Children’s activities this August au Pays du Mont Blanc

Here is the updated list of children’s/family activities this August au Pays du Mont Blanc . . . please feel free to let MBFF know of any workshops/events missing from the list!

Longer workshops & stages
Cat Kartal «Art & Nature» (Chamonix)

Cat Kartal is an artist who lives in the Pays du Mont Blanc and, as well as running an art studio and producing her own work, she runs the «Art & Nature» workshops for children (6 to 12 year olds) over the summer. This summer, she is offering 3 separate weeks in August: from the 7th to the 25th August (daily or weekly options from 10h15 to 17h15).

The aim of these workshops is to complement a walk in nature with creative activities; the perfect balance!

See website and FB page: Cat Kartal – Art&Nature for more details and to check for availability; Cat is very responsive to all questions!

Cat Kartal’s «Art & Nature» workshops © Cat Kartal
Vallogrimp (Chamonix Valley)
© Vallogrimp’

Vallogrimp is a popular climbing school in the Chamonix Valley offering various climbing workshops (including canyoning and alpinism) for children (4+ years) over the summer holidays. They do tend to fill their places very quickly for the summer courses, but there may be some cancellations, so do check their FB page! You will need to bring your own equipment for the courses.

Coco Grimpe (Chamonix)

Coco Grimpe offers climbing workshops of four half-days (Monday to Thursday) for children (4+ years) over the summer holidays (recommendation from Isobel R in Chamonix, whose son really enjoyed his climbing course last month!). Christophe Darlot aims to get children to discover climbing by having fun at various sites around the Chamonix Valley: on crags, some cordless bouldering, indoor climbing walls, slack-line . . . All equipment is provided by Coco Grimpe, except for climbing shoes (can be rented).

Stage Eau-Vive with Sessionraft (Chamonix)

Sessionraft is offering open water workshops for teenagers (11 to 17 year olds) over the summer (until 4th September) – 5 sessions Monday to Friday / price: 125€ / * participants need to be able to swim! * / more information: 04 50 93 63 63 or;

Address: 1871 chemin des Peupliers, 74190, Passy / tel: +33 (0) 450 93 63 63 or 73 impasse de l’Enclume, 74400, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc / tel: +33 (0) 450 93 63 63
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

CAP Loisirs (Chamonix Valley)

In the Chamonix Valley, Cap Loisirs (MJC) offers activities over the summer months . . . it is worth checking to see if there is any availbility left.

Globule Radio Workshops (Chamonix)
Les Ateliers Radio ©

The Globule Radio workshops in Chamonix allow children to discover the different aspects of radio and to put together their own radio programme.  See website for more details about summer stages and their FB page for examples of the young radio journalists at work at CosmoJazz last week. These workshops come highly recommended from a Chamonix resident whose son has taken part (thank you Alex F)!

Secteur Jeunesse at the FJEP (Passy) 

For older children this summer (11 to 15 years) in Passy, there are various workshops & outings being offered by the FJEP at the Parvis des Fiz:

  • a Hip-Hop workshop from Monday 31st July to 4th August;
  • several camping trips (Lac de Paladru, Lyon & surroundings) . . .

See website programme for more details, booking and prices / contact: 04 50 93 67 11 / address: Parvis des Fiz, 275 rue Arsène Poncet, Passy;

Horse-riding stages – Les Ecuries d’Antan in Plaine-Joux
© Les Ecuries d’Antan

Les Ecuries d’Antan horse stables in Plaine-Joux have a summer programme to download here . . .

MJC Saint- Gervais

The excellent MJC (Maison de Jeunesse et Culture) in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains may still have some availability for its summer workshops. My son has taken climbing lessons over the last few years with the MJC Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, and so we can highly recommend!

