Since I launched the ūüŹĒ MBFF website two and a half years ago, I have learned so much:

what I’ve learned ¬© montblancfamilyfun

For so very long, I had personally eschewed the world of social media, preferring to keep my life (and that of my family) PERSONAL . . . But I realised that if I truly wanted to share family experiences – which is indeed the aim of ūüŹĒ MBFF – then I would have to open myself and my family a little bit to the online world! I truly felt like I was throwing us all to the lions when I entered the FB world!

And then, a year on, my friend and expert in digital market was shaking her head (you know who you are!), telling me that FB was not enough; that I had to get ūüŹĒ Mont Blanc Family Fun on Instagram too! Really? Another online job to add to my already somewhat bursting workload? . . . but I complied, and ūüŹĒ MBFF entered the Instagram platform a couple of weeks ago!
But one of the aspects of ūüŹĒ MBFF that I enjoy the most – apart from the writing and photography –¬† is the ūüé® design of the website and accompanying FB (and now Instagram too) posts! Thanks to design programme Canva, I can create all sorts of things!

And so I bring you – for the¬†month of December – the ūüóď MBFF advent calendar! Behind each door will be someūüéĄfestive ideas for the day, or a collage of pics from the¬†ūüŹĒ¬†Pays du Mont-Blanc!

And so what will be behind door number 1 on Sunday? You’ll have to keep posted . . .

Some ūüď∑ recent MBFF pics . . .

Plaine-Joux © montblancfamilyfun
Plaine-Joux © montblancfamilyfun
Plaine-Joux Рman and dog © montblancfamilyfun
Plaine-Joux © montblancfamilyfun
Plaine-Joux © montblancfamilyfun


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