Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle (Geneva)

🐧 Geneva’s Natural History Museum (Muséum Genève) has been our go-to museum on ☔️ rainy days for the last 7 years! We have – over the years – pushed a 💤 sleeping baby around the exhibits here, watched our toddlers crawl, run and topple over here, and we have spent plenty of time running after them too!

Muséum d'Histore Naturelle
Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle ©

What a wonderful museum this is! Set across 4 floors, the permanent exhibitions include: 🦌 local fauna, 🐘 animals of the world and an extensive 💎 mineral collection.

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle ©
Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle ©

« Célébrons! 50 ans du Muséum à Malagnou »
Celebrating 50 years of the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle à Genève ©

Until January 2018, the Muséum Genève was celebrating its 50 year anniversary – Célébrons! 50 ans du Muséum à Malagnou – and it did so with two fabulous temporary exhibitions:

🦕« Dinosaurs » – this breathtaking exhibition, with several dinosaur skeletons to gawp at and a myriad of interactive activities, the MBFF team was absolutely enthralled! We even came away with the perfect 📷 ” selfie with a scary dinosaur ” souvenir, courtesy of the museum (and a ” dinosaur tooth ” or two!);

« Dinosaurs » at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle à Genève ©
Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle – scary dino selfie! ©

 🐜 « Fourmis » 🐜 – after « Dinosaurs », the museum turned its attention to a much smaller creature – 🐜 ANTS ! – this fabulous exhibition put a huge ants nest in place;

« Fourmis » at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle à Genève ©

🖼 current temporary exhibitions:  « Prédations » – this new exhibition will plunge you into the world of PREDATORY ANIMALS, that is animals whose strategy it is to kill in order to eat! Kill, eat, survive – a natural cycle, present since the birth of time, far from the image of the Big Bad Wolf and Jaws. The life of a predator is often difficult and dangerous, a ” catch me if you can ! ” challenge with its prey! And we humans in this chain; are we the worst type of predator, seeing as we are omnivores and meat eating is a choice? / more information . . .

© Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève

🍏 Eating options 🍏 

The museum has a ☕️ spacious café (recently renovated) with good lunch options (no picnics allowed, but on a warm day, there is plenty of space for a picnic outside).

food hut summer 2019 – at the entrance to the museum!

Another option is the fabulous family-friendly 🍕 Luiga restaurant, located just down the road from the museum. This Italian restaurant is spacious, serves delicious food and is very family friendly (baby-changing facilities, high chairs, children’s play area). It doesn’t take reservations, but we have never waited long for a table. You’ll get a truly Italian welcome . . .  we were introduced to this restaurant through Geneva friends, so thank you to them! / 🗓 open 7 days a week, from 12h / address: rue Adrien-Lachenal 24a, 1207, Geneva / tel: (+)41 22 840 15 15 / website;

🎨 Workshops for children 🎨 

The Muséum Genève offers 🎨 workshops for children on Wednesday afternoons from 14h to 16h30 and on some weekends too. Check the museum’s website for more details . . .

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle à Genève workshop Empreintes des Dinosaures © Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève

summer 2019 workshops: on Wednesdays 7th & 14th August, from 14h until 16h30, there will be a workshop all about tiny soil predators: 🔎 Prédateurs sous la Loupe – led by scientist Mickaël Blanc / FREE! / children 6+ years / reservations recommended: mickael.blanc[at]ville-ge[dot]ch

© Muséum Genève

🦇 La Nuit du Chauve-Souris 🦇 is an annual evening event organised at the museum in the summer . . . lots of fun activities for the whole family! / this year, on 23rd August 2019, from 19h30 until midnight / recommended for 6+ years;

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle à Genève – La Nuit des Chauve-Souris © Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève

Gift Shop

There is a great 🎁 gift shop at the entrance; a great place to pick up some birthday presents, stickers, postcards or posters!

Family facilities at the museum

As well as the ☕️ restaurant / café on-site, there is a cloakroom, a place to leave pushchairs (not supervised) and there are baby changing facilities.

Other activities in the area

You are unlikely to spend ALL day at the museum (more likely a couple of hours, depending on age and attention span of youngsters!), so here are some ideas (tried and tested by the MBFF family!) of what to do in the vicinity:

🌈 PLAYGROUNDS – did you know that school playgrounds remain open at the weekend in Switzerland? No? Neither us; we learned this fact from various Swiss resident friends! One fine weather day, after a Muséum visit, we playground-hopped (we just stumbled upon each playground!) all the way to the 🌳 Parc de la Grange . . . here is a photo-montage of what we found that day:

🌹 Le Parc des Eaux-Vives (Parc de la Grange) – a 30 minute stroll from the Muséum brings you to this beautiful park. You’ll find a small ☕️ café, plenty of grass for running around . . . for young children, think to have 🛴 scooters and draisiennes at hand to get here without whining!

Parc de la Grange Geneva ©

💦 Lac Léman – also accessible à pied, is Lac Léman and its iconic Jet d’Eau. 🏖 Baby Plage is located near the lakeside entrance to the 🌳 Parc de la Grange – a perfect spot for playing in the sand and watching the boats . . .

Lac Léman, Baby-Plage ©

Practical information 

🗓 opening hours: the 🐧 Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle is open every day except Monday, 10h to 17h / CLOSED: Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day;

💵 price: it is FREE to visit the permanent exhibition space! / 🖼 temporary exhibitions have an entrance fee, but they are FREE on the first Sunday of each month (be sure to ask for a children’s booklet to accompany the visit).

Practical information
address: 1 route de Malagnou, 1208, Geneva, Switzerland
tel: +41 (0) 22 418 63 00;

🚗 parking: Villereuse car park (paying) is just next door, otherwise you may find some free parking at the weekend on the adjacent streets;

6 thoughts on “Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle (Geneva)

  1. Fantastic museum or as Sascha points out : His museum! Very save rainy day option. Looking forward to our next visit. By the way – the quality of the mbff pictures is remarkable!


    1. The montblanfamily team looks forward to many more visits to “our” museum tous ensemble! It’s fun watching our boys grow a bit bigger with each visit! Each visit rewards us with a new reaction, with new questions, with new knowledge!


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