CINEMAS au Pays du Mont-Blanc

🏔 Au Pays du Mont-Blanc, there is one large cinema complex in Sallanches – the 🎥 CinĂ© Mont-Blanc, and then a scattering of smaller screens, which have lots of personality! During the summer months, many of the communes screen 🎬 FREE outdoor films, so be sure to look at Tourist Office agendas for this lovely initiative.

Remember that for now, a PASS SANITAIRE is require to visit the cinema, and you may be asked to wear your mask at all times.

© Ciné Mont-Blanc
© Ciné Mont-Blanc

Ciné Vox (Chamonix)

Chamonix’s 🎥 CinĂ©ma VOX is a bit of an institution. With 3 salles, there are VOST films to choose from and the venue is also used to host certain events: theatre, talks by guest speakers, shows for children, mountain films, the Festival du Film Vert, 🏔 Chamonix Adventure Festival . . .

🎬 there is also a carte d’abonnement available for adults (50€ for 8 visits, valid over 6 months) and one available for 14 to 25 years olds (42€, valid over 6 months);
đź…ż parking: the car parks of Saint-Michel and Mont-Blanc are free, if you show your cinema ticket;
address: 22 cour du Bartavel, 74400, Chamonix / tel: +33 (0)4 50 53 03 39;
website: see here for current listings;

Cinébus (Les Houches)

🎥 Cinébus, the mobile cinema in Savoie, puts on a film for children at the Espace Animation, every other Wednesday at 17h30, in the centre of the village. There are also films for adults. See here for listings.

address: Espace Animation, 27 place de la Mairie, 74310, Les Houches / tel: +33 (0)6 80 88 43 00;
website: see cinébus or  the Les Houches Tourist Office website;
Cinébus ©

CinĂ©ma la CamĂ©ra (Plateau d’Assy)

The 🎥 CinĂ©ma la CamĂ©ra in Plateau d’Assy shows one film every week, usually on Mondays at 20h and it also shows children’s films at 17h30 during the school holidays and during special festivals and events.

address: rue de l'Eglise, 74190, Passy / website;

Ciné Mont-Blanc (Sallanches)

Sallanches’ ten-screened cinema is called the 🎥 CinĂ© Mont-Blanc and it is located on the main road that runs from the centre of town towards the motorway for Cluses and Geneva. It shows all the big blockbusters (with the occasional screening in VOST). There are also 3D films shown here.

Ciné Mont-Blanc in Sallanches ©

🎬 good to know:

  • on some Sundays at 11h, (from December until March), there is a special shorter screening for young viewers, with adapted lighting and sound, called: CinĂ©kids;
Cinékids © Ciné Mont-Blanc
  • 🎬  CinĂ©cimes – parents out for a night of cinematic culture might be interested in the evenings of CinĂ©cimes at the CinĂ© Mont-Blanc; these are screenings of world films and they are organised by the UniversitĂ© Populaire de Sallanches Passy;
  • « cinĂ©pass » – to avoid the lines to buy cinema tickets, you can book tickets online (but don’t forget to take your e-receipt with you!) / also available is a « cinĂ©pass » – a rechargable multi-ticket card (you can also use this for online bookings), offering either 5 (35€), 8 or 12 cinema entrances over a period of 6 months, and the opportunity to gain cinema entrances, presents and reduced snack prices, with points acquired!
Cinépass © Ciné Mont-Blanc
address: 561 avenue de Genève, 74700, Sallanches; 
website and FB page

Théâtre Montjoie (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

Saint-Gervais’ cinema is located within the 🎭 Théâtre Montjoie. Saint-Gervais’ wonderful MJC wanted to develop a cinema for the benefit of its young audience and adults alike; they did this with benevolent funds. You will find a selection of films to enjoy as a family, as well as some interesting international films. Weekly screenings are every Thursday at 20h30 and there are additional screenings during the school holidays.

address: Théatre Montjoie, passage Rochefort, 74170, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains / tel: 04 50 18 74 34; 
website for listings;
© MJC Saint-Gervais

Panoramic (Megève)

Megève has ONE seasonal cinema: the Panoramic (the Rochebrune has now shut down permanently). The small Panoramic cinema has room for 290 viewers and a 3D screen, and is open during the summer and winter seasons, with screenings at 17h30, 21h and an extra screening at 14h30 on snowy days!

address: 90 route Crête du Midi, 74120, Megève / website: see here;

L’ancien cinĂ©ma Rochebrune ©

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