SCIENCE ACTIVITIES & MUSEUMS for families au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond)

There are several 🧬 BIG SCIENCE EVENTS that occur regularly 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc and beyond, and we have 🧪 La Fête de la Science approaching fast!

  • 🧪 La Fête de la Science – from 2nd ⇒ 12th October 2020 (annual);
  • 🧪 La Nuit des Sciences – every two years in Geneva;
  • 🧪 CERN Open Days – every few years, CERN opens to the public;
© La Fête de la Science

This got me thinking about all of the 🧬 science events, activities, workshops, and museums that surround us 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc!

What really put this little corner of the world (🏔 Chamonix Valley and the 🏔 Pays du Mont-Blanc) on the 🗺 world map, was the 📚 Romantic writers’ and artists’ re-telling of mountains and glaciers in the 18th century (no longer were they seen as the work of the devil; but rather, as something to admire, visit, paint and write about!), which drew scientists (Dr Paccard, Saussure and more . . .), geologists, mountaineers and tourists to this once-remote mountain valley! And 🧬 science also paved the way for all of these numerous different “. . . ologists ” to come and study the mountains: the advent of the 🚂 railway and then 🚙roads, viaducts, tunnels and cars; all were made possible through scientific advances!

And 🧪 SCIENCE is still everywhere we look, walk, climb, bike and ski 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc: receding glaciers and glaciology, 🌳 botany, 💎 the study of crystals, 🦌 zoology (the 🦅 gypaète barbu reproduction centre, for example), the work of ASTERS and the Réserves Nationales . . .

For a more detailed article about 🌳🌷 parks and gardens & botany, see separate articles:

Colour Code for listings

Chamonix Valley (Chamonix, Argentière, Les Houches, Servoz & environs) and Vallorcine

Passy & environs

Sallanches, Combloux, Cordon & Domancy

St Gervais, Le Fayet & environs

Megève, Praz-sur-Arly & environs

Les Contamines & environs

🇫🇷 Further France 🇫🇷 

🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇭 

🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹 

🧬 SCIENCE EVENTS au Pays du Mont-Blanc (and beyond) 🧬

La Fête de la Science 2020: « Quelle relation de l’Homme à la nature ? »

There are plenty of 🧪 events and workshops scheduled in Haute-Savoie and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AURA) for the Fête de la Science 2020: exhibitions, site visits, guided visits, workshops, spectacles, concerts . . . / website and programme details;

© La Fête de la Science

Here, au Pays du Mont-Blanc, we have:

🧬 Fête de la Science au Mountain Store (PASSY) this year, Mountain Store will be hosting various events and workshops for the 🧬 Fête de la Science , in conjunction with LPO Aura Haute-Savoie, on 📆 Saturday 3rd October 2020 / on offer: nature, des animaux et du sport ! / 10h until 17h30 / for children 6 to 14 years and their parents / see programme here and FB link for event here;

▶️ Entrez dans un planétarium géant et explorez les mystères de notre système solaire, immersion totale garantie ! (see here);
▶️ Découvrez les secrets des animaux de nos montagnes et comment les protéger;
▶️ Rentrez dans le monde formidable des oiseaux pour dénicher leurs secrets;
▶️ Testez des expériences amusantes pour comprendre les méthodes de conception des équipements de sport;

© Mountain Store Passy
© Mountain Store Passy
© Mountain Store Passy

And in the Arve Valley:

🕰 Musée de l’Horlogerie et du Décolletage (Cluses) – this museum is dedicated to telling the 🕰 industrial and social history of the area, and it will have plenty of FREE events over the weekend of 3rd & 4th October 2020 (inscriptions limited to 10 people!) / website / more information about the museum below;

Saturday 3rd OctoberQuelle heure est-il Monsieur Soleil? / at 14h / for children 8+ years;

Sunday 4th OctoberL’Evolution de la mesure du Temps / at 14h / a guided visit for the family;

And in Haute-Savoie & Savoie:

