Vallorcine SKIING

In Vallorcine, you have access to fabulous skiing (via the bubble lifts) at ⛷ Le Domaine Balme-Vallorcine / Le Tour and at the small family-run ski area of ⛷ La Poya in the hamlet of Le Buet.

Le Tour-Charamillon ©

Beginner & Nursery Skiing at La Poya

⛷ La Poya is a family-run ski area in the small hamlet of Le Buet, near to Vallorcine.

[ for more information about La Poya, see separate MBFF article here ]

It comprises:

  • 2 drag lifts;
  • 2 rope lifts;
  • two green, one blue, two red and a black piste;
  • a snack bar serving hot-dogs, crêpes, drinks and other snacks;
  • a lounging area;
address: La Poya, 74660, Vallorcine / tel: +33 6 82 11 53 21

Intermediate & Advanced Skiing

⛷ Le Domaine Balme-Vallorcine / Le Tour is especially family-friendly, with wide, open pistes and forest runs, and a great number of blue runs.

A beautiful day skiing at Le Tour
A beautiful day skiing at Le Tour ©

While theBalme-Vallorcine side of the ski area offers ski pistes through the trees on the French-Swiss border, the Le Charamillon-Le Tour side (access via the village of Le Tour) offers wide, open pistes and great views of the Chamonix Valley (see the article Argentière / Le Tour Skiing for more details about this ski area).

Eating options:

You have some excellent eating options for the end of your ski day, near the télécabines in Vallorcine: 🥗 l’Arrêt Bougnette at the Gare SNCF Vallorcine, and a short walk away the 🥗 Café Comptoir and the 🥗 Restaurant la Ferme des 3 Ours.

For on-piste eating options, you’ll have to make your way over to the Charamillon side, or there are picnic tables at the top of the Vallorcine-La Balme bubbles.


address: Le Balme-Vallorcine télécabine, Chef Lieu, 74660, Vallorcine


address: Charamillon télécabine, Le Tour, 74400, Argentière /
tel: +33 4 50 53 22 75

Ecole de Ski Français (ESF) de Vallorcine

See here for more details about Vallorcine ESF.

© Vallorcine ESF

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