NOT specifically included mountain buvettes; these will feature in another article! ]

Remember, also, that food trucks and food huts are often located in bucolic spots over the summer months – see MBFF article FOOD TRUCKS & FOOD HUTS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond) for more information.

Chamonix, Les Praz & Les Bois

La Crèmerie la Montagne (Bois du Bouchet, Chamonix) 

This restaurant, located in the 🌲 Bois du Bouchet, has some individual tables with curtained shade, lounge chairs and plenty of green, green grass!

address: 789 promenade des Crèmeries, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 06 18 03 79 36 / FB page;
© La Crèmerie la Montagne
Le (Swiss Family) Robinson (Bois du Bouchet, Chamonix)

[ note: please check summer running, as I’ve not seen any updates from this lovely restaurant, that was so active last summer! ]

Le Robinson changed hands again for last ☀️ summer season, but I’m unsure what their activities are for this summer! This restaurant has a lovely location in 🌲 the Bois du Bouchet and offers: a covered outdoor terrace, a playground for children, a treehouse, pétanque, volley ball and other games.

address: 309 promenades des Crèmeries, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 09 50 87 37 46 / FB page;
© Le Robinson
Le Paradis des Praz (Les Praz de Chamonix)

For more information about this bucolic spot 🏞 in the woods, next to a gurgling stream and 🌈 playground, see separate MBFF article here / you can picnic here, as long as you buy 🥤 drinks from the buvette, and there are plenty of treats at the buvette!

address: in the forest between Les Praz and Tines (access from either end) / tel: 06 63 10 42 38;
FB page
La Prairie (Les Bois)

A friend celebrated her birthday here many years ago, and it was the perfect spot to lay out my yak rug for my then 18 month old (I’m melting just looking back at this pic of Mr 10 content with doudou in hand, casquette on backwards, and chatting to the dog!). A peaceful family hotel, located under ⛰ the Aiguilles des Drus and the Aiguille Verte, and with views of 🏔 Mont-Blanc . . . this guest house and café was built in the early 20th century by Henri Claret-Tournier, a high mountain guide with 99 ascents of Mont-Blanc to his name! As tourists began to frequent the valley, he took the « monchus » up the mountain, while his wife Aline and her daugher Perlina tended to their stomachs! La Prairie was passed down through the family, and has been modernised over the years;

address: 53 chemin du Lavoussé, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 04 50 53 19 96 / FB page and website;
La Prairie © Vincent Devalkeneer
La Prairie © montblancfamilyfun.com
Le Jardin du Goûter (Hotel Oustalet, Chamonix)

🍰 Le Jardin du Gouter is a tea room which is lovely in both winter and summer. In winter, there is a cosy indoor area, and in summer there is a green lawn outside (note: be especially careful with small children next to the swimming pool) . . . 🍰 the cakes are DELICIOUS!

address: 330 rue du Lyret, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 04 50 55 54 99/ FB page (hotel) and FB page (tea room) and website;
© Hotel Oustalet


© Hotel Oustalet
La Folie Douce (Chamonix centre)

La Folie Douce settled into the old Hotel Savoie, and made a hotel complex well thought-out and alluring for families: several restaurants on-site, with food huts on a large terrace . . . there are also plenty of activities for youngsters on-site: beach volleyball, trampolines and slackline, a climbing wall and small accrobranche, pétanque and Mölkky, and some chill-out spaces . . .

For guests, there is 🌈 Le Kids’ Palace, which takes care of children 4 to 12 years, with plenty of great nature and sports activities. See restaurants here and activities here;

address: 823 Allée Recteur Payot, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 04 50 55 10 00; 
FB page and website;
Chalet Hôtel Hermitage (Chamonix)

The Chalet Hôtel Hermitage has been run by the same family since 1920, and – as well as the cosy hotel – it has a gorgeous 🍰salon de thé for cake and 🌺 a jardin alpin de relaxation (open until 20h), that are open to non-hotel guests for ☕️🥤 drinks (a great secret!). / 🌺 ” Le Jardin Alpin du Chalet Hôtel Hermitage à Chamonix est un hommage aux joyaux de la Nature basé sur les énergies essentielles : l’air, l’eau cristalline, les plantes, l’attraction naturelle des montagnes. ” – you’ll find 🌿 medicinal and aromatic plants in the garden and comfortable seating.

address: 63 chemin du Cé, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 04 50 53 13 87; 
FB page and website;
Chalet Hôtel Hermitage-Paccard © montblancfamily.com


© Chalet Hôtel Hermitage-Paccard

Les Gaillands & Les Bossons

Buvette des Gaillands (Les Gaillands)

Located between the little lake and 🧗‍♂️ the rock-climbing, this is a great location for lunch, a crêpe or a snack . . .

