Les mercredis – workshops, sport & creative activities for children au Pays du Mont-Blanc

Each year, during the period just after La Rentrée – up and down the valley – there were plentiful events for children and parents to find out more about possible activities/sports to sign-up for, either on Wednesdays or on other days of the week; there are forums and portes ouvertes from:

  • MJC Chamonix;
  • FJEP Passy;
  • MJC Saint-Gervais;
  • various sports clubs au Pays du Mont-Blanc (Fêtes des Sports in Chamonix, Passy and Sallanches);
  • the music, dance & theatre associations au Pays du Mont-Blanc;
  • art classes au Pays du Mont-Blanc . . .
  • La Petite Université de Chamonix (for children and parents);

Depending on where we live au Pays du Mont-Blanc, some of ommur children still have school on a Wednesday morning and some communes have opted to go back to the 4-day week . . . it’s hard to keep track, with all of the changes to the rhythme scolaire these last years!

Whether or not our children have school on a Wednesday morning, they are still perhaps free on a Wednesday afternoon to relax, or to discover a new creative activity or sport . . . I have compiled a list of some of the activities children (generally the 4+ or 6+ age groups) can sign up to on Wednesdays on an ad-hoc basis, rather than on a termly/yearly basis . . . for activities/sports on a yearly basis, see: local sports clubs, MJC Chamonix, FJEP Passy, MJC Saint-Gervais, Le Palais Megève plannings.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any other activities you may be organising/that your children have enjoyed, that are missing from the list!

Colour code for listings:

Chamonix Valley (Chamonix, Argentière, Les Houches, Servoz & Vallorcine)

Passy & environs

Sallanches, Combloux, Cordon & Domancy

St Gervais, Le Fayet & environs

Megève, Praz-sur-Arly & environs

Les Contamines & environs

Further France



Cat Kartal Art School in Chamonix and Le Fayet
© Cat Kartal

As well as Cat’s wonderful summer workshops Art & Nature, she offers art classes for children & adults in two locations in the Pays du Mont-Blanc during term-time: at the école Jeanne d’Arc in Chamonix (promenade Marie Paradis) and at her studio in Le Fayet (avenue de Genève, 74190, Le Fayet).  Her classes will be starting on 18th September and are as follows:

Ecole Jeanne d’Arc:

Art & Craft – Mondays & Tuesdays from 16h30 to 18h for 6 to 10 year olds (CE1 to CM2);

Art & Craft -Wednesday mornings from 10h to 11h30 for Maternelle Grande Section and CP;

Drawing / Cartoon / Manga / Colour – Wednesday afternoons for CM2 to 3ème;

The Studio in Le Fayet:

Drawing – Thursdays from 16h45 to 18h for children 6+ years;

Painting for adults – Thursdays from 13h15 to 16h15;

prices: children’s art classes – card for 10 sessions 130€ (to use over one trimester); one-off class: 14€ / adults: card for 6 classes – 120€ and one off: 22€;


«Atelier Jeunesse Créatif» at Atelier Couleurs & Sens in Sallanches 

Wednesday morning or afternoon art classes at Atelier Couleurs & Sens in Sallanches from 9h30 to 11h OR from 13h30 to 15h / price: 15€ per parent or grandparent/enfant couple for each session or 22€ for three people or 32€ for four / all equipment supplied / painting, collage and lots more techniques/ reservations: 06 13 64 34 47 / address: (new, more spacious location near Satoriz): 732 rue Général de Gaulle, 74700, Sallanches (1st floor of Buzzolini Publicité) / website;


© «Atelier Jeunesse Créatif» at Atelier Couleurs & Sens


Le Chalet des Créateurs (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

The Chalet des Créateurs in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains sometimes offers workshops on Wednesdays and during the holidays: photography, watercolour painting, sculpture . . . see website for current details / MBFF post about le Chalet des Créateurs;


Wednesdays at La Maison de la Créativité (Conches, Geneva, Switzerland)

