LYON – 72 hours of fun & visits en famille !

During the 🍂 Toussaint holidays just gone, MBFF spent a long weekend in the beautiful city of Lyon. As Daddy MBFF had some work meetings in the beautiful city, we decided to head there en famille, arriving at our hotel (located in the 7è arrondissement, just across the river from the Musée des Confluences) at 8h in the morning (eek!), in time for me to have … Continue reading LYON – 72 hours of fun & visits en famille !

MAGICAL MÉDONNET & LA PESSE: the ethereal woods & boulders

The MBFF tribe is a huge fan of 🌳 woodland . . . for me personally, entering a forest immediately brings back memories of childhood visits en famille to 🌳 Fontainebleau, and other magical worlds inhabited by fairies and elves – with bouldering, 🍏 picnics all year-round, and cabane-making on the agenda . . . We are so lucky 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc to have 🌳 woodland all around, some … Continue reading MAGICAL MÉDONNET & LA PESSE: the ethereal woods & boulders

AUTUMN PARKS & GARDENS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

🍁 Autumn is a lovely season to visit 🌳 parks and gardens: on the trees, a sharp palette rich in shades of gold, brown red, orange and yellow . . . underfoot, 🍂 a blanket of leaves crunching and sent fluttering when the children find a mound and run through them . . . a crisp, and often sunny day to accompany your exploits: playing and running, tree-climbing, LandArt, … Continue reading AUTUMN PARKS & GARDENS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

AUTUMN ACTIVITIES au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

🍁 AUTUMN is my favourite time of year . . . all of a sudden, one notices that there are some 🍁 shades of orange, brown and gold on the otherwise green palette of trees . . . the odd brown leaf falls to the ground, and soon there is a crunchy carpet underfoot . . . autumn is the perfect season to explore our wondrous nature, the … Continue reading AUTUMN ACTIVITIES au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

« ANNECY PAYSAGES » en famille (Annecy)

I had been wanting to see and experience « Annecy Paysages » ever since its conception last summer . . . « Annecy Paysages » is a festival that was imagined as an itinerary through an urban centre, for spectators to wander and view the works of art that have been conceived to juxtapose and highlight the fragile balance between nature and urban life, in this beautiful … Continue reading « ANNECY PAYSAGES » en famille (Annecy)

Geneva’s Botanical Gardens (CJBG)

We made our first visit en famille to Geneva’s 🌷 Botanical Gardens (CJBG – Le Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de la Ville de Genève) on a crisp and sunny 🍁 autumn’s day a few years back . . . and we loved it so much that we couldn’t wait to head back there in early spring! Just how had this magical garden eluded us for so long? (We have … Continue reading Geneva’s Botanical Gardens (CJBG)

La Maison du Salève (Présilly)

A visit to 🌳 La Maison du Salève makes for a wonderful family day out . . . originally an 18th century farm from the Chartreuse de Pomier (La Ferme de Mikerne – see here for more history), the building has been renovated to host a cultural centre recounting the history of the ⛰ Salève mountain and its environs (a permanent interactive exhibition and temporary exhibitions) . . . … Continue reading La Maison du Salève (Présilly)

Le Paradis des Praz (Les Praz-de-Chamonix)

🌲 Le Paradis des Praz is a natural playground, a hidden jewel cocooned in the woods, well-known to families living in the region, but perhaps not to those visiting. As well as being a popular spot in the ☀️ summertime, over the winter school holidays the buvette is also often open – so you can have a magical walk through the ❄️ snowy forest and then warm up with … Continue reading Le Paradis des Praz (Les Praz-de-Chamonix)

Les Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly

Nearly a year ago now, the MBFF tribe headed to the 🎪 Les Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly with some friends and their children. We had a fabulous day (the whole family concurred and all of the friends too!). It really was a memorable day . . . and the 2019 edition is nearly here! So, what do you need to know about this extraordinary family event? What are Les … Continue reading Les Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly

SPRINGTIME ACTIVITIES au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

The ❄️ snow on the ski pistes starts to soften under the golden state spring sunshine, and slowly disappears from alpine town and village centres . . . and then the ski stations shut . . . 🌷 spring flowers shoot up overnight . . . and 🌳 parks and 🌷 gardens re-open . . . and then it is the season once again for hiking . . . a season when we can sometimes … Continue reading SPRINGTIME ACTIVITIES au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

BABY & TODDLER activities au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

When I had my first baby 8 years ago, I had just moved to a new town 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . . I was quite lonely and keen to find baby activities and playgroups in order to get out and about and to socialise a bit! Progressively, I discovered the 🌈 playgroups that were available locally for parents and babies . . . but … Continue reading BABY & TODDLER activities au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

AUTUMN LEAVES orienteering (Chamonix Valley)

