« Montreux-Noël » (SWITZERLAND) – 19th November ⇒ 24th December 2021

🇨🇭🎄 Montreux-Noël normally runs from the end of November until Christmas Eve (2019 was its 🎁 25th birthday, the first edition having been last century, in 1995!) . . . so let me share with you MBFF’s experience at this fabulous Christmas event and market, and some astuces too . . .

This year (2021), it will run from 19th November until 24th December 2021.

I had wanted to go to the 🎄 Marché de Noël de Montreux (part of the wider🎄 Montreux-Noël celebrations) for a very long time, and we finally managed to go en famille four years ago. We were not disappointed; it was quite simply féérique!

The highlights of 🎄 Montreux-Noël 

🎄 Montreux-Noël stretches from the 💦 lakeside Christmas market & animations of Lac Léman – « Les Quais en Fête » – up to 🎅 Santa’s grotto in Rochers-de-Naye (situated at 2042m altitude, you can reach this by 🚂 cogwheel train from Montreux), and across to the 🏰 Château de Chillon’s « Noël comme au Moyen-Âge » too . . .

  • 🥨 « Les Quais en Fête » – the traditional 🥨 Christmas market that runs 1km along the lakeside quai and comprising 150 chalets, decorated and lit with artisan wares, food, vin chaud, ideas for presents, music . . .
© Montreux Noël
« Les Quais en Fête » © montblancfamilyfun.com
© Montreux Noël
  • l’Espace des Chasseurs – with places to sit and enjoy the takeway food;
  • NEW ! Light on Ice by Montreux Noël (Centre de Congrès 2m2c) – an ice walk through an enchaned illuminated forest! / with an « Ice Bar » for the adults! / from 26th November until 9th January 2022, 14h until 22h / you’ll need to reserve!) / family price for x2 adults and x2 kids: CHF50 / more information here;
© Montreux Noël
  • 🌲 Cabane des Bûcherons (Place de la Gare) – with pizza and tea, this is where the local associations meet;
© Montreux Noël
© Montreux Noël
  • 🎅 Santa, with his sledge and 🦌 reindeer, makes an appearance each evening above your heads at 17h, 18h and 19h (and also at 16h on Saturdays);
  • 🎡 the fantastic Grande Roue (Big Wheel) – a real highlight for us!

We found that we had enough to do on our visit to 🎁 « Les Quais en Fête » alone, but you might also want to combine a visit with the other🎄« Montreux-Noël » highlights:

[ for a full list of all of the attractions, see website ]

🎅 La Maison du Père Noel (Santa’s Grotto) in Rochers-de-Naye

Travel on the 🚂 cogwheel rain up the mountain to 🎅 Santa’s Grotto in Rochers-de-Naye (situated at 2,042m!) . . . meet Santa, get a certificate, see the 🌟 magical decorations . . . / 🗓 opening hours: every day (except Mondays and Tuesdays) from 21st November until 24th December 2019 (open Christmas Eve and Monday 24th December!) / 🚂 the little train leaves Montreux every hour from 9h17 until 15h17 (❄️ subject to decent weather conditions!) / more information;

A snowy train ride up to Santa’s Grotto! © « Montreux-Noël »
🏰🎄 « Noël comme au Moyen-Âge » (Château de Chillon) 

There are 🧝‍♂️ lutins (elves), jugglers and more medieval characters in the castle grounds, which are beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the castle opens to the public on the weekend of 4th & 5th December 2021 / plenty of Christmas aromas, workshops, storytelling, spectacles and festive music! / good to know – dress warmly, as a medieval castle next to a lake is extra-chilly in December! / see Château de Chillon website for more details;

🎄« Montreux-Noël »  MBFF’s advice for families 

In order to 🎆 experience the full magic of the lights, we headed to 🇨🇭 Montreux in the late afternoon and then stayed until about 20h (we had a little two year old with us back then!) . . .

We did see people with buggies at the market, but personally I was glad to NOT have one, as the market was heaving! Do keep a watchful eye on children and hold onto their hands, for the same reason! Perhaps choose a meeting point (like the very visible 🎡 Big Wheel), should anyone get lost?

Also, 🧤 do wrap up warmly; it is especially nippy by the 💦 Lac Léman lakeside and on the 🎡 Big Wheel (we dressed our little one in his ski suit!)!

« Les Quais en Fête » © montblancfamilyfun.com

Getting there and parking

For 🚙 parking and transport information, see here. There are 🅿️ special car parks set up on the outskirts of town, with FREE 🚌 navettes taking you to the market (you will be guided into one of these as your approach Montreux; this is all very well organised – merci, 🇨🇭 Les Suisses!)

We actually bypassed the out-of-town car parks, and ended up parking at Gambetta and decided to walk down the 💦 lakeside towards the market . . . the walk took about an hour, but there were playgrounds and sculptures along the way, and it really was lovely . . . on the way back, we took a bus directly back to Gambetta.

Other activities for families nearby

We decided to make a weekend of our visit, knowing that it would be a fairly late night at the 🎄 Montreux Christmas market. We stayed near Lausanne, and the next day visited the 🥎 Musée Olympique, which we all thoroughly enjoyed (see website for more details)! Lausanne is a beautiful city, especially at this time of year, with: 🥨 Bô Noël Christmas market and 🎆 Lausanne Lumières light show;

Practical Information 

🗓 opening hours: the market is open from 10h/11h until 22h/23h, with artisans shutting their stalls at 20h/21h;

website and FB page

[ to find out more about other 🎄 magical Christmas markets 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc, in 🇫🇷 Haute-Savoie & Savoie and 🇨🇭 in neighbouring Switzerland 🇮🇹 and Italy . . . see upcoming article: 🎄 CHRISTMAS MARKETS au Pays du Mont-Blanc and beyond! ]

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