The MBFF family are huge fans of this centre for creativity for families in Conches, Geneva . . . we discovered the house and grounds of La Maison de la Créativité one sunny Saturday of autumn 2016, and we are hoping to visit again soon!  A house and gardens full of treasures for children, wonderful workshops, an outdoor “kitchen”, a playground, incredibly welcoming staff . . . see here for more details / no need to reserve! / aimed at children up to the age of 6 years / address: 7, chemin Calandrini, 1231, Conches, Switzerland / tel: +41(0)22 810 18 90 / website / parking: on route de Florissant, and then a short walk (or bring drésienne!) / price: 3CHF for children and adults 2+ years / open Wednesdays 14h30 to 17h30, and one Saturday per month 9h to 12h and 14h30 to 17h30;

Les P’tits Experts de la Nature workshops at the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde (Sallanches)

On Wednesday afternoons, during the French school holidays, the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde in Sallanches organises worshops (indoor & outdoor, depending on the workshop) for children aged 6 to 12 years called Les P’tits Experts de la Nature.  Children are given a certificate booklet when they do their first workshop and they collect a stamp for each completed workshop. During their 2-hour workshop, they become little “experts” in different fields of nature! / timings: 14h to 16h / price: 6€ per child (parents are welcome, free of charge, but their presence is not required!) / reservations: places are limited, so you must book directly with the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde: tel: + 33 (0)4 50 58 32 13 / address: Château des Rubins, 105 montée des Rubins, 74700, Sallanches / website: www.centrenaturemontagnarde.org / parking: there is free parking in the Parking du Lévant/Chateau des Rubins just opposite;


«Qi Gong pour les enfants» at the Jardin des Cimes in Plateau d’Assy (Passy)

The Jardin des Cimes will be offering Wednesday workshops for children (7 to 13 year olds) from early June: «Qi Gong pour les enfants» / at 13h30 / with Catherine CHARLES (praticienne de Médecine Traditionnelle chinoise) / reservations: 06 60 75 92 18 or contact@naturawen.fr / see Jardin des Cimes website for more details / address: Jardin des Cimes, 447 route du docteur Davy, 74190, Passy;

© Le Jardin des Cimes


Montessori workshops at the Jardin des Cimes in Plateau d’Assy (Passy)

From June onwards, there will be Montessori workshops at the lovely Jardin des Cimes:

  • «Montessori au Jardin 0 à 2 ans» – Wednesdays at 10h / price: entrance to JDC + 10€ per family / with Laure CARRE (animatrice bafa, psychologue humaniste, éducatrice Montessori) / reservations: 06 95 41 42 84 or l’association Etre et Grandir: etreetgrandir@yahoo.com;
  • «Montessori au Jardin 3 à 6 ans» – Wednesdays at 16h / price: entrance to JDC + 8€ child or 12€ per family / with Laure CARRE / reservations: as above;

more information: Jardin des Cimes website 


Le petit’atelier jardin du mercredi at Le Jardin des Cimes in Plateau d’Assy (Passy)

Back on at Le Jardin des Cimes this year, this is popular workshop for children, with a different theme each week (past workshops have inclueded LandArt, scarecrows, giant Mikado sticks from wood foraged . . . ) / for children 4+ years / reservations required;

«Le petit’atelier jardin du mercredi» at the Jardin des Cimes © Jardin des Cimes

address: Jardin des Cimes, 447 route du docteur Davy, 74190, Passy;


June sailing lessons at Lac de Passy

A sailing course voile/optimist for 7/11 year olds will be held on Wednesdays in June 2018 at Lac de Passy / organised through MJC Saint-Gervais and l’Ecole de Voile Itinérante 74;

© Voile/Optimist from MJC Saint Gervais and Ecole de Voile Itinérante 74


USEP (Union Sportive de l’Enseignement du Premier Degrés) in Sallanches

Through my sons’ school, I have discovered this wonderful initiative . . . primary school children can discover a whole host of different sports through the USEP on a Wednesday morning and afternoon for a small fee . . . as my son was not skiing on Wednesday afternoons last year, this was a great way to discover different sports (on a rotating schedule of cycles of sports).  Does a scheme like this exist elsewhere au Pays du Mont-Blanc?


