🏔 Combloux is definitely one of the most ⛷ family-friendly ski areas in the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc, and skiing here will reward you with some of the most beautiful views of Mont Blanc and the mountains of Les Aravis and Les Fiz!

Skiing at Combloux ©

Ski Pass Options

You have different ski pass options to suit your family’s needs at Combloux:

  • 🎿 Les Portes du Mont-Blanc 100km of pistes link up Combloux, Megève Le Jaillet and La Giettaz and allow access to Cordon (10km of pistes aimed at younger or less experienced skiers). There are also ⛷ 3 snowboard and boardercross areas and a couple of ski parks for giggles: ⛷ Le Prés des Ours (Le Jaillet) and ⛷ La Petite Blanche (Combloux);
Les Portes du Mont-Blanc ©
  • 🎿 Domaine Evasion Mont-Blanc  445km of pistes, allowing access to Combloux, Megève, Saint-Gervais, Saint Nicolas de VéroceLes Contamines-Montjoie and La Giettaz;
  • 🎿 Forfait Journée Débutant – as a family with small children, we really appreciated this 12,50€ pass a couple of years ago. With a then three year old, who had just started to find his skiing mojo, we couldn’t plan long family ski days, so simple options suited us well. This pass allows unlimited access to the drag-lifts of TK Les Brons, TK Les Garettes and TK Mowgli (sadly NO LONGER included is the one journey on the Télésièges Beauregard, which had also allowed for a nice lunch on the pistes en famille).

🌟 New for 2019 / 2020 🌟

With the new les affûtés card (20€), you get huge discounts – and the discount increases once you’ve skied x10 times! And, the card works like at the péage, (the machines clock you in on each ski day), so you avoid the lines at the caisses!

© Portes du Mont-Blanc
© Les Portes du Mont-Blanc

➡️ for current price plans, see here;

➡️ for 🗺 ski pistes maps, see here;

Beginner, Nursery & Family skiing

It is FREE for under 5s to ski and there is equipment in place for very young skiers at Le Cry in Combloux: the jardin de neige is in a separate enclosed area and little ones (3 to 5 years) can joinPiou Piou ski classes or Oursons here, or play at the outdoor the soft-play area 🐺 La Tanière de Tilou (🐺 Tilou the wolf is the mascot of Combloux) – FREE to play!

La Tanière de Tilou ©
La Tanière de Tilou ©

There are also garderie (child care) services at Les Loupiots at Le Cry available during the main ski season / see here for more details.

Garderie des Loupiots Le Cry ©

⛷ Intermediate & Advanced Skiing 

There are plenty of intermediate and more advanced slopes at Combloux for the more experienced members of the family, and there are  boardercross zones in Combloux, Jaillet and La Giettaz and a new airbag in Le Jaillet.

⛷ zones ludiques :

  • 🐺 La Petite Blanche (Combloux) zone ludique – on the blue piste Gentiane (accessible from Beauregard lift), with Tilou the wolf figures to tap on your way down (for younger skiers);
La Petite Blanche ©
La Petite Blanche © Combloux Tourisme
La Petite Blanche ©
  • 🐻 L’Ours des Prés (secteur Jaillet) zone ludique . . . along the green piste des Dames – tunnel, bridge, jumps and more! / also, Big Air Bag in Jaillet!
Le Prés des Ours (Jaillet) © Les Portes du Mont Blanc
Le Prés des Ours (Jaillet) © Les Portes du Mont Blanc
Big Air Bag (Jaillet) © Les Portes du Mont Blanc

In addition, certain pistes are now left ❄️ “ poudreuses ” (with fresh powder) or with bumps after fresh ❄️ snowfall.

Skiing at Combloux – the black Aigle piste (left natural) ©
Skiing at Combloux – fresh tracks on piste de Porrez ©
Skiing at Combloux – chairlift Le Beauregard ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at Combloux ©
Skiing at La Giettaz ©

ESF Combloux & Ski Lessons

The 🎿 ESF Combloux ski classes are either group or individually-tailored classes. See the 🎿 ESF Combloux website for more details. You can now book lessons online up until 18h on the evening before the lesson, and you can book single lessons (as opposed to several at a time), leaving you flexibility. For special Gens de Pays formules, see here.

Skiing at Combloux – ESF Combloux ©

⛷ COMBLOUX SKI CLUB – there is a ski club and a pre-club in Combloux and also Ski Passion (Wednesdays, Saturdays and holidays, no competition) and the École de Glisse (thought the CAF).

Skiing at Combloux ©

☕️ Eating Options ☕️

There are some great places to eat at ⛷ Combloux ski station, either on the pistes or at Le Cuchet or Le Cry:

Le Cry (ESF offices, departure of Beauregard chairlift, ticket offices):

  • ☕️ O’PB & ☕️ La Taverne near the ESF building, ski hire shops, and jardin des neiges, at Le Cry;
  • ☕️ Chez Albert – conveniently located right by the bottom of the Beauregard chairlift / fast service, very friendly;

Cuchet (top car park):

Take the blue Gentiane piste (leaves from top of Beauregard chairlift) to get there directly!