address: 1142 route des Gaillands, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 06 64 66 92 22;
FB page and website;
La Crèmerie des Aiguilles (Les Gaillands)

This little crèmerie has changed hands since last summer, and the new owner are Sophie & Laurent LEGENDRE . . . You are also right next to 💦 Lac des Gaillands and 🌳 the woods, for some strolls or accrobranches . . .

address: 1416 route des Gaillands, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 06 17 17 76 39;
FB page and website;
© Crèmerie des Aiguilles
Hôtel Aiguille du Midi (Les Bossons)

The Hôtel Aiguille du Midi is a lovely and friendly family run hotel and restaurant, and it has been in the same family for 112 years (1908 – 2020)! An old country house became a hotel in the early 20th century. The restaurant has a gorgeous terrace, surrounded by green lawn and plants, and superb views of the surrounding mountains. It is so relaxing here; I sometimes used to stop for a refreshing drink while out on a buggy stroll! / read more about MBFF’s experience here;

address: 479 chemin Napoléon, 74400, Chamonix / tel: 04 50 53 00 65;
FB page and website;
© Hôtel Aiguille du Midi

Les Houches

La Guinguette (Lac des Chavants)

[ NEW management summer 2021! ]

☕️ La Guinguette is a lovely café, a wooden structure located right by the water’s edge of the 💦 Lac des Chavants . . . it is well-equipped for children, with high-chairs and toys available. There are plenty of activities at this small lake and in ☀️ summertime, you will often find 🎵 concerts and special events happening here;

[ see MBFF article about Lac des Chavants here ]

address: 180 allée des Diligences, Les Houches / tel: 04 50 91 23 50; 
FB page;
La Guinguette during winter season
La Guinguette during winter season © montblancfamilyfun.com
La Guinguette © montblancfamilyfun.com
Le Rocky Pop Hotel (Les Houches)

Chamonix Valley residents are generally familiar with this quirky  hotel in Les Houches! Met at the door by R2D2 and CP3O, you hand your kids over to these Star Wars stalwart babysitters as you enter the hotel and restaurant, and then collect your kids at the end of the evening, as you go home . . . only kidding (if only!). I’m not far from the truth here, though, as there are so many activities for kids, that you can quite easily chat to your adult friends while they play (until one of them falls off the climbing frame, that is).

activities on offer: 🌈 playground, babyfoot, pétanque, 🎮 computer games . . . once, there was even a dance class put on for kids. Did my boys want to do this? Nope. Did they pester us all evening? Yep.

The food is family-friendly: burgers, pizzas and some great vegetarian options too!

NEW for 2021 – their own 🌿 aromatic garden!

address: 1476 avenue des Alpages, 74310, Les Houches / tel: 04 85 30 00 00;
FB page and website;
Kitschinn (Les Houches)


We’ve created a big house for you to play in, serving food and drinks non-stop everyday. Different rooms for different moods with a particularly large kitchen, as in my experience, everyone ends up there anyway! There’s a dining room with grand tables for formal dinners, breakfast bar area for quick snacks and coffees, retro formica kitchen area for casual meals, a kids play area and now a huge sunny decked terrace out front. ” / conveniently located by the 🚡 Télécabine du Bellevue, with 🌈 a playground and 🎼 evening concerts!
good to know: UEFA Euro cup 2021 screening!
address: 77 place de la Fruitière, Les Houches (by Télécabine du Bellevue) / tel: 04 50 34 41 74 / FB page and website;

© Kitschinn
© Kitschinn
Le Solerey Brewpub (Les Houches)

Le Solerey is Les Houches’ fist brewpub, and 1,5 years of hard toil went into bringing a derelict building back to life. You’ll find here: 🍺 beers, smoked meats, plentiful terraced seating and a lawn next door for children to play! / 🎼 plentiful concerts too!

address: 81 avenue des Alpages, Les Houches / tel: 04 56 37 46 85 / FB page;
Le Balcon de Merlet (Parc Animalier de Merlet, Les Houches)

What a beautiful terrace this is, with absolutely superb views of 🏔 Mont-Blanc, from an altitude of 1500m! And, afterwards (or before, depending on your timetable), you can visit 🦌 the animal park . . . / highly recommended to book this restaurant in advance!