  • 🧪 La Turbine (Cran-Gevrier, near Annecy) – an innovative pedagogic centre equipped for families to learn about 🧬 science in an interactive way / there will be several events for the Fête de la Science 2020 – see programme here / 🗓 opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 14h to 18h / price: adults 5,50€, children 3€ (and +65 ans), FREE for children under 6 years and family price 14€ / website;
© La Turbine
  • Reignier Essery – optical illusions at the médiathèque! / see here;
  • Micro-Folie (Faverges-Seythenex) – a whole host of workshops and talks from 2nd to 10th October / see here or here;
  • Géoparc de Chablaisportes ouvertes at the Musée de la Préhistoire et de la Géologie in Sciez, among other events / see here;

🧬 🧬 🧬

🧬 La Nuit de la Science (Musée d’histoire des science & Parc de la Perle du Lac, Geneva) 🧬

🧬 La Nuit de la Science takes place every TWO years! / website and FB page;

© La Nuit de la Science

🧬 🧬 🧬

🧪 CERN Open Days 🧪

At the CERN, scientists work hard to recreate the Big Bang, to try to understand the origins of our universe and what came after the bang!

Every few years, the CERN opens its doors to the public for two special days, at the heart of one of the world’s largest particle-physics laboratories! The CERN Open Days have become a regular feature of the period that we call the “long shutdown” during which our accelerators stop for around two years, to benefit from upgrades and renovation work. We are now in Long Shutdown 2. The 20?? Open Days will give visitors the chance to discover our facilities, both underground and on the surface. With free admission to debates, film screenings, theatre performances, experimental workshops and dozens of visit points spread all over the site, we will take you to the heart of our Laboratory, in direct contact with the science of today and tomorrow.

[ CERN Open Days website / you need to BOOK your visit online! / getting there: see here ]

good to know: you can also take a guided visit of the CERN, FREE of charge, Monday to Saturday (12+ years), anytime of the year! / see here;

also good to know: to learn more about the CERN and the universe, CERN has created the online 💻 CERNLand, aimed at children 7 to 12 years / website;

address: CERN, esplanade des Particules 1, 1217, Meyrin, Switzerland;

🏔 🧬 Science activities & museums au Pays du Mont-Blanc 🧬 🏔 

🧬 Science workshops Little Stemcells (Chamonix) 🧬

Cassie runs the popular 🧬 Little Stemcells in Chamonix, and she offers workshops during the school holidays / reservations: for more info;

© Little Stemcells
🏔 Musée Alpin (Chamonix) 🏔

Housed in the magnificent old Chamonix Palace (one of the three original “palaces” in Chamonix), this lovely museum traces the history of the valley, from the very first tourists who came to admire the mountains and glaciers through to “Chamonix the centre of winter sports”.  There is a great collection of prints, photos and mountaineering objects to take you on this trajectory – plenty of science! / school holiday workshop programme for children / 🗓 opening hours: open every day, except Tuesday, from 14h to 18h; school holidays: open from 10h to 12h and from 14h to 18h / price: FREE for under 18s, adults 5,90€ / see here for more details;  

address: La Résidence, 89 avenue Michel Croz, 74400, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc / tel: +33 (0)4 50 53 25; 

parking: the nearest car park (paying) is the Parking du Mont-Blanc;
Le Musée Alpin Chamonix ©
💎 Espace Tairraz – Musée d’Alpinisme et des Cristaux (Chamonix) 💎

[ 2020 – currently being renovated! ]

This is a fantastic museum, with numerous interactive activitites to keep the whole family entertained on his or her journey through 🏔 mountaineering. You will learn how techniques and equipment have evolved over the centuries and also how attitudes have changed in this field. You can learn how to tie different knots and there is even a simulator so that you can get to grips with how it feels to climb a famous mountain face! And, once you have had your fill of mountaineering, you can stroll through the 💎 crystal collection! / 🗓 opening hours: daily (except Tuesdays) from 14h to 18h; SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: open from 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h; July and August: from early July, open every day 10h to 18h / guided visits on Thursdays during the school holidays at 14h30 and at 16h30 – see FB page for more details / price: FREE for under 18s (with family), adults  5,90€ website;

address: 615 allée du Recteur Payot, 74400, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc / tel: +33 (0)4 50 55 53 93 ;

parking: the paying car park of St-Michel is very convenient as you can take the lift straight to the entrance of the museum (great for a rainy day!);
© L’Espace Tairraz
🏔 Chalet de la Réserve des Aiguille Rouges (Col des Montets, Argentière) 🏔