Botanical Gardens (Geneva)

The Botanical Gardens in Geneva are absolutely wonderful to visit en famille, throughout the year . . . and there are sometimes workshops for children during the warmer months – Les Ateliers Verts / website;

Botanical Gardens Geneva © montblancfamilyfun.com

Storytime at the Médiathèque Ange Abrate in Sallanches

Storytime for children takes place on Wednesdays, except during the holidays, (divided into age groups) and on one Saturday per month (for the little ones) in the dedicated Salle de l’Heure du Conte / website / address: Médiathèque Ange Abrate, 81 place du Commissaire Chesney, 74700, Sallanches;

  • Wednesday at 10h15 – for 3 to 4 year olds – 25th April, 23rd May, 13th June and 27th June;
  • Wednesday at 16h – for children 5+ years – 2nd May, 30th May, 20th, June and 4th July;
  • Saturday at 10h30 – for tiny ones (18 months to 3 years) – 7th April, 5th May, 9th June and 7th July;
L’Heure du Conte © Médiathèque Ange Abrate

The Espasse Jeunesse, furnished with beanbags and rugs, and the Salle de l’Heure du Conte are located upstairs (with WC located nearby, very practical!).

Children’s Section in the médiathèque © montblancfamilyfun.com


L’Heure du Conte at the Médiathèque in the Palais Megève

There is a regular storytelling session organised at the Médiathèque in Megève (located within the Palais) every Wednesday (or alternate Wednesday out of season) for children 3+ years (as well as a session one Saturday per month for bébés lecteurs, for little ones from 0 to 3 years) / for children 3+ years – 17h FREE! – no reservations needed – upcoming dates: Wednesdays 16th and 30th May and Wednesdays 13th & 27th June / also, L’Heure du Conte (bébés lecteurs) one Saturday per month at 10h30 – for children 0 to 3 years – FREE! – no reservations needed – dates: Saturday 19th May, Saturday 9th June / address: Espace Jeunesse, Médiathèque, 247 route du Palais des Sports, 74120, Megève / tel: +33 (0)4 50 91 57 70;

l’Heure du Conte © megeve.com

*good to know – the médiathèques throughout the Pays du Mont-Blanc have regular spectacles, ateliers, films for children throughout the year! / check their websites and FB pages to keep up-to- date*


Librairie Les Carnets d’Albert (Sallanches)

For little ones, it is worth checking out the events calendar at the bookshop Librairie Les Carnets d’Albert on the Place Charles Albert in Sallanches . . . there are sometimes readings of books for small children or workshops / address: 220 place Charles Albert, 74700, Sallanches;

© Librairie Carnets d’Albert

Globule Radio (Chamonix)

This springtime, Globule Radio is offering Les Ateliers Radio du Printemps . . . / for children 8 to 15 years / see website for more details;

© Globule Radio


«Le Petit Photographe» by Byzance Photo Reportages (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

Contact Catherine at Byzance Photos Reportages directly to confirm availability for the digital photography workshops for children throughout the week.

© Byzance Photos Reportages


Musée Alpin (Chamonix)

*NB – the Musée Alpin will be shut until July!*

Le Musée Alpin à Chamonix © montblancfamilyfun


Muséum Genève (Musée d’Histoire Naturelle) in Geneva

The Natural History Museum in Geneva is always a winner with children who love nature and animals, and its main collection is always FREE (only the temporary exhibition is payant, except for the first Sunday of each month, when this also is FREE).  In addition, on Wednesdays there are numerous workshops on offer, see here for more details.