[ see here for MBFF article about the Parc Merlet ]

address: 2495 chemin de Merlet, 74310, Les Houches / tel: 06 07 87 81 76;
FB page and website;
Marmotte encounter at the Parc de Merlet (albeit in the restaurant!) © montblancfamilyfun.com
Balcon de Merlet restaurant – the view © montblancfamilyfun.com
Restaurant La Cha (Les Houches)

Run by Céline and Vincent, this lovely restaurant at altitude (1720m) is located a short 20mins walk from the arrival station of 🚡Télécabine du Prarion! / you’ll find a bouncy castle there for little ones and NEW in 2020: pétanque!

address: 1 route du Prarion, Les Houches / tel: 04 50 54 30 45 / FB page;
La Tanière (Les Houches-Saint-Gervais)

[ 2021 news: Bjorn has taken over the running of La Tanière! / personal FB page ]

La Tanière opened to the public in 1990, and it then became famous for its  🇦🇷 famous Argentinian 🥩 asados and other Argentinian specialities: chimichurri sauce and 🍷Malbec wine too! / Louisa is an Argentinian who fell in love with the mountains, and has lived in France for more than 25 years. She receives you with home-made food from family recipes and smiling friendly service. She even brings fresh supplies by quad bike with a huge sledge, in all sorts of climate conditions! ” / open during the summer and winter seasons, La Tanière is a rustic farmhouse, with a lovely terrace / in winter, for skiers, it is located off the red piste Plan du Crêt (near Plancerts drag-lift);

[ note: you must reserve! ]

getting there from Les Houches: you can take the 🚡 Télecabine du Prarion, and walk down (1h) or you can walk up from Les Houches to Col de la Forclaz, and then down to La Tanière.

getting there from Saint-Gervais: you can walk from 🅿️ the Parking des Toilles (approximately 30 minutes) / you can also come with the 🚞 Tramway du Mont-Blanc, to the station of Motivon, and then hike to La Tanière (about 30-40 minutes walk in the woods);

address: 2540 route du Prarion, 74170, Saint Gervais / tel: 33 (0)4 50 93 42 57 or +33 6 83 42 93 43;

FB page
© La Tanière


La Crèmerie du Glacier (La Moraine d’Argentière)

🥤 La Crèmerie du Glacier is a historic buvette located in the Moraine d’Argentière . . .

The easiest access to the 🥤 La Crèmerie du Glacier is up the 4×4 road that leads to 🚁 the Hélicoptères de Chamonix from 🅿️ the Grands Montets car park, but there are also lots of lovely walks that you can do in 🌳 the nearby forest. You are also near the 🐸 mare aux têtards & 🌈 playground in the woods and there is a fabulous parcours orientation to do nearby.

a little history – in 1926, Georges Ravanel was carving ❄️ ice from the Glacier d’Argentière, and then transporting it to sell on to hotels and restaurants in the valley. . . he decided to build 🏚 a little hut, which became a place for thirsty and hungry hikers to stop . . . the “little hut” grew and was passed down through the family, the menu was expanded and it began to open in wintertime too, and now it serves an extensive menu: 🥤 lemonade, 🧀 croutes, 🥧 homemade tarte . . . 

address: 766 chemin de la Glacière, 74400, Argentière / tel: +33 (0) 4 50 54 07 52; 
FB page and website / Google Maps;
© La Crèmerie du Glacier
L’Argentero (Grands-Montets lifts, Argentière)

Located at the bottom of the Grands-Montets lifts, we discovered this new restaurant over the winter season! What a season to open! But the dynamic team has persevered, and you’ll find BBQs and special events! / website and FB page;

address: 180 chemin de la Glacière, 74400, Argentière;
Brasserie Les Marmottons (Grands-Montets lifts, Argentière)

Located next to Argentero, these guys often put on events together! / FB page;

address: 56 chemin de la Glacière, 74400, Argentière;
Le Bœrne (Tréléchamp)

La Bœrne is a rustic gîte located in the pretty hamlet of Tréléchamps (meaning “across the fields“), just under the Col des Montets. It is built on ⛰ the rocher des Piz, which is a natural protection from avalanches. La Bœrne was built in the 18th century, and is an 🏚 old chalet d’alpage. La Boerne refers to the old chimney used for smoking meat (you can see this on the first floor). As well as its guesthouse, there is a lovely terrace here.

good to know: Tréléchamps is also well-known for its moaïs, wooden statues created from storm wood by Reynès Laurent / you are also close to the sentier nature on the Col des Montets, which is great with kids!

address: 288 chemin de Tréléchamps, 74400, Tréléchamps, Argentière / tel: 04 50 54 05 14;
FB page and website;
© Refuge La Bœrne
Poids du Monde by Laurent Reynès © Alain Towner
Les Écuries de Charamillon (Le Tour-Balme)

A 🚡 bubble ride and short walk will bring you to the Ecuries de Charamillon – a gîte in the summertime and a restaurant on the pistes during the winter season. Les Ecuries de Charamillon, located in 🐄 a still functioning alpage, were old stables where cheese was made from the Hérens cows.

