« Wildlife Photographer of the Year » (Forte di Bard, ITALY)

It was quite by chance in the spring of 2014 that we discovered that we could enjoy the 📷 « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » exhibition fairly close to home, right near the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc! I had always enjoyed visiting the London-based exhibition at the Natural History Museum (NB « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » competition / exhibition was developed and is produced by the Natural History Museum, London), … Continue reading « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » (Forte di Bard, ITALY)

Forte di Bard (ITALY)

The MBFF team members are 🇮🇹 big fans of Italy for holidays! As a destination from the 💦 Arve Valley, it is easy to get there through the 🚇 Mont-Blanc Tunnel and we can also book hotels and apartments last minute! Italians simply LOVE children (and not just well-behaving children; ALL children!), the food is very family-friendly (and delicious!), and there is endless nature, history and culture to … Continue reading Forte di Bard (ITALY)