MJC Saint-Gervais © montblancfamilyfun
Le Palais in Megève 

The Palais in Megève (recently renovated) is offering lots of really interesting workshops of 3 to 5 days over the summer months, for children aged 4+/5+ years up to 12/13 years . . . for example: acrobatics, yoga, team sports, judo, balance, English, fashion design, circus, ice-skating, theatre, dance, creative fun,  . . . And there are stages for teenagers (13 to 17 years) too: white-water rafting, paintball, outdoor laser games, fitness, fashion design, comic strip creation, parkour, dance . . . as well as swimming, tennis . . see here for more details or give them a call on: +33 (0)4 50 58 77 58;

Megève Palais ©
Swimming Stages

Many of our local swimming pools au Pays du Mont-Blanc offer swimming workshops over the school holidays (one or two weeks of 30mins to 45mins sessions). Here are the swimming pools to try:

  • Chamonix public pool in the Centre Richard Bozon;
  • Marlioz swimming pool in Passy;
  • Sallanches swimming pool;
  • Saint-Gervais-les-Bains swimming pool;
  • Megève’s newly renovated pool at the Palais;
Tennis Stages

And many of the tennis clubs au Pays du Mont-Blanc offer tennis workshops for children (as little as 2 years!) over the summer months . . .

  • Le Tennis Club de Chamonix has workshops for 2-4 year olds/4-6 year olds, from Monday to Friday, 11h30 to 12h30; and workshops for 7 to 15 year olds, from 9h30 to 11h30 or from 14h30 to 16h30 / reservations: +33 (0)6 72 96 56 17 or;
  • Tennis Club de Passy/Saint Gervais – see here;
  • Parc Patrice Dominguez in Les Contamines offers tennis workshops over the summer: stage mini-tennis (4 to 7 year olds), 1 hour per day – 69€; stage enfants from 7 years, 1h30 par per day – 129€ / more information;

Weekly Workshops
Peinture dans la Nature
© Peinture dans la Nature

Every Wednesday afternoon during the summer holidays, from 14h to 17h, Peinture dans la Nature is offering outdoor painting classes and creative walks around the Moraine of Argentière . . . there will be painting on stone, field and stone creations.  Art supplies and snacks will be provided and the classes are open to everyone, from 6+ years! The cost of each workshop will be 50€ per person: min 2 pers, max 8 pers, package for 3 worshops for 130€. The meeting point is at the Pharmacie des Artistes, 208 rue Charlet Straton, the old pharmacie of Argentière. In the event of rain, the workshop will be held in the studio / reservations:  Sow on + 33(0)6 60 57 94 93;

Musée Alpin (Chamonix)

Thursday 3rd AugustChildren’s Workshop: «La Mer de Glace c’est pas la mer à boire!» – 16h – after a visit, create your own beautiful glacier! / reservations: 04 50 53 25 93 / for children from 4+ years / price: 4€;

Wednesday 23rd & 30th August – Guided visit: «Histoire(s) d’une vallée» – 14h30 – discover how Chamonix has changed over the centuries: from rural land, through to the first summit successes of Mont Blanc, to the development of mountain tourism / reservations: 04 50 53 25 93 / guided visit included in price of entry / for all public from 6 years;

Friday 25th AugustFamily Fun: «Qui est qui dans Chamonix?» – 10h30 – Balmat, Whymper, Vallot . . . who are these heroes? A guided visit at the Musée Alpin and a walk throught Chamonix’s streets, to discover the characters who have marked Chamonix’s history / reservations: 04 50 53 25 93 / for children 7+ years / FREE for children and museum entry for adults!

Monday 28th AugustChildren’s Workshop: «Grave ta carte» – 16h – draw, engrave, colour . . . then send! / reservations: 04 50 53 25 93 / for children from 4+ years / price: 4€;

Thursday 31st AugustChildren’s Game: «Ton voyage au sommet du Mont-Blanc» – 14h30 and 16h30 – play the Jeu de l’Oie of Albert Smith to get to the summit of Mont-Blanc (careful of the crevasses!) / reservations: 04 50 53 25 93 / for children from 4+ years / FREE for children and museum entry for accompanying adults!

