BARRYLAND – Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard (Martigny)

We first visited 🐶 Barryland – Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard with a dog-loving and inquisitive 3 year old and a snoozing (mostly!) newborn baby in a pram . . . this visit coincided with the arrival of Saint-Bernard puppies!

© Barryland
Adorable Saint-Bernard puppies at Barryland ©

A year later we visited again and this visit coincided with another litter of 🐶 cute puppies, but also with the most wonderful 🐣 Easter egg hunt in the grounds next to the 🏺 Roman amphitheatre! The museum not only organised an 🐣 Easter egg hunt (included in the entrance to the museum), there were also lots of 🎨 creative Easter workshops on offer. After this visit, we came home with great quantities of chocolate and also some hard-boiled eggs (part of the hunt!).

© Barryland

Layout of the museum

The museum is set across THREE floors, with the 🐶 GROUND FLOOR devoted to the Saint-Bernard dogs. Visitors can view the dogs in their kennels and there is a large outdoor space where they play. At various stages during the day, there are some “ meet and greet ” moments with the dogs.

© Barryland

On the first floor, visitors can learn about the history of the Great Saint-Bernard Pass and on the second floor there is an interactive exhibition about Saint-Bernard dogs for children.

The museum also organises 🎨 family activities and workshops on this floor.

Children and adults alike will LOVE this museum.

© Barryland
© Barryland
© Barryland

Puppies at Barryland

🐶 Puppies are born a few times every year at the Fondation Barry, and they reside at Barryland for 4 weeks (until they head to their new homes!). The birth of puppies is always announded on the Barryland website and on the Facebook page, so be sure to follow! A visit to Barryland when there is a litter of puppies always makes the visit even sweeter: these little balls of fluff, waddling around, sleeping, playing . . . before they grow to become giants! (note: you are not allowed to pet the puppies!)

follow the puppy live-stream here;

Barryland puppies © Barryland
Barryland – Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard ©
Barryland – Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard ©

Events at Barryland

Barryland organises a Christmas event, an amazing easter egg hunt for Easter, Halloween activities and Barryday!

Also organised are springtime walks with the Saint-Bernard dogs!

Café de Barry

When you need a break from cute dogs (but you won’t!), then there is a ☕️ café / restaurant at the museum, with both indoor seating and terraced seating outside, called the Café de Barry.

website & FB page
© Café de Barry

Gift Shop 

There is a 🎁 gift shop at the entrance, so if you need a new Saint-Bernard cuddly toy, this is the place to be!

If you have no intention of leaving with a new cuddly toy, then you’ll need to have this discussion before entering the museum, as there is quite the tempting collection on offer!

Barryland – the gift shop © Barryland

Other family activities near Barryland

There is much more to see and do around Martigny !

Here are some ideas :

  • 2nd century Roman amphitheatre next door;
  • Fondation Pierre Gianadda;
  • Les Marécottes zoo;

Practical Information

💶 price: adults CHF12 / children (8+ years) CHF10 / families 29CHF;

online tickets here;

good to know: visitors to Barryland – Musée et chiens du Saint-Bernard are entitled to a 30% reduction on the admission price to the Pierre Gianadda Foundation on presentation of their entrance ticket, and the reverse is also applicable ]

[ ⚠️ IMPORTANT: please note that the museum is located on a busy main road. Be very careful near the entrance with small children! ]

🗓 opening hours: the museum is open daily from 10h until 18h and CLOSED on 24th and 25th December;

♿️ mobilité réduite – fully accessible, with 🚾 on the ground floor;

🐶 DOGS – are not allowed (except for the blind);

getting there:

  • 🚗 by car: sortie d’autoroute Martigny-Expo, then follow the « Barryland » signs;
  • 🚞 by train: arrive at the gare CFF de Martigny (accessible from Chamonix) or the gare de Martigny-Bourg;

🅿️ parking: there is plentiful FREE parking on-site;

website & FB page

address: Barryland - Musée et chiens du Saint-Bernard, rue du Levant 34, 1920, Martigny, Switzerland

tel: +41 (0)27 720 49 20
Barryland – getting there © Barryland

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