«Elever sa propre colonie de Fourmis» – at the Muséum in Geneva © Muséum / Ville de Genève


Musée d’Histoire des Sciences (Geneva)

The Musée d’Histoire des Sciences in Geneva also has a Wednesday programme / see here for more details;

La tete dans le ciel, l’astronomie sans chichis © Musée d’histoire des Sciences


Wednesdays at the MAMCO (Geneva)

The MAMCO in Geneva offers fabulous guided tours for children on one Wednesday and one Sunday per month (highly recommended by the MBFF team!) . . . located in the Plainpalais area of Geneva, there is lots to do before or after a visit . . . there is a great playground at the MEG museum around the corner, and also a playground and skatepark in the Plainpalais square!address: 10 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, CH-1205, Genève; tel: +41 22 320 61 22; website: www.mamco.ch;

Les Petits Rendez-Vous at the MAMCO © montblancfamilyfun.com


«Les Mercredis de l’Animation» at the Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva)
© Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève / Animou

Short films on the first Wednesday of the month (except holidays) / 15h / duration: 40mins / for children 4+ years / FREE! / address: Cinéma Dynamo, 4th floor of Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205, Genève / in collaboration with Animatou, Festival International du Film d’Animation de Genève;


MAH (Le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire) in Geneva

The MAH in Geneva is housed in a magnificent building, has a great play area for children next to the café/restaurant, and offers guided family visits on Wednesdays:

«Visites à tout petits pas»: each month, a new theme to discover the museum and its works with little ones 3 to 5 years (accompanied by an adult) / supported by the Fondation Genevoise de Bienfaisance Valeria Rossi di Montelera / FREE! / duration: about 30mins / more information: http://www.mah-geneve.ch:

«Mercredis Family» at 15h / for children 6 to 10 years (accompanied by an adult) / FREE! / no reservations required;


Le Grand Soir Cinébus (screening for children) in Les Houches

On two Wednesdays every month, at 17h30Cinébus shows children’s films at the Salle d’Animation in the centre of Les Houches / price: adults 5,50€ and children 3,50€ / address: Salle d’Animation, Les Houches;

© Le Grand Soir Cinébus

For more ideas for cinema outings, see MBFF post «Cinemas au Pays du Mont-Blanc»;


La Ferme «Les Montagnards» in Ormaret (Combloux)

Family farm visit at La Ferme «Les Montagnards» – on many Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can have a guided visit of La Ferme «LesMontagnards» in Ormaret, Combloux (Tuesdays at 10h and Thursdays at 14h30) / Delphine will show you how a bovine farm works and what daily life is like on a farm: 65 cows for milking, 40 pigs, rabbits . . . / address: 4 chemin des Poses, Ormaret, 74920, Combloux / reservations necessary: Delphine +33 (0)6 21 02 18 99 / price: adults 8€; children (3-12 years) 6€; FREE for under 3s / this wonderful farm also organises lots of children’s workshops during the school holidays – the last ones were butter-making (particularly useful during the days of butter shortage!) / *both mini MBFF members loved their crèche/gardierie visits here!*; FB page;

© Ferme Les Montagnards


Ferme Gaec Val Mont-Blanc (Combloux)

On, Wednesdays from 16h to 17h, you can visit the Paget family farm / cheese-making and tasting at this dairy farm / address: 777 route de Saint-Gervais, Gemoëns, 74920, Combloux / reservations: 06 16 33 71 74;

© combloux.com / Gaec Val du Mont-Blanc

For more ideas for farm visits or other animal antics au Pays du Mont-Blanc and beyond see post «Springtime Activities au Pays du Mont-Blanc».


Eveil & Compagnie

Run by Muriel Jurado, Eveil & Compagnie is a new initiative in Sallanches, offering Montessori workshops and Spanish classes on Wednesdays / for more information, see website;

© Eveil & Compagnie


For more ideas for Wednesday activities with children au Pays du Mont-Blanc, see post «Springtime Activities au Pays du Mont-Blanc» or MBFF FB page, where you will find regular Wednesday activity updates!

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