Address: Musée Alpin, 89 avenue Michel Croz, 74400, Chamonix / tel: +33 (0)4 50 53 25 93 / website / summer programme;

Maison de la Mémoire et Patrimoine Janny Couttet – «l’Atelier Photographie» (Chamonix)
© Maison de la Mémoire et Patrimoine Janny Couttet / Image Temps

The Maison de la Mémoire et Patrimoine Janny Couttet in Chamonix, with Image Temps, is putting on photography workshops for children in August: 11th, 18th & 26th August:

  • Friday 11th August – «l’Atelier Photographie: Polaroid» 14h to 18h;
  • Friday 18th August – «l’Atelier Photographie: Cyanotype»  14h to 18h;
  • 26th August – «l’Atelier Photographie: Small Kids» 14h to 15h30;

Address: Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine, 90 rue des Moulins, 74400, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc:/ price for children: 5,90€ (+ 15€ membership); adults: 15€ / reservations: +33 (0)4 50 54 78 55 or;

Musée Montagnard & Bibliothèque (Les Houches)

Tuesday 1st August – Creative workshop «Moutonnades» – Musée Montagnard Les Houches – 14h30 to 17h – initiation of painting on plexiglass / for children 6+ years / price: 8€ / reservations: +33 (0)7 60 04 14 26;;

Wednesday 2nd & 9th August Family workshop «Pots de Vaches» – Musée Montagnard – Les Houches – 10h to 11h30 / guided visit to get to know the various recipients used for making butter & cheese; followed by painting workshop / reservations: +33 (0)7 60 04 14 26;;

Wednesday 2nd & 9th AugustFamily Fun: «Jeu de la Vache» Musée Montagnard Les Houchesfrom 10h to 11h30 / visit the museum and learn about cows / for adults and children 6+ years / price: 2,50€ / reservations: 07 60 04 14 26;

Wednesday 2nd & 9th AugustGuided Visit: «Raconte-moi la montagne» Musée MontagnardLes Houches16h / visit the museum and learn about life in the olden days through the museum’s collection/ for children 5+ years / FREE for children / reservations: 07 60 04 14 26;

Wednesday 2nd & 9th August – («2017 Alpages en Fête») Drawing workshop: «La Vache qui Lit» la BibliothèqueLes Houches from 14h to 15h30 / draw the montée aux alpages des troupeaux La Poya, in black & white / for children 6+ years / reservations with OT LEs Houches / FREE! 

La Vache qui Lit ©

Tuesday 8th August  Creative Workshop: «Tricoti, Tricota, Tricotons»  Musée Montagnard  Les Houches  16h to 18h – after discovering the rooms of the museum, and the objects linked to wool and spinning, have a go at knitting! / for adults and children 6+ years / price: 2,50€ / limited places, reservations: 07 60 04 14 26;

Address: Le Musée Montagnard, 2 place de l’Eglise, 74310, Les Houches;

Maison de l’Alpage & Maison du Lieutenant (Servoz) 
© Vallée de Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Tuesday 1st & 29th August – Children’s workshop: «Peuple de l’herbe pour les enfants» Maison du Lieutenant/Maison de l’Alpage  Servoz 9h to midday – finding the little colourful insects that hide in the grass: dragonflies, spiders, butterlies  . . . / price: 4€ (accompaning adults are welcome for free!) / reservations: 04 50 47 21 68 / address: Maison de l’Alpage, 2238 route de La Côte, 74310, Servoz; * my son and his friend took part in this workshop last month and enjoyed it immensely! *

Thursday 3rd & 24th August Workshop: cooking with local produce Maison du Lieutenant/Maison de l’Alpage – Servoz14h to 16h – cooking with Basile! / price: adults 8€ and children 4€ / for adults  & children 8+ years / reservations: 04 50 47 21 68;