address: Télécabine Charamillon / tel: 06 64 66 92 22;
FB page and website;
L’Alpage de Balme (Alpage du Tour)

You can have lunch in the middle of 🌼 the mountain pastures of Le Tour at these wooden chalets, come summer or winter season . . . regional specialities ar on offer, and you can admire the surrounding peaks: 🏔 le massif du Mont-Blanc, 🏔 Le Chardonnet and ❄️ Le Glacier du Tour;

[ note: you are well advised to book here ]

🚡 getting there: a short 30 minute walk from the 🚡 Télécabine du Charamillon or 20 mins 🚡 Télécabine de Vallorcine (FREE parking at departure stations of both);

🗓 opening dates: summer seasonand winter ski season;

address: Domaine de Balme, Le Tour / tel: 06 83 33 86 61 / FB page ;


Le Café Comptoir (Vallorcine)

Le Café Comptoir is such a lovely restaurant, with a terrace that opens out onto a quiet spot in the summertime . . . great food, beautiful déco, highly recommended – here, you really do get fabulous food and a terrace! Last autumn, my then 5 year old and I had a date here, and it was just perfect!

address: route de la Forêt Verte, 74660, Vallorcine / tel: 04 50 18 72 43;
FB page and website; 
© Le Café Comptoir
© Le Café Comptoir
La Ferme des 3 Ours (Vallorcine)

Nestled in 🏞 a small green valley, next to 💦 the Eaux Noires stream, La Ferme des 3 Ours is run by Nadia and Bruno and their team. The building is a cosy wooden affair and there is lots of lovely green space outdoors; 

address: Restaurant La Ferme des 3 Ours, 74660,  Vallorcine / tel: +33 4 50 54 63 06 / FB page and website; 
© Restaurant La Ferme des 3 Ours
© Restaurant La Ferme des 3 Ours
Résidence & Spa Vallorcine Mont-Blanc (Vallorcine)

MBFF had a lovely stay at this residence one weekend a couple of autumns ago . . . we enjoyed a spot of ⛳️ mini-golf, and you can rent out the equipment if you sit and have 🥤 a drink on the terrace! / 🌈 small playground and 🏀 city stade nearby!

address: Résidence & Spa Vallorcine Mont-Blanc, 44 route des confins du Valais, 74660, Vallorcine / tel: 04 50 54 63 06;
FB page and website;
Résidence & Spa Vallorcine © Résidence & Spa Vallorcine
Hôtel et Restaurant Le Buet (Le Buet)

The Hôtel du Buet has been in the hands of the same family – la Famille Chamel – for 130 years, since 1889! It has a superb location near 🚉 the Gare du Buet, various hikes leave from here: 💦 la Cascade de Bérard and 🏞 the Vallon de Bérard, ⛰ Mont Buet . . .

[ note: the garden is by the main road, but if you sit further back on the lawn, then you can keep children away from road ]

address: Le Buet, Vallorcine / tel: 04 50 54 60 05;
FB page and website;
© Hôtel et Restaurant Le Buet
Relais du Pont Maria (Vallorcine)
Homemade fastfood, made with Savoyard products and 🍯 local products for sale too (honey and jams) / 🍕 pizzas in the evening / a good stop along the Chemin des Diligences, linking Barberine and Vallorcine / 💦 next to river, due care with little ones!
address: Pont Maria, D1506 (1Km de la frontière Suisse), Vallorcine; 
tel: 07 82 15 92 73 / FB page;
© Relais du Pont Maria


Relais du Pont Maria © Mon Petit Chamonix
© Relais du Pont Maria

🇨🇭 Trient (Switzerland) 🇨🇭

Just across the border from Vallorcine, you’ll find a couple of great options for lounging in 🇨🇭 Trient Switzerland . . . . . . the perfect stop after a hike along the 💦 Bisse du Trient or 💦 Les Gorges Mystérieuses de la Tête Noire!

La Yourte des Amis & Refuge Le Peuty (Trient)

Regional cuisine, and homemade drinks, at La Yourte des Amis, which is located on the le Tour du Mont-Blanc trail! / 🌿 lots of green, green grass for lounging and playing / and NEW for 2020 – you can spend a night in ⛺️ the Mongolian yurt!

address: La Yourte des Amis, Trient, Valais / tel: +41 78 719 29 83;
FB page and website;
La Grande Ourse (Trient)

They say it themselves, no hotel star, no gastronomic cuisine . . . BUT a friendly, family welcome, 🌿 lots of green, green grass for lounging and playing, 🌈 a playground and🍦 Italian ice cream . . . and a view of ⛪️ Trient’s pink church and ❄️ the Glacier du Trient.

address: Le Betty, Trient, Valais / tel: +41 79 591 50 91
FB page and website;

© La Grande Ourse

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