Le Plan d’Eau de Flumet (Val d’Arly)

Have you ever been to 💦 Flumet’s Plan d’Eau? If not, then MBFF highly recommends a visit!

The little swimming lake is located within the 🌈 Base de Loisirs de l’Arrondine . . . which means that, as well as the lake, you’ll find a playground, skatepark and a terrain multi-sports on-site.

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com

Swimming lake

The 💦 lake is just lovely! It is surrounded by plenty of grass to lay out towels and picnic blankets, and you’ll find shade under the 🌳 trees.

The 💦 lake is also small, which is particularly appealing for families with very young children, as you can keep an eye on them much more easily!

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com

You’ll find pebbles underfoot, but there is sand down at one end of the lake and 🏖 a little sandpit.

For older children there is a raft to swim out to.

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com
Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com

Eating options

This small lake is a popular 🍏 picnic spot and there are some picnic tables available . . . there is also a snack bar at one end of the lake – Snack Bar du Plan d’Eau (also serving good meals) – and a restaurant with a pretty terrace at the other end – Le Restaurant du Lac.

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com

Playground & Skatepark

You’ll have 🌈 a playground and terrain multi-sport on-site at 💦 Flumet’s Plan d’Eau, as well as a skatepark, so pack all your necessary balls and equipment! There is no shade here, so you’ll want to visit in the morning or later afternoon during a summer visit.

Activities nearby

The 💦 Plan d’Eau de Flumet is located right next to 💦 the Arrondine river, which is shallow enough for wading (disclaimer: always keep an eye on children).

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com

If you are driving from 🏔 Le Pays du Mont-Blanc, you’ll also pass the 🐺 3D Nordic kennels (read about MBFF’s experience husky sledding here) so you could reserve to visit. Or, you could book a session of canirando (my son loved his day!).

3D Nordic canirando © montblancfamilyfun.com

La Fête du Plan d’Eau

Every year in late July is the 💦 Fête du Plan d’Eau at Flumet. The MBFF team went along a couple of years ago, and had a blast!

Sometimes, there is a 60m ephemeral ventrigliss water slide, which runs down the hill and into the water! You can choose to go down on an inflatable, and on our visit we saw 🍦ice-creams, 🍉 watermelons, 🍕 pizzas and 🐊 crocodiles zooming past! (you buy tokens for this).

There were plenty of other activities too: waterballs, paddle board battles, ⛵️ mini-boats, spectacles . . .

Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com
Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com
Plan d’Eau de Flumet @montblancfamilyfun.com
Plan d’Eau de Flumet – bubble spectacle @montblancfamilyfun.com

Practical Information
address: Base de Loisirs de l’Arrondine, 73590, Flumet;

🅿️ parking: FREE, on-site;

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