Tuesday 8th & 22nd August – Workshop: «Jouets des Champs» Maison du Lieutenant/Maison de l’Alpage – Servoz – 9h to midday – learn how to make toys as our grandparents knew how; using elements found in nature! / price: 4€ (adults welcome) / for children 8+ years/ remember sun protection (hats, sunglasses, suncream) and water / reservations: 04 50 47 21 68;

Tuesday 15th August  Children’s workshop: «Secrets des Plantes, pour les enfants»  Maison du Lieutenant/Maison de l’Alpage  Servoz  9h to midday – head out to discover the plants of the alpine fields! / for children 8+ years / price: 4€ (parents welcome for free) / reservations with OT: 04 50 47 21 68;

Address: Maison de l’Alpage, 2238 route de La Côte, 74310, Servoz;

Galerie Mille Lieux du Monde (Servoz)

Having spent a wonderful afternoon with my eldest son and his friend at the workshop «Moutonnades» at the Musée Montagnard in Les Houches earlier this month, painting plexiglass sheep, I can say that a workshop with the lovely Anaka from Galerie Mille Lieux du Monde in Servoz comes very highly recommended . . . she has a joyful and playful approach with children and adults alike, and an afternoon painting with her in a small group is a creative and relaxing activity! She normally offers workshops at her gallery on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 15h30 (check her FB page for week’s planning, as she is a busy lady!), and she charches 20€ for a 2h session, with all equipment provided (limited to 6 people) / email:;

Réserve Naturelle de Passy

The Réserve Naturelle de Passy has lots of events listed for the summer months, many celebrating the birthday of the gypaète barbu . . .

© Réserve Naturelle de Passy
Jardin des Cimes (Plateau d’Assy)

Wednesdays at the Jardin des Cimes«Le petit’atelier jardin du mercredi» – Jardin des Cimes – Plateau d’Assy – 14h30 to 16h30 – workshops for children and families / a different theme each week pertaining to gardens and nature / price: 8,50€ per child and discounted entrance for accompanying adult (though adult presence not required) / every Wednesday until 30th August 2017 / address: Jardin des Cimes, 447 route du docteur Davy, 74190, Passy;

Les P’tits Experts de la Nature at Le Centre de la Nature Montagnarde (Sallanches)

Wednesdays at the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde «Les P’tits Experts de la Nature» workshop – Centre de la Nature MontagnardeSallanches14h to 16hprice: 6€ per child / nature workshops for children (6 to 12 years) with a different theme each week! / highly recommended by MBFF / reservations: Centre de la Nature Montagnarde: tel: + 33 (0)4 50 58 32 13 / here are the themes for August:

Wednesday 2nd August: Le p’tit musée;
Wednesday 9th August: Le p’tit forestier;
Wednesday 16th August: Le p’tit glaciologue;
Wednesday 23rd August: Le p’tit zoologiste;
Wednesday 30th August: Le p’tit artiste;

Les Petits Fermiers (Combloux)

Mondays  Les P’tits Fermiers – Combloux  La Ferme les Montagnards  17h – put on your boots and go discover the world of goats on the farm! Delphine will show you the dwarf goats, who love cuddles; you can have a go at milking too and taste the goats’ cheese! / wear boots or shoes that can get mucky! / FREE! / address: La Ferme les Montagnards, 74 chemin des Poses, Ormaret, 74920, Combloux;

Les P’tits Pêcheurs (Combloux)

Les P’tits Pêcheurs (8 to 12 years)  Combloux  Wednesdays 8h30 to 12h30  accompanied by Nicolas, and equipped with the necessary fishing gear (fishing rod, boots), children will head to Lac de Javen!  / for children 8 to 12 years / price: 40€ (including fishing permit) / see here for more details;

