Passy Playgrounds

Jardin des Cimes in Plateau d’Assy

This is not a conventional playground – and neither is it free (as you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the gardens) . . . but I’ve included it in this Passy Playgrounds post, as you can’t find many playgrounds with such an incredible view of the Mont-Blanc massif . . . These wooden structures at Le Jardin des Cimes in Plateau d’Assy are called « les Phonèmes »; as well as structures to climb, they provide good shade on a sunny day for a picnic! See here for the Jardin des Cimes website.

Jardin des Cimes ©
Les Phonèmes at Jardin des Cimes ©

address: Jardin des Cimes, 447 route du Dr Davy, Plateau d’Assy, 74190, Passy;

opening dates: from late May until late September/early October (normally);

Plateau d’Assy

Plateau d’Assy has a small 50m2 playground, with a soft surface: climbing frame, slide, bouncers . . . it is located near the school and a short walk from lEglise Notre Dame de Toute Grâce.

© Passy Mont-Blanc Tourisme

address: rue des Clairs, Plateau d’Assy, 74190, Passy;

Aire de Jeux de Chedde-Passy

In Chedde, near the school, is a pleasant, enclosed playground . . . we happened across it quite by chance one day!  There is ample parking right next to it!  A perfect place to stop off at en-route to Super-U / Métro shopping!

Chedde Playground ©
Chedde Playground ©

address: 150 grande rue Salvador Allende, Chedde, 74190, Passy;

Summertime . . .

Lac de Passy

Lac de Passy is, in effect, a large playground all year round (see here for MBFF Lac de Passy post / Lac de Passy in autumn post), but in the summertime it truly turns into a giant playground with: a giant sand-pit (ie the beach!), an Accrobranches ®, bouncy castles, mini-golf, pedalos to rent, softplay on the water, a fitness track in the woods . . .

And, since Summer 2018, there is a fabulous sand-based playground near the beach-end of the lake, and various climbing structures and a slide dotted around the lake too . . .

Lac de Passy – new playground ©

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