FILENVOL – capers high up in the trees (near Annemasse)

During the Toussaint holidays last year, on a sunny autumn afternoon, the MBFF tribe (+ one friend) visited Filenvol.

I was personally won over by the location – before the fun in the trees even began – as the afternoon light filtering through the golden leaves was magical. And then I heard the laughter of children and adults alike, as they capered through the trees . . . the fun that emanated was clear!

Filenvol – warm autumn afternoon light ©
Filenvol ©

What is Filenvol?

Filenvol is a fairly new concept of running and bouncing from tree to tree (oak and beech at this location) along a series of giant suspended catamaran nets. There is no need to wear a harness, as you are protected from falling by the huge nets, which are woven to include giant trampolines, some slides and tunnels . . . there is even a ⚽️ football pitch with goals on one of the trampolines!

Eating Options

There is a buvette roulotte (Filenbar) for drinks and snacks, otherwise you are encouraged to take a picnic or goûter with you. There are some picnic tables located near the entrance, as well as bean bags, dry toilets and some games.

Advice for your family visit

We have now been to Filenvol twice, and we’d all highly recommend a visit! Our younger son has had just as many whoops of fun as his big brother. Children from 8 years can go unaccompanied; younger children must go with an adult (anyway, most adults won’t want to miss out on the fun!). Do keep close to little ones, as with older children and adults bouncing about around them, they can quickly lose control and be flung around like rag dolls!

If adults choose not to participate, there are some colourful hammocks in place. So take a good book and a thermos and relax!

Filenvol – chilling in the hammocks ©

What to wear – to avoid slide burns, long trousers and long sleeves are recommended. Trainers are the most appropriate footwear. Remember to dress warmly during the colder months (though you will heat up quickly, so do wear layers that can be removed!).


  • no bags or backpacks (there are lockers at the entrance);
  • empty pockets (loose change, etc . . . );
  • remove jewellery;
  • no dangerous acrobatics;
  • no eating and drinking within nets (picnic tables are at your disposal within the grounds);
  • no swinging in hammocks;
  • older children must respect little ones;
  • NO dogs allowed on-site;

Sculpture at Filenvol

Filen’ Art – from 6th October until 4th November 2018, Filenvol will be exhibiting 10 sculptures by the sculptor Laurent Bayet within the forest / vernissage: 6th October at 16h.


Filenvol for now only accepts cash or check (no bank cards), so do make sure you go with enough money! Under 5s are FREE!

© Filenvol

Entrance prices are slightly reduced for just morning or afternoon visits.

Opening Hours

Filenvol is open 365 days of the year (weather permitting). As mentioned above, we went in autumn and the colour of the leaves and the warm afternoon light filtering through the canopy was truly magical, and – for me – added to the experience! At times I just lay down on the nets and looked at the leaves (with children and adults bouncing around me! Not so zen . . . ).

Filenvol ©

April until end of October: 9h to 18h;

November until end of March: 10h to 17h;

In the event of storms, thunder and lightening or strong winds, Filenvol shuts for safety reasons (so do check th weather forecast beforehand or give them a call).

Getting there

address: 396 chemin du Vallon, 74560, Monnetier-Mornex;


FB page:;

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