Les P’tits Pêcheurs (4 to 7 years)  Combloux  Wednesdays 15h to 17h  accompanied by Nicolas and equipped with the necessary fishing gear, children will head to the Torrent d’Arbon in search of its funny inhabitants! / for children 4 to 7 years / price: 20 € / see here for more details;

Chalet des Créateurs (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

I had the pleasure of visiting the Chalet des Créateurs a few weeks ago, and I can testify that it is an inspiring place – bringing together artists from the region and showcasing their work . . . we came away with a present for my son’s teacher!  And, as well as being a gallery/boutique, the Chalet des Créateurs also hosts lots of wonderful workshops over the summer holidays for children. Here is their website and programme for more details and timings about the workshops / address: 900 route de Megève, Lieu-dit Le Robinson, 74170, Saint-Gervais; tel: 04 50 91 46 69 / 06 02 33 11 75 / programme for August:

Children’s Photography Workshops by Byzance Photo Reportages @ Chalet des Créateurs (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)
© Byzance Photos Reportages

Byzance Photos Reportages is offering children’s digital photography workshops every week from Tuesday to Sunday (10h to 12h and from 15h to 18h) at the Chalet des Créateurs / children aged from 6 to 12 years / duration: 30mins / price: 10€ / address: 900, route de Megève, 74170, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains / reservations: 06 02 33 11 75 / Facebook Page;

Palais de Megève

Some of the daily workshops on offer at the Palais de Megève . . .


Creative Workshop: «Loisirs Créatifs au bord de l’eau» – creative workshops for 3 to 5 year olds on 4th, 11th and 18th August / reservations: at the Palais Megève  / price: 3,50€;

© Le Palais Megève

And a little further afield . . . at the Château d’Annecy, some more workshops/visits for children and families:

«Chine, Art en Mouvement» at the  Château d’Annecy
© Conception graphique : The Cloud Collective / Studio Matters / Impression : Commune Nouvelle d’Annecy

Thursday 3rd August – Visit & Workshop for children: «Un été sous le signe de la Chine: Détournement photographique» – 14h to 16h30   children will discover the exhibition «Chine, Art en Mouvement» through the photos of Thomas Sauvin and Lei Lei, and will then create photo journal of Annecy / reservations required: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Tuesday 8th August – Visit & Workshop for children: «Chine & Patrimoine: Paysages de ville» – 14h to 16h30 – children will discover the exhibition «Chine, Art en Mouvement» through the work of Chen Shaoxiong; they will disvover the most iconic buildings and then they will colour in urban landscapes / for 6 to 12 year olds / reservations required: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Thursday 10th August – Visit & Workshop for children: «Chine & Patrimoine: Paysages de ville» – Annecy14h to 16h30 – children will discover the exhibition «Chine, Art en Mouvement» through the work of Chen Shaoxiong; they will disvover the most iconic buildings and then they will colour in urban landscapes / for 6 to 12 year olds / reservations required: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Friday 18th August – Visit & Workshop for children: «Un été sous le signe de la Chine: Ma tour de Babel» – children will discover the exhibition «Chine, Art en Mouvement» through the photos of Du-Zhenjun, and the history of the Tower of Babel; they will then explore the different representations of this history and make their own tower! / reservations required: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Wednesday 23rd August – Family Visit at Château-Musée d’Annecy  Annecy 14h to 16h30 – discover the castle and museum en famille – its history, its architecture and life in the Middle Ages; an interactive visit! / for children 6+ years / reservations: +33 (0)4 50 33 87 34  or / price: 6,50€;

Thursday 24th AugustVisit & Workshop for children: «Un été sous le signe de la Chine: Échelle et aquarelle» – children will discover the exhibition «Chine, Art en Mouvement» through the work of Wu Chao et de Xia Weilun, and their images of daily life, and then they will paint different proportions with watercolours on a large sheet of paper / reservations: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

address: Château-Musée d’Annecy, 1 place du Château, 74000, Annecy;

And some more visits/workshops for children & families in Annecy:

