MEG – Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève

One of MBFF’s favourite museums in Geneva is the MEG (le Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève) . . . we watched as it was being built and we were excited when it opened its shiny new doors to the public!

The adventure starts before you even enter the museum – the architecture is modern and audacious (designed by Graber Pulver Architekten AG) and there is a pretty landscaped garden (Hager Partner AG) just in front of the museum, that changes with the seasons.  And, when your little ones need some fresh air, there is a fantastic playground just next door – perfect!

Temporary exhibitions

The temporary exhibitions at the MEG change yearly. We had a terrific visit to the « Rois Mochica » exhibition a few years ago, and we even managed to be there when there was a FREE Mochica temple building workshop for the children.  And we listened to some wonderful storytelling too.  Late in 2016, we visited the « Amazonia » exhibition and we were immersed in the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest; the boys had sticker books to accompany their visit (offered by the museum) and they took part in a wonderful FREE feather workshop.  In 2017, we visited the fabulous « L’effect boomerang: les arts aborgènes d’Australie », and took part in the fascinationg workshop of making a barracuda ghostnet. 2018 saw the exhibition « Afrique: les religions de l’extase ».

«Amazonia» – feather workshop MEG  © montblancfamilyfun
Free children’s pack for «L’effet boomerang» © MEG

Permanent exhibition space

As well as the temporary exhibitions, there is also a permanent exhibition displaying artefacts from all of the continents: Exposition de référence: Les archives de la diversité humaine. Here, there are some interactive activities, like listening to music from around the world.

For children and families

The MEG museum is well adapted for a visit en famille.  There are plenty of creative workshops, story-telling (for example, the monthly Tohu Wa Bohu storytelling), the monthly Baby Bazar (éveil musical for 0 to 2 year olds), musical events and much more.  There are also helpful booklets (FREE!) offered to make a visit to the exhibitions more interactive for the children (do ask at reception!). To see the programme for children/families, see here.

Baby Bazar © MEG

And, as stated above, when you need some fresh air there is the wonderful playground outside! *NB – this playground is used by the adjacent school, so it is only open to the public at the weekend (we were told off for making too much noise on a Toussaint visit, when it was a journée congé in France, but not in Switzerland! 😉).

Restaurant & Bookshop

The MEG has an excellent café/restaurant and there are even some toys available to keep the little ones entertained as you eat/drink!  It is a popular meeting place for Geneva parents with babies! There is also a covered picnic area by the playground.

Other eating options – if visiting on a Sunday, many of the nearby restaurants will be shut (though not all).

There is a lovely bookshop in the entrance hall.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 11h to 18h / CLOSED on Mondays, 25th December and 1st January;


adults: 9 CHF / under 18s: FREE / FREE: first Sunday of the month (including temporary exhibitions);

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65-67,
1205, Geneva,

Tel: +41 (0)22 418 45 50; website;

Parking: Parking de Plainpalais (paying) or free parking on adjacent streets at the weekend.

Getting there: see here

*CONGRATULATIONS to the MEG for winning the prestigious award European Museum of the Year 2017!  Very well deserved!*

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