Discover the flora, fauna, minerals and rocks of the mountains / on site: ” un sentier botanique, des observations au microscope, des expositions permanentes, des projections et des conférence.” – Chamonix Tourisme;

address: Col des Montets,  74400, Argentière;
🏔 La Maison de la Réserve Naturelle de Passy 🏔

Facing the 🏔 Massif du Mont-Blanc, covering 1800 ha, and located between 1300m and 2900m altitude, la Réserve Naturelle de Passy dominates the Arve Valley and links the Réserve de Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and the Réserve des Aiguilles Rouges. The maison explains: the Fiz cliffs, les moutonnements du vieux Pormenaz, the growth of the Alps, minerals, fauna, flora and more . . . / 🌲 workshops for children doing the school holidays!

address: Maison de la Réserve Naturelle, 321 chemin des Parchets, 74190, Passy;
La Maison de la Réserve Naturelle Plaine Joux ©
🏔 Réserve Naturelle Nationale des Contamines-Montjoie 🏔

Founded in 1979, La Réserve naturelle des Contamines-Montjoie is a protected area extending over 5500 ha, and from 1100m up to 3892m (Aiguille nord de Tré la Tête) in altitude – therefore the highest nature reserve in France, with a huge dénivelé (2800m).

You’ll find plenty of events and workshops planned over the school holidays, as well as a nature centre at the Tourist Office.
Réserve Naturelle Les Contamines-Montjoie © Teddy Bracard
🐻 Le Centre de la Nature Montagnarde (Sallanches) 🐻

[ SHUT for renovations until later in 2020! /  while the CNM is being renovated, a small annex is open to the public near church, in the old médiathèque building, at: 9 route de Doran à Sallanches ]

© Centre de la Nature Montagnarde

The excellent 🦌 Centre de la Nature Montagnarde, set in the historic 14th century 🏰 Château des Rubins, is located just behind the Eglise St Jacques. Set across 5 floors, the museum is dedicated to 🏔 the Alps, and an interactive journey will take you from glaciology and geology, to some close encounters with the 🐻 resident taxidermy (a wolf, a lynx and a bear, among others!) / as well as panels explaining the different exhibits, there are 🎥 films to watch, a large interactive screen at the entrance, and you can have 📷 a family photo with a BEAR! – a visit to the museum is a full sensory and tactile journey! / good to know: the lift goes as far as the 3rd floor, and after that buggies are NOT permitted AND on the ground floor, at the entrance, is a wonderful library and gift shop / 🗓 opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 14h to 18h and school holidays Monday to Saturday 10h to 12h & 14h to 18h (open on Sundays 14h to 18h during the summer holiays) / price: 7€ and children 4,50€, under 6 years FREE / website ;

address: Château des Rubins, 105 montée des Rubins, 74700, Sallanches / tel: +33 (0)4 50 58 32 13; 
Centre de la Nature Montagnarde ©

🌲 workshops for children during the holidays: Les P’tits Experts de la Nature – these happen during the school holidays, and they are fabulous;

🏔 La Maison Forte Hautetour (Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc) 🏔

Looking down majestically upon Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, 🏰La Maison Forte de Hautetour (13th century) was one of the several fortified manor houses of the region . . . in 2012, it was renovated, and today it houses an exhibition detailing the history of the 🏔 Compagnie des Guides de Saint-Gervais, as well as hosting 🖼 temporary art exhibitions and artists-in-residence / 🎨 during the school holidays there are workshops for children & families here, so check the Saint-Gervais website agenda! / 🗓 opening hours: open Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday 14h to 18h and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10h to 12h30 and 14h to 18h; SHUT on Mondays and all of November, 1st January, 1st May and 25th December / price: 5€ and children (5 to 18 years) 3,50€;

address: Maison Forte de Hautetour, 114 passage Montjoux, 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, 74170, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains / tel: 04 50 47 79 80; 
La Maison Forte de Hautetour ©

🇫🇷 🧪 Science activities & museums in Further France 🧪 🇫🇷

🧪 Science workshops Moulin à Étincelles 🧪

MBFF has encountered the 🧪 Moulin à Etincelles workshops at the Sallanches summer festival 🌈 Les Enfants d’Abord / run by two ladies with a science background, they say that they ” can’t promise you the moon, but they can promise that you’ll understand the Earth! ” / see website for more details;