Tuesday 1st August – Visit & Workshop for children: «P’tits patrimoines: L’hôtel de ma ville» – Palais de l’Île – Annecy 14h to 16h30 – children will observe the architecture of hôtels de ville, and will re-create new power architecture through the symbols of power and collage / for children 6 to 12 years / reservations: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Wednesday 9th & 16th August Family Guided Visit of the Vieil Annecy  Annecy 14h30 – a guided visit of the old Annecy, “the Savoyard Venice”: the lake, the Thiou, the monumnents / an interactive visit / price: 6,50 € / duration: 1h30 / reservations: 04 50 33 87 34 or / address: Centre Bonlieu, 1 rue Jean Jaurès, 74000, Annecy;

Thursday 17th August – Visit & Workshop for children: «Les P’tits patrimoines: Ma greffe en bois» – Palais de l’Île – Annecy14h to 16h30 – after a walk observing marks of time, children will graft an urban scene based on the old wooden galleries adorning the old houses / for 6 to 12 year olds / reservations required: 04 50 33 87 34 or / price: 6,50€;

Events & Festivals for Children
La Fête Foraine de la Saint-Jacques – until 1st August (Sallanches)
La Fête Foraine de la Saint-Jacques à Sallanches © montblancfamilyfun

A huge funfair is set up in Sallanches for five days, up and down the quais, from July 27th to 1st August!  Fun for the whole family and a really beautiful and refreshing spot for a fête foraine! The MBFF team were there last night!

«Les Enfants d’Abord» – 8th to 11th August (Sallanches)

Back again this summer, this wonderful festival for children offered by the Ville de Sallanches, has a new mascot this year – this cute little chouette (who needs a name and you can help name him!). All around the pedestrian zone of town and up and down the quais, there will be numerous events and activities for little ones each afternoon over the four days of the festival: creative workshops, concerts, sport . . . For more information, or to sign up for certain workshops, go to and download the programme / from 15h each day.

«Les Enfants sont Rois» – from 12th to 18th August (Flaine)

A festival in Flaine for children – circus workshops with trapeze, juggling and acrobatics, music, spectacles . . . see website for more details;

Festival «Au Bonheur des Mômes» – 2oth to 25th August (Grand-Bornand)
A 6-day festival in Grand-Bornand, the 26th edition this year, dedicated to the “bonheur des mômes“! – theatre, circus, dance, music, puppets . . . and even shows just for tiny tots! See website for more details, the full programme and ticket prices (you can buy day passes, weekly passes, etc . . . ).

Festivals & Events for the whole family
Les F’estivales de Sallanches
Les F’estivales de Sallanches ©

Sallanches has a whole host of dates for family fun for the diary:

  • from 25th July to 1st August – la Saint-Jacques festivities – funfair in the centre of town;
  • 6th August – Concours des Bûcherons – from 9h30 at La Grenette;
  • from 8th to 11th AugustFestival «Les Enfants d’Abord» from 15h each day in the centre of town;
  • 18th August – «Le Monde de Dory» open air cinema from 21h30 – Pré de Foire . . . see here for full programme!
Fete National en Suisse!

Perhaps you missed the fireworks here in the Pays du Mont Blanc in July? If so, a quick hop over to Martigny or to Geneva/Lac Léman could give you another splendid evening of feux d’artifice!

