MBFF has now spent nearly 8 years discovering and testing playgrounds 🏔 au Pays du Mont-Blanc. We are fairly confident that we have tested most of them (please let us know of any treasures we may have missed along the way!). The following list highlights our personal favourites; this is clearly subjective . . . and I’ll admit that at certain points on our journey of discovery, we had to avoid certain playgrounds . . . as with two energetic boys three years apart in age, some playgrounds were somewhat challenging with just one pair of hands to rescue the little monkey who just had to follow his big brother to the top of climbing frames!


Two of Combloux’s playgrounds are on our favourites list!

Adventure Playground in Combloux

This playground is top of our list. The location is wonderful: perched just above the 💦 Plan d’Eau Biotope, there is a commanding view of Mont Blanc from here. The playground is aimed at the 3+ age group and is largely made out of wood and rope. It comprises: 🕸 a spider-web climbing frame and netted swing, balancing beams, leap-frog toadstalls, a tyrolienne . . . Much of this is under a huge canopy of shade, which makes it an ideal spot to head on a hot summer’s day!  A bit further up the hill are some netted tunnels to crawl through and some climbing for older children. Do be warned that there is not much in this adventure playground for wee ones, apart from the netted swing . . . perfect if you have a sleeping baby in a buggy and older children to entertain!  But if you have a very active toddler who wants to do just like his “big brother” or “big sister”, you will spend your whole time running (so take an extra pair of helping hands if possible!). There are also a couple of 🍏 picnic tables, so you can make a 🥗 picnic lunch or snack. Down the hill, just next to the 💦 Plan d’Eau Biotope, is a lovely green space for running with some boulders to clamber over. There is also a volleyball court with sand.  We love to bring visitors here – there is something for everyone!

address: Chemin du Perret, 74920, Combloux;

parking: there is free parking just above this playground;


Louparc Playground in Combloux

The new kid in town, this playground was under construction during Summer 2017 (my littlest watched the construction site with eyes wide open!). It is located next to the Pumptrack, Skatepark and City Stade in Combloux (2018 update – a new parcours freestyle!), which makes it the perfect spot for the whole family – little ones can play while older siblings can have fun on skateboards or bikes or with balls right next door! There are 🍏 picnic tables and a snack bar open during the summer months. Fun for the whole family! There are also WC in the car park / good to know – there are works under way landscaping the surrounding area;

New playground in Combloux – Louparc © montblancfamilyfun

address: 220 route de la Mairie, 74920, Combloux;

parking: there is the school car park next door;


Aire de Jeux de Saint-Martin

All of the playgrounds in Sallanches are well-equipped and good for all age-groups. Saint-Martin playground stands out because of its excellent location right by the Arve river, and next to the historic Pont Saint-Martin. Its main attraction is the tall climbing frame with the “tunnel slide”, and there are also swings and other climbing options for older children and a train for little ones. An added bonus is the plentiful free parking on site! (we did have to avoid this playground for a while when little brother was very small, as he kept trying to follow big brother to the top of the tunnel climbing frame, and Mummy kept having to go to the rescue!  We are now back on track!). It is also next to the ⚽️ football stadium, so a handy retreat when an older sibling is training! Also an ideal spot with a bike or draisienne.

Saint-Martin playground © montblancfamilyfun.com


Aire de Jeux de l’Eglise in Sallanches

We are also big fans of the church playground in Sallanches, as it has shade in the summer months and it is a great place to head after a visit to Sallanches’ Saturday market or after a visit to the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde (currently SHUT for renovation!) or the Médiathèque Ange Abrate.

Aire de Jeux de l’Eglise à Sallanches © montblancfamilyfun.com

address: esplanade de St Martin (St Martin) and place du Commissaire Chesney (Aire de Jeux de l’Eglise), 74700, Sallanches;

parking: free, right next to playgrounds;

Jardin du Mont-Blanc (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

Saint-Gervais-les-Bains town centre has a delightful, newly renovated playground to keep your little ones active and happy.  Located in the Jardin du Mont-Blanc, the landscaping around the playground is itself lovely, with lots of grassy slopes, an old well and bandstand and some well-positioned benches to admire the mountain views. The playground has as a theme Le Tramway du Mont-Blanc, and children can play at driving their own tram! There is also a netted swing, a swing for tiny ones, a small trampoline, and a climbing frame. *NEW ADDITION 2017: a dameuse!*

St Gervais' Jardin du Mont Blanc
Saint-Gervais-les-Bains’ Jardin du Mont-Blanc © montblancfamilyfun

address: Jardin du Mont Blanc, avenue du Mont Paccard, 74170,  Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (perfect after a visit to the Thursday market!);

parking: there is free parking in the multi-storey car park (the brightly painted 2KM3) just across the road from the playground;


Le Parc Thermal in Le Fayet

Le Parc Thermal has a newly-renovated playground, its theme being the “thermal baths”. It is the perfect playground to come to with a toddler or baby (or both), as there is plenty to keep everyone occupied – lots of green grass for picnics and ball games, running and biking, a fish pond with ducks and the wonderful mini steam trains in the summer months. There are paths for buggy walk and baby-carrier hikes and there is the  musée en plein air from May until November. During the hot summer months, you can find some respite here, with the cooler air coming off the Borrand river!

New playground in le Parc Thermal © montblancfamilyfun.com

address: 355 allée du Dr Lépinay, 74190, Le Fayet, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains;

parking: there is parking right next to the playground within the park;

Megève’s new playground

This new playground, near Megève’s Palais des Sports , is ample and its location near the Palais des Sports, makes it a great place to unwind or have a snack after a swimming or ice-skating session at the sports centre!  On Friday mornings, Megève’s market is just next door; a good place to buy a snack or a picnic lunch!

© Mairie de Megève

address: route du Palais des Sports, Le Paddock, 74120 Megève (*NB with a new hotel development planned on the site of the playground, plans are underway to move the playground across the road, towards Sallanches*);

parking: there is plentiful paying parking opposite the Palais des Sports;

La Base de Loisirs des Belles in Praz-sur-Arly

Praz-sur-Arly has a fantastic playground set within its Base de Loisirs des Belles! In fact, it comprises two playgounds (one for little ones with a fire-engine and sand-pit and one for older children with a tyrolienne and climbing frame). On-site you will also find a skatepark, mini-golf (summertime), a small climbing wall (summertime), a multi-sports pitch, tennis courts and a VTT course in the woods (Ludik Park). There is also a small buvette, open from spring to autumn.

address: Plaine des Belles, 74120 Praz-sur-Arly;

parking: free parking on-site;

Le Parc de Loisirs du Pontet in Les Contamines-Montjoie

Le Parc de Loisirs du Pontet has a wonderful playground within the activity park. Located right next to the small pedalo lake, it comprises: a climbing frame, a small climbing wall, a slide, swings, a tyrolienne . . . You’ll need to watch small children closely, as the water’s edge is right next to the playground, but older children can play happily while their parents have a quiet drink over at the café (you are still able to keep an eye on the munchkins from here!). In the summertime in the park, are the bouncy castles and trampolines run by Laurent – Nash Games).

The following two playground are not located au Pays du Mont-Blanc, but rather in 🇨🇭 Switzerland!  However, as favourites of the MBFF team, I thought they were worth a mention . . . possible for either a day visit or weekend trip.

Le Parc Pré Vert at Signal de Bougy (Switzerland)

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