© Moulin à Etincelles
🕰 Musée de l’Horlogerie et du Décolletage (Cluses) 🕰

This museum is dedicated to telling the 🕰 industrial and social history of the area, is located in the Espace Carpano & Pons, the old industrial site next to the river in Cluses / the story of the watchmakers of the XVIIIth century through to the emergence of décolletage during the industrial revolution / there are regular guided visits, films and workshops; see here for more details / jeu de piste for families: “ Drame au Musée ” / 🗓 opening hours: from June until September, every day from 10h to 12h and from 14h to 18h; school holidays, every day from 14h to 18h, October until May, Wednesday to Saturdy, 14h to 18h / price: adults 5€, children/students (12 to 25 years) 3€, FREE for under 12s / good to know: the museum is FREE on each first Sunday of the month, 14h to 18h! (with a guided visit sometimes scheduled at 15h) / website;

address: Espace Carpano & Pons, 100 place du 11 Novembre, 74300, Cluses / tel: 04 50 96 43 00;
🧪 La Turbine (Le Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle de Haute-Savoie), in Cran Gévrier, Annecy 🧪

🧪 La Turbine is an innovative pedagogic centre equipped for families to learn about 🧬 science in an interactive way / there are regular exhibitions, events & workshops for children of different ages, so do check the website for current ones! / 🗓 opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 14h to 18h / price: adults 5,50€, children 3€ (and +65 ans), FREE for children under 6 years and family price 14€ / website;

🧪 current exhibitions: « Très Toucher » , for children 7+ years AND « Touche atout », for children 3 to 6 years;

address: place Chorus, Cran-Gevrier, 74960, Annecy / tel: 04 50 08 17 00;
© La Turbine
© La Turbine
🌳 La Maison du Salève (Présilly) 🌳

A visit to La Maison du Salève makes for a wonderful family day out, preferably on a fair weather day as the gardens are lovely and there are walks to enjoy en famille nearby . . . originally an 18th century farm from the Chartreuse de Pomier, La Ferme de Mikerne has been renovated to host a cultural centre recounting the history of the Salève mountain and its environs;

🖼 current temporary exhibition: 🦡 ” La forêt, maison des animaux “;

>>> MBFF article / website;

© La Maison du Salève
address: 775 route de Mikerne, 74160, Présilly;
🏰 Château d’Annecy 🏰

Once the residence of the counts of Geneva in the 13th and 14th centuries, the castle has been classified as a historical monument since 1959 / today, the castle houses 🖼 temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection of art of cultural importance, and 💦 objects associated with le Lac d’Annecy / there are special family visits organised for temporary exhibitions at the 🏰 Château d’Annecy, with a special FREE carnet de découverte for children / good to know: Mercredi en Famille (guided visits for families, children 6+ years, on Wednesdays at 14h30, 6€) and it is FREE to visit the Château d’Annecy and its temporary exhibition on the FIRST Sunday of each month between October and May / 🗓 opening hours: from 10h to midday and from 14h to 17h, every day except Tuesday (open Tuesdays during the summer holidays, and every day from 10h30 to 18h) / price: 5,50€ / website

address: place du Château, 74000, Annecy / tel: 04 50 33 87 30;
Château d’Annecy ©
🖼 Micro Folie musée numérique (Faverges-Seythenex) 🖼

L’art et la culture pour tous . . . Inspired by 🧪 the Folies du Parc de La Villette, and supported by the Château de Versailles, le Centre Pompidou, le Louvre, le Musée national Picasso, le musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, la Philharmonie de Paris, la RMN-Grand Palais, Universcience, le Festival d’Avignonl’Institut du Monde Arabe, l’Opéra National de Paris et le Musée d’Orsay), the public will be able to enjoy the treasures of the nation, through the digital projection of the works of these great establishments!

address: Tiers-lieu culturel La Forge, 130 rue Maurice Bourgeois, 74210, Faverges;
© Micro-Folie

© Micro-Folie
🌳🏰 Château de Voltaire (Ferney-Voltaire) 🏰🌳

This 🏰 castle and its gardens were once occupied by great thinker and writer Voltaire! / FB page and website;

address: allée du Château, Ferney-Voltaire / tel: 04 50 40 53 21;
Château de Voltaire © Pays de Gex
🌳 Géoparc du Chablais 🌳