Argentière Fête du Village – Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August
© l’Etape
«50 ans d’Aviation à Megève» – Saturday 5th August (Megève)

An acrobatic air show, tracing half a century of aviation history! / with double World champion Aude Lemordant / demonstrations from REVA and Breitling Jet Team / model aeroplanes / for the programme see here;

La Fête du Lac – Saturday 5th August (Annecy)
© La Fête du Lac – «La Danse du Feu»

The famous firework display on Lac d’Annecy, this year with «La Danse du Feu» / price: adults: de 6 to 38 € and children (6-12 ans): de 3 to 38 € ; free for under 6s! / reservations:

«Cham au Sommet» – Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th August (Chamonix)

Chamonix, the world capital of alpinism, and symbol of the vertical! A festival devoted to celebrating a passion for modern climbing, art and music, and the traditions of mountain folk; organised by the Compagnie de Guides de Chamonix and the MJC de Chamonix! On the agenda: Nina Caprez, Romain Desgranges, FlyingFrenchies, Alex Mercier Street Art…Place du Triangle de l’Amitié

27ème Salon du Livre de Montagne – Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August (Passy)
Le Salon International du Livre de Montagne © OT Passy

The theme of this year’s Salon du Livre de Montagne is «les animaux de montagne», and there will be entertaiment and activities for both adults and children during the event. Publishers, bookshops and book specialists will be present, with both French and international authors.  The Salon will be held on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August from 10h to 20h and on Sunday 13th August from 10h to 18haddress: Salle d’Animation «Parvis des Fiz», 255 rue Arsène Poncet, 74190, Passy and auditorium of College des Warens, Passy / FB page;


Fête des Guides – from Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th August (Chamonix Valley)
© Quentin Iglésias

The Fête des Guides was set up in 1924, with the aim of giving a financial boost to the Caisse de Secours . . . it is now one of the unmissable events on the social calendar of the Chamonix Valley! This is the opportunity for the guides of the Compagnie des Guides to show their loyal clients that they are linked to them by more than a simple length of rope! Programme to come. See;

Fête de «La Miou» – Tuesday 15th August (Cordon) 

A tradition dating from the days of Napoléon Bonaparte / a patron saint festival / kermesse, archery, les Grenadiers / the theme this year les alpages / buvette: traditional pastries (rissoles) of Cordon, frites, gaufres, glaces; 19h fondu and 21h grand bal;

UTMB – from 28th August to 3rd September (Chamonix Valley & environs)
© Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc

As well as being a great event for the whole family due to the entertainment around town, the Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc is also putting on a host of events for little ones on Wednesday 24th August from 15h to 16h30 in the Champs du Savoy in Chamonix. The races are free for children 3 to 13 years, and you can sign-up on-site! You can pick up race bibs from 11h to 14h30 and there will be a little snack at the end of the races. The races will not be timed and there will be no “classement“!  For older yougsters, the 14/15 year olds, there is the Foulées des Minimes on Tuesday 23rd August at 17h30 at the Place du Triangle de l’Amitié in Chamonix, a race of about 3,5km (sign-up on-site and get bibs from 14h).


© Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc

Storytime for Children


Over the summer months, the Pays du Mont Blanc is hosting lots of storytime sessions for children . . . there are plenty of fantastic initiatives to be found throughout the week!

Mondays – «Histoires avec Kamishïbai» in Vallorcine at 17h / RDV Bibliothèque de Vallorcine (from 17th July to 21st August);

Wednesday 2nd, 9th & 22nd August – «Contes Alpins sous le Sapin» in Combloux at 17h30 / RDV Mairie de Combloux, 83 route de la Mairie, Combloux!

Wednesday 16th August – «Histoires pour petites oreilles» in Combloux at 17h with the Compagnie La Voie contée;

Wednesdays«l‘Heure du conte» in Megève at 17h / RDV Médiathèque in Megève;

Thursdays«l’Heure du conte» in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains at 11h / RDV Bibilothèque;

Concerts & Spectacles

Wednesdays«Les mercredis des enfants à Saint-Gervais» – children’s activities every Wednesday afternoon in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains & environs (different locations) and a spectacle in the evening;

Friday & Saturday nights in Annemasse – «Musical’Eté» – Parc Fantasia & Place J-Rousseau – Annemasse – 17h30 & 19h – FREE concerts and activities for children like cabanes-making;


Summer is the time for outdoor cinemas!  As long as it’s not raining, that is!  But don’t forget all the films for children/families being screened by Cinébus in Les Houches on Wednesdays, at the Cinéma de la Caméra in Plateau d’Assy on Mondays, by the MJC Saint-Gervais on Thursdays (and, of course, the VOX in Chamonix and Cinéma Mont-Blanc in Sallanches)!  Here are some dates for your diary au Pays du Mont-Blanc & Annemasse!