Over the summer holidays, MBFF asked Baby-Cham (a babysitting service in the Chamonix Valley) to head out on one of the new 🗺 Chamonix Valley orienteering circuits and to report back on the experience. Its team braved ☀️ the summer heat and did a superb job testing out the 🌲 Bois du Bouchet (Chamonix) and the 💦 Lac des Chavants (Les Houches) parcours. Read about Baby-Cham’s experience here. Just this … Continue reading AUTUMN LEAVES orienteering (Chamonix Valley)

FILENVOL – capers high up in the trees (near Annemasse)

During the 🍁 Toussaint holidays of 2017, on a 🍂 sunny autumn afternoon, the MBFF tribe (+ one friend) visited Filenvol for the first time . . . I was personally won over by the location – before the fun in the trees even began – as the afternoon light filtering through the 🍂 golden leaves was magical. And then I heard the laughter of children and adults alike, as … Continue reading FILENVOL – capers high up in the trees (near Annemasse)

Baby-Cham goes orienteering in the Chamonix Valley!

Over the summer holidays, Baby-Cham (the owner of the company and her little helpers) went to test out a couple of the new 🧭  parcours d’orientation (orienteering routes) in the 🏔 Chamonix Valley. You may have seen some of the maps in your local tourist offices or on large panels on-site? The Chamonix Valley has developed 6 orienteering routes for you to enjoy, many of them in … Continue reading Baby-Cham goes orienteering in the Chamonix Valley!

Le Jardin des Cimes (Plateau d’Assy)

🌻 Le Jardin des Cimes is a truly 🌷 magical garden at altitude, with breathtaking views of 🏔 the Mont Blanc Massif. 🌻 Le Jardin des Cimes (“ Garden of the Summits ”) has revitalised the area of Plateau d’Assy; not only are the gardens and ☕️ café a delight for locals and tourists alike, but jobs have been created and there are plenty of activities and 🌲workshops on offer for families and schools, … Continue reading Le Jardin des Cimes (Plateau d’Assy)

SPRING & SUMMER BLOSSOMS and FLOWERS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

According to the 🌳 Marronier de la Treille’s first blossom (Geneva), yesterday – Tuesday 12th March 2019 – was the first official day of 🌺 spring! (see below for more explanations). 🌷 Springtime – when 🌱 crocuses first timidly reach out to the sun from their bed of grass, when the first 🌺 almond and cherry blossoms appear in their splendid hues of pink, when magnolia trees blossom in splendid glory, when spring flower … Continue reading SPRING & SUMMER BLOSSOMS and FLOWERS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

« Fête de la Tulipe » in Morges

La 🌷 « Fête de la Tulipe » in 🇨🇭 Morges kicks off this year on 30th March, and those first buds are expected to be in full bloom by mid-April. You don’t have to travel too far from the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc to experience total dépaysement, to distance yourself from the mountain valleys and high snowy peaks; just the other side of Lac Léman takes you to a … Continue reading « Fête de la Tulipe » in Morges

FAMILY HIKES – tips for hiking with small children

2019 update – this appears to be a very popular article on the MBFF website, so I have updated it with a few new suggestions for family walks! ⛰ Family hiking with small children is not a simple task! Well, perhaps it is for some families . . . perhaps your children were born hikers! But for many of us, getting our children to 🏔 LOVE hiking in the … Continue reading FAMILY HIKES – tips for hiking with small children

Le Parc de Merlet Animal Park (Les Houches)

🦌 Le Parc de Merlet animal park is perched at 1563m, about 600m above the village of Les Houches. It is home to around 80 animals that roam freely within the boundaries of the park: chamois, ibex, deer, mouflons, marmottes . . . and even the odd llama (see here for more information about the animals that live here)! A little history . . . The animal park was opened in 1968, … Continue reading Le Parc de Merlet Animal Park (Les Houches)

Chamonix Parks, Woods & Gardens

🏔 Chamonix, while boasting many terrific hiking routes and skiing opportunities, can also lay claim to some 🌲 beautiful parks, gardens and woodland. This could be of particular interest if you have small children or babies in buggies! Le Parc Couttet  A relative newcomer to Chamonix, inaugurated in the summer of 2015, the 🌳 Parc Couttet is a little gem of a park, right in the centre of Chamonix! … Continue reading Chamonix Parks, Woods & Gardens

Le Parc Thermal (Le Fayet)

🌳 Le Parc Thermal in Le Fayet is by far one our favourite haunts 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc in the spring and summertime, where we go to escape the ☀️ heat of the valley, to find shade and to appreciate the refreshing breeze from the 💦 Bonnant river! 🌳 Le Parc Thermal has an elegant entrance, with a pretty fountain, and there is a main path through the park that is … Continue reading Le Parc Thermal (Le Fayet)