Named Géopark mondial UNESCO in 2015 for its geology, exceptional scenery and patrimoines naturels et culturels / nearby you’ll find: Musée de Préhistoire et Géologiel’Abbaye Abondance and the Abbaye Aulps;

© Géopark du Chablais
🖼 Galerie Eurêka (Chambéry) 🖼

There is a permanent exhibition here, and also temporary ones! / FB page and website;

🖼 current exhibitions:

  • « Voyage dans le Système Solaire et au-delà ! », extended until 31st December 2020;
  • NEW: « Electrosound, les coulisses du son », until March 2021 – conceived by Octopus and Science Animation, you can discover behind the scenes of a concert hall or theatre!
address: 50 rue de la République, 73000, Chambéry / tel: 04 79 60 04 25;
Aqualis – l’éxperience lac (Aix-les-Bains)
Opened in 2019, Aqualis allows you to discover the Lac du Bourget in a modern museum, with workshops on offer, an escape game, guided visits, talks and more / FB page and website;
address: 52 esplanade Jean Murguet, Aix-les-Bains;
© Aqualis
🖼 Le Musée des Confluences (Lyon) 🖼
Located at the 🌊 confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers (and hence the name of the museum!), 🖼 Le Musée des Confluences is immediately striking for its audacious modern architecture and its location on a presqu’île (river peninsula)! The permanent exhibition in the museum tells the story of mankind and looks at the origin of man, different cultures and the future of mankind too (exhibits from the first telephones to Egyptian mummies), and looks at the sciences of: anthropology, paleontology, minerology, ethnography and more! And then, there are also 🖼 temporary exhibitions too.

🖼 upcoming temporary exhibitions:

  • « L’oiseau rare, de l’hirondelle au kakapo » / see here;
  • « Une Afrique en Couleurs » / ” Loin des clichés noir et blanc et des sculptures de musées recouvertes d’une patine sombre et mystérieuse, cette exposition vous propose une immersion dans une Afrique où la couleur est reine. Statuettes, masques, parures de perles et pagnes multicolores racontent un univers foisonnant dans lequel s’entremêlent le profane et le sacré.” / see here;

[ full list of exhibitions here ]

Planétarium de Vaulx en Velin (Vaulx en Velin, near LYON)

Built in 1995, the Planétarium de Vaulx en Velin is dedicated to the study of astronomy and sciences of the universe / it is now the 9th most visited cultural establishment in the Lyon area / FB page and website / price: 10€ and 8€ for children under 12 years/ good to know: FREE on the first Saturday of the month! / also good to know: near Mini-World Lyon and WeRide indoor bike circuit;

address: Place de la Nation, Vaulx-en-Velin (near Lyon);
© Planétarium de Vaulx en Velin

🇨🇭 🧬 Science activities & museums in Switzerland 🧬🇨🇭

🧬 Musée des Sciences de la Terre: La Fondation Tissières (Martigny) 🧬

Located just off the main square in Martigny, this museum has some permanent exhibitions ( 💎 alpine minerals, crystals & geology; a reconstructed mine; marble from Valais – see here), as well as 🖼 temporary ones (current exhibition, extended until 13th October: 📷 Sébastien Albert Monochrome rétrospective) / website / 🗓 opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and weekends 13h30 until 17h / price: adults CHF6, 11 to 18 year olds CHF3 and under 10s FREE!

address: avenue de la Gare 6, 1920, Martigny (same building as Office de Tourisme);
🧬 Musée d’Histoire des Sciences (Geneva) 🧬

This museum is located within the 🌳 Parc du Perle du Lac, next to Lac Léman, and opposite the Botanical Gardens. It occupies the beautiful Neo-Classical Villa Bartholoni (from the 1830s), and hosts a collection of 🧫 scientific apparatus belonging to scientists and researchers from the 17th to 19th centuries good to know: ask for the 🗺 orienteering parcours leaflet for the park at the reception, and go explore! / 🗓 opening hours: 10h to 17h (shut Tuesday) / website / every two years, 💫 La Nuit de la Science takes place here;

address: Parc de La Perle du Lac, 128 rue de Lausanne 1202, Geneva, Switzerland / tel: 41 22 418 50 60;
© Musée d’Histoire des Sciences