18th August – «Le Monde de Dory» open air cinema in Sallanches from 21h30 Pré de Foire / FREE!

Wednesdays – in Annemasse;

Guided Walks & Jeux de Piste

MondaysJeu de Piste in Le Parc ThermalLe Fayet15h to 17h;

WednesdaysRandonnée Famille à Sallanches / see agenda for more details;

Wednesdays «Les trésors cachés de Sallanches» – 10h to midday – every Wednesday until 16th August – price: 6€ and free for under 12s;

Thursdays «Jeudi Jeu de Pistes» Place du Village Les Houches 10h to 17h – photo treasure hunt; a great way to discover Les Houches! / sign-up on-site / 17h: prize giving and snack offered;

Les Jeudis Jeux de Pistes Les Houches ©

FridaysGuided Walks for Families: «réserve ton vendredi»  family walks, with a different theme each week, offered in Vallorcine from 14h to 17h / see or for more details / RDV: Chalet d’Accueil de la Réserve Naturelle Col des Montets, 74660, Vallorcine;

Fridays – «Jeu de Piste avec L’inspecteur Rando» in Sallanches L’Inspecteur Rando takes children from 6 to 12 years on a treasure hunt to discover the town in a fun and interactive way (without parents!) / price: 4€ / sign up at the Office de Tourisme de Sallanches: +33 (0)4 50 58 04 25;

every day except Saturdays & Sundays«Labo-Rando» (Laboratoire de la Biodiversité) – L’ Ermitage (site du Calvaire)Megève – a walk to discover local flora and fauna, using magnifying glass, GPS, and other tools / from 8+ years, with accompanying adult or 15+ years solo / needed: photocopy of identity card, waver for photos, permission for parents for 15+ years participants / address: L’ Ermitage (site du Calvaire),74120, Megève;


Many of the FREE walks offered this summer for families au Pays du Mont Blanc & beyond come from Asters, Conservatoire des espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie, which promotes our local patrimoine through walks and activities. To download all of the walks on offer (many of them are already listed in the July Agenda), see here.

© Asters Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Haute-Savoie

The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix also offers plenty of guided walks & activities for small and bigger children.  See here for more details.

Farms to visit with children

every Tuesday and Thursday Guided visit of the farm «Les Montagnards»Combloux Tuesdays 10h to midday and Thursdays 14h30 to 16h30 / Delphine will show you how a cow farm works and what daily life is like on a farm: 65 cows for milking, 40 pigs, rabbits . . . there is also a farm shop / address: 4 chemin des Poses, Ormaret, Combloux – 74920 / reservations necessary: Delphine +33 (0)6 21 02 18 99 / price: adults  8€; children (3-12 years) 6€; FREE for under 3s;

every Wednesday Guided visit of the farm le «GAEC Val Mont-Blanc» – Combloux Wednesdays 16h to 17h / a family farm, the Paget family will show you their love for agriculture; they will show you how cheese is produced with some tasting too! There are 30 milking cows on this farm used to produce these cheeses: tomme, reblochon, abondance, cheese for raclette / address: 777, route de Saint-Gervais, Gemoëns, 74920, Combloux; tel: +33 (0)6 16 33 71 74 / reservations with the Combloux Tourist Office;

More activities

This is by no means an exhaustive list (though I do now feel exhausted after having compiled it!), so please feel free to send me any workshops/events that you know of that I’ve missed! And don’t forget all the softplay/bouncy castle options for rainy days, the parks, the swimming pools, the lakes . . .

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