On the pistes:

  • ☕️ Le Cœur d’Or – located near the top of the Beauregard chairlift (a short ski down), snow-shoers or hikers can meet you here for lunch / there is an evening option to head up by motoneige and dine;
Le Cœur d’Or, Combloux ©
Le Cœur d’Or, Combloux ©
Le Cœur d’Or, ©
  • ☕️ Le Chalet des Bachais – just down from the Pertuis chairlift / there is an evening option to head up by motoneige and dine;
Le Chalet des Bachais – watching mongolfières ©
  • ⭐️ NEW 2019 / 2020 ⭐️ ☕️ L’Alpage de Porrez (on the piste de Porrez)- exclusive lunches here, 120€! / famous chef who serves 14 people at a time! / only open Thursdays and Fridays for lunch and dinner / access on skis (or in the evening, motoneige or chenillette);

There are also plenty more restaurants on the Le Jaillet (☕️ La P’tite Ravine on La Ravine piste) or La Giettaz (☕️ Auberge Le Bonjournal, near Christomet summit and the Foodtruck 1930 at Tête de la Torraz / ☕️ UnClick snack bar at La Giettaz) . . .

The homemade cakes at the Auberge le Bonjournal are delicious, and the view over Praz-sur-Arly is breathtaking!

Auberge le Bonjournal (La Giettaz) cakes ©
Foodtruck 1930 ©
Unclick, La Giettaz ©

There are some 🍏 great picnic tables, ready for sunshine, throughout the ski station . . . for example, on the La Croix blue piste, heading down from the Télésièges Pertuis (at blue markers 17, 15 and 10)!

Télésièges Pertuis ©

Sometimes you need to dig out your picnic table . . . (this one on the Bel Ava piste!)

There is also a 🍏 Salle Hors Sacs (indoor picnic room) near Le Cry ticket office for those days when picnics are rained or snowed off! (also at top of 🚡 Le Jaillet télécabine and in La Giettaz car park).

Ski-Rando (Cross-Country skiing) in Combloux

The cross-country ski pistes in Combloux are located up at Le Cuchet and award a stunning view on the Massif du Mont-Blanc. There are two pistes, one green and one blue; in total 5,5km of trails.

address: 3000 route de la Cry-cuchet, 74920, Combloux;

© Combloux Tourisme

🌠 Ski-Rando and « L’échappée Rando » (Night Ski Touring) 🌠

New for last winter season 2018 / 2019, a 🌠 ski rando nocturne (night ski touring) . . . / 🗓 every Wednesday at 17h30, leaving from Parking de la Cry / with Decathlon & Wedze / price: 5€ (just the montée with guide) or you can rent all necessary equipment;

[ good to know: this initiative won an award! ]

© Combloux Tourisme / Decathlon

There are also plentiful ski-rando (ski-touring) pistes available across the whole Portes du Mont-Blanc ski domain!

🛷 Sledging 🛷

There are designated 🛷 sledging areas available at Le Cuchet (highest car park) and Le Cry (a smaller area, for wee ones, next to the Garderie Loupiots).

November sledging before the pistes were open at Le Cuchet! ©

❄️ Snow-Shoeing ❄️

There are several ❄️ snow-shoe trails leaving from the Le Cuchet car park, as well as other trails in Combloux. See for more details or pick up ❄️ a snow-shoe leaflet from the tourist office. This is a great option for non-skiers in your group, and you could even meet up at one of the restaurants on the pistes.

There is a snow-shoeing route with a treasure hunt for families (aimed at children 7+ years) – which meanders through forest and alpage – called 🐺 « la randonnée des P’tits Loups »; you can pick up a leaflet from the Tourist Office or see here for more details and pdf to download.

Combloux snowshoeing with Centre de la Nature Montagnarde ©
Combloux snowshoeing with Centre de la Nature Montagnarde ©
Snow-shoe trail from Le Cuchet ©

🚵‍♀️ Fat Bike & Fat Trottinette 🛴

In 🏔 Combloux, you can do a 🛴 descente Mountain Trott’ sur neige, with Alpes Aventures! / once the pistes are shut for the day, you head off from the summit of the Télésiège de Beauregard  (at 1500m), and descend 600m, for an hour of fun skirting between the forest and ski pistes, arriving in Combloux village! / see here for more details / price: 40€, with a guide, helmet and Fat Trottinette included (you need to pay for télésiège, if you are not already in possession of a forfait);

You can also do a 🚵‍♀️ descente Fat Bike / see Combloux Tourisme for more details;

© Combloux Tourisme

Mountain Trott’ with Alpes Aventures ©

❄️ Le Village des Igloos ❄️

Marie-Claude Hubert and Rémy Devos have constructed their ❄️ Village des Igloos again this year in Combloux! You depart on a snow-shoeing journey under the stars, then you are treated to fondue in a warm tipi . . . before settling down for the night in your igloo, lit by candles (wooden beds, matresses and warm duvets!) . . . breakfast the following morning . . . / for more information, see here;

Village des Igloos © Baptiste Hinz
Village des Igloos © Combloux Tourisme

🚗 Parking 🚗

There are 🚗 three FREE car parks with access to the ⛷ Domaine Skiable de Combloux: Les Brons (access to Caisses), Le Cry (small Caisses by Beauregard chairlift) and Le Cuchet (highest up). Arrive early to be assured a spot, as these car parks fill up quickly during the holiday season or busy, sunny, fresh snow days! (you will be directed on busy days). There is also a car park at Le Bouchet, nearer the centre of town, with access to ski station via téléski (snow cover dependent; often SHUT!). To avoid walking, MBFF tries to either park at Le Cuchet (access straight onto pistes) or at Les Brons (where you take the drag-lift up to the main access area).

Small Caisses by Beauregard chairlift departure, Combloux ©
Beauregard chairlift ©

There is also a 🚌 FREE shuttle bus leaving from the Tourist Office in Combloux.

Practical Information
tel: +33 4 50 58 65 20;

website: see the Combloux Tourist Office website formore details;

[ good to know – look out for the Ambassadeurs de Combloux (blue jackets), who will be on the pistes to answer any of your questions! ]

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