🧬 current temporary exhibition: « Le Théatre des Expérience », until 21st February 2021; how to learn physics through watching experiments – information about carnets de jeux and workshops here;

« Le théatre des expériences  » © Musée d’Histoire des Sciences

Mercredis des Sciences workshops – Wednesdays at 15h / see here;

© Musée d’Histoire des Sciences
🐧 Muséum de Genève (Natural History Museum) 🐧

The fabulous 🦁 Muséum de Genève (Natural History Museum) is still one of our go-to rainy day options! / see MBFF article for more details / 🗓 opening hours: 10h to 17h every day (except Monday) / website / 🗓 good to know: on the first Sunday of the month, this museum’s temporary exhibitions are FREE! (next FREE Sunday will be Sunday 4th October, 2020!);

address: 1 route de Malagnou, 1208, Geneva, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0) 22 418 63 00;
© Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève

NEW exhibitions from 25th September 2020 ⇒ 27th June 2021 (to celebrate 200 years!):

  • « Wildlife Photographer of the Year »;
  • « Bouteille à la mer 2120 – Te Ao Mãori »;
  • « Trésors, 200 ans d’histoire naturelle à Genève »;
« Bouteille à la mer 2120 – Te Ao Mãori » © Ville de Genève / Muséum Genève

Wildlife Photographer of the Year © Muséum Genève
🧬 Exploracentre (Geneva) 🧬

A new 🧬 children’s exhibition & interactive centre in Geneva, where the only rule is that it is “ FORBIDDEN to NOT TOUCH ”! / informative, “ludique”, for the whole family / 🌍 to learn about the world, science, how things work! / NEW EXHIBITION ” Fabriq’Expo “ / 🗓 opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10h to 18h, Sunday’s 13h to 18h / price: adults (+16 years): 15CHF; children (3 to 15 years): 10CHF and combination prices;

address: rue des Bains 33, 1205, Geneva (Plainpalais) / website;​
Exploracentre ©
🐠 Musée du Léman & Aquarium (Nyon) 🐟 

A museum dedicated to the history of Lac Léman and an aquarium too! / 🖼 new permanent exhibition: « Petite Nature? » (36 questions to decode the the secrets of the lake!) / 🗓 opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, April until October, 10h to 17h and November to March 14h to 17h / price: CHF8 and free for children under 16 years / CHF 7 per child (museum entrance free) / 🌈 super playground right next door and picnic spot! / website;

[ 🗓 good to know – FREE every first Sunday of the month; 1 x entrance = free access to the 🏛 Musée Romain and the 🏰 Château de Nyon (valid 12 months) / 🎨 l’atelier Créa’lac – every 3rd Sunday of month, a workshop for children at 15h30 ]

address: quai Louis-Bonnard 8, 1260, Nyon, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0) 22 316 42 50;

🖼 temporary exhibitions: 

  • 🌊 Un Tsunami sur le Léman – until 2022;
  • 🖼 Des Rives et des Crètes – until November 2020;
🌳 Espace des Inventions (Lausanne) 🌳 

This is a space for families and children to experience and experiment with science, technology and art, through its exhibitions / 🗓 opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 14h to 18h and Sunday and bank holidays, 10h to 18h / price: children CHF5, adults CHF7 / website;

🖼 upcoming exhibition: 🌳 « Tic-tac tectonique » – from 10th October 2020 / FREE entry on first Saturday of month! / workshops for children . . . 

address: Vallée de la Jeunesse 1, 1007, Lausanne, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0)21 315 68 80 
© Espace des Inventions, Lausanne
🦈 Aquatis Aquarium & Vivarium in Lausanne 🦈 

We’ve not visited yet, but the new 🐟 Aquatis Aquarium & Vivarium in Lausanne has been open to the public since October 2017 / 🥗 restaurant on-site: Piranha, with a view on the piranha pool! / 🗓 opening hours: November until March 10h to 18h, every day; April until October 9h to 19h, every day / price: CHF29, children (5 to 15) CHF19, under 5s FREE / see website for more details;

address: AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium,route de Berne 144, 1010, Lausanne, Switzerland / tel: +41 (0)21 654 23 23; 
© Aquarium Vivarium Aquatis Lausanne

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