Salle Léon Curral (SALLANCHES)

You don’t have to head as far as big cities like 🇨🇭 Geneva or 🇫🇷 Lyon to get your fill of culture (though there is certainly much culture to be had there too!).

Head to Sallanches’ 🎭 Salle Léon Curral for some excellent (and very reasonably priced!) entertainment. Here you will find:

  • 🎵concerts (recent concerts have included: Ayo, Irma, Camille);
  • 🎭 theatre;
  • 🎭 comedy;
  • 💃 dance;
  • 🤹‍♂️ circus and acrobatics acts;

Recently renovated, and with a spectacular glimpse of the ⛰ Warens behind, it always feels like such a pleasure to be enjoying culture in such a beautiful setting . . . and so close to home!

Salle Léon Curral with the Warens just behind
Salle Léon Curral with the Warens just behind ©

The amazing 🎭 Petits Asticots festival for children, that arrives every 🍁 Toussaint holiday to keep us all sane, hosts some of its events here.

Past editions of the festival © Les Petits Asticots

As a family, we have enjoyed some excellent plays and concerts from CULTUR(R)AL’s diverse events list (and we have also had some “parents only” nights out here, thanks to babysitters!).

© Cultur(r)al Sallanches

The venue also hosts events like:

  • the 🐮 Foire Froide the last weekend in October;
  • the 🎨 Salon des Créateurs in September;
  • 🎶 various school concerts;

Practical Information

🅿 parking: there is plenty of free parking opposite the Salle Léon Curral, though for evening events this fills quickly, so head there early and have 🥃 drink at the bar!

website: see here for the current programme and more details / FB page

address: Salle Léon Curral, 213 avenue Albert Gruffat, 74700, Sallanches;

tel: +33 (0)4 50 91 56 